Who's who at Graylingwell?


This is a company especially established to redevelop Graylingwell including Linden Homes (the original house-builder), HCA (see below) and Clarion Housing (housing association – formerly Affinity Sutton).

DREW SMITH (the developer)

Linden Homes, the original developer at Graylingwell Park,  is a house builder with several subsidiary companies. The company was a division of Galliford Try plc.  In November 2019, Galliford Try sold Linden Homes to Bovis Homes. Linden Homes is now part of a new group called the Vistry Group comprising Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Vistry Partnerships.

From 1st September 2020 operational responsibility for the Graylingwell Park development transferred within Vistry Group from Linden Homes to Drew Smith.

A full briefing note on the background to Drew Smith and plans for the future development of Graylingwell Park can be found here.

CLARION HOUSING GROUP (formerly Affinity Sutton)

Clarion Housing Group is the largest provider of affordable housing in England. They build and maintain houses for rent and an affordable home ownership scheme whereby tenants buy a share of a property and pay rent on the remainder.

In 1900 Victorian philanthropist William Sutton bequeathed his fortune to a charitable trust to provide model dwellings and houses’. Downland housing association had been formed in 1964 by a group of local businessmen in Sussex and Broomleigh housing association had been formed in 1992 as the first recipient of the transfer of council homes from the London Borough of Bromley. In October 2011 the three operating companies merged into one organisation, Affinity Sutton.


Grange Management is a 30 year-old property management company and a subsidiary of Clarion Housing Group. Grange manages more than 6,000 commercial, retirement and residential properties across the country. Its profits are fed back to the parent company for reinvestment in affordable housing. Grange manage the public realm, open spaces and front gardens of Graylingwell as each developed phase is handed over by the builder. Their brief is to provide asset management services to all the leasehold units and maintain and repair in accordance with the legal documents – transfers and leases.


Graylingwell Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vistry (the parent company of Drew Smith). It has provided the investment for the construction of the energy plant at Graylingwell and is a company that specialises in the generation and distribution of environmentally-sound, affordable heating and hot water. Rather than everyone owning and maintaining gas boilers in their homes, Graylingwell Energy has constructed a centrally-managed energy centre that produces all of the Park’s heating and hot water requirements and distributes it to homes via a network of highly insulated pipes. It sub-contracts automatic meter-reading and billing services to ista and aspects of maintenance to Veolia. One of the largest companies of its type, they provide a complete range of products and services to mixed-use and residential community heating and energy schemes from initial project design and financing to advanced metering, data collection and billing services.


CPM (CarPark-Management.co.uk) is the company chosen by Grange Management to supervise and administer the parking regime at Graylingwell Park. In business for over 20 years, it is the fastest growing parking management company within the industry, offering a nationwide coverage, currently managing over 1,000 sites and over 400 clients.


The CCDT was established in 2009. Initially focussing its work and activities at Graylingwell Park and neighbouring Roussillon Park, the trust has been created to: own, maintain and manage community land and buildings, plan and deliver community development activities, promote and support training, education and local business activities, and encourage a low-carbon lifestyle amongst residents through the roll out of the Green Travel Plan.


The GPRA has been formed by volunteers from across the development and is governed by a constitution that includes an equal opportunities policy. All residents are automatically members and no subscriptions are charged.

The association exists to protect and promote the community interest of all residents and works with the CCDT when that is appropriate.

The committee makes representations to all partners and organizations involved in the development on matters of current interest, distributes information that may help the community, draw residents into partnership, and enhance their experience of living at Graylingwell Park.

If you are having difficulties getting satisfaction from the organizations listed above you should consider contacting the Residents’ Association who may be able to help.

HCA (Homes and Communities Agency)

The HCA is a government agency that works to release surplus public land (eg NHS land at Graylingwell) to create new homes and employment opportunities. It originally owned the “public realm” including Havenstoke Park. Linden Homes were responsible to the HCA for managing the centre of the park. Grange Management was responsible for the close-mown areas either side of the entry roads. With handover of the park, Drew Smith’s responsibility has transferred to the CCDT.