• Volume 1: Issue No.3 April 2014

    Welcome to the third e-newsletter from the GPRA. If you cannot see the embedded photographs in your email, click on the ‘View it in your browser’ link at the top of the letter.


    This issue focuses on responding to the master plan and on site-wide events that affect everybody. We will distribute hard copies to all houses in the near future to ensure that everyone has access to the plans and learns how they can respond. We also hope to encourage people to sign up for the regular electronic version.


    Getting the newsletter by email


    Please consider signing up. Go to https://gpresidents.co.uk . Click on the ‘Regular Email sign up’ and follow the instructions. This saves time and effort for our volunteers, reduces costs and is more environmentally friendly.


    Planning issues


    The fully revised plans for the final development of Graylingwell Park are now on Chichester District Council’s website (https://publicaccess.chichester.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple&searchType=Application ) Type in Graylingwell, or the reference 14/01018/OUT, and you can access the 66 documents associated with the application by Linden Homes.


    All you need to know about changes to layout, design for future housing, traffic management and the section 106 commitments for community space and facilities, is contained in those documents. The proposed changes are broadly in line with the information the committee has passed to you in earlier communications.


    If you have any concerns about the development there are two ways to proceed. You can send your concerns to the committee members whose email addresses are on the website or you can comment directly on to the Chichester District Council website (where you will have to register).



    The committee will collate all replies from residents and present them to the council for consideration. The deadline for this is 29th May. You should know that the Chichester Community Development Trust will support the application in terms of the proposal for community facilities and the GPRA committee will consider responses from residents at its next meeting on 28th May.


    Be aware that Amec have also put in an outline application to build 175 homes on land south of Graylingwell Drive, recently released by the NHS for the Homes and Community Agency to sell on for development. Any eventual application may include accommodation for the University of Chichester. The land parcel involved does include the derelict farm to the south of Connolly Way which may have an impact on future traffic management here as well as the outlook from phase 5.




    Keeping safe and saving money


    Young people have been observed playing on the roofs of bike and bin stores. This is a dangerous activity and can cause expensive damage to the roof felt, so please discourage any such play. Damage has already been done to fencing in front of the Clock House and in Lloyd Road. Repairs to these and other incidents already cost every household around £10 a year in management fees.


    Additionally a bollard light fitting has been damaged beyond repair through use as a step for climbing over into Winterbourne Road. This will cost c. £700 to replace and move to a more suitable position.


    Residents should be aware that vandalism and destruction of, or damage to, private and public property can be classed as criminal damage and should be reported to the police on their special number 101. Also, where there is an issue of safety when playing on a road, Section 161 (3) of the Highways Act may apply and again should be reported to the police. Information regarding such matters can also be passed to Karen Turrell the PCSO at Karen.J.Turrell@sussex.pnn.police.uk .


    The next issue of the newsletter will update you more on the plans for a neighbourhood watch scheme.


    Community Garden


    Congratulations to the garden team for hosting the unveiling of the new greenhouse on Sunday 11th May and providing juicy refreshments from last year’s apple pressings.




    And finally:


    The long-necked low-voltage lamp bulbs Linden originally supplied in your home are becoming increasingly difficult to find as design has moved on. Thanks to Anna and Derek in Longley Road for tracking down a supplier:


    CEF Chichester, Unit C, Portfield Trade Centre, Bognor Road, Chichester, PO19 8NS. Tel 01243 533225. Email sales.chichester@cef.co.uk .


    The old bulb is a type Tp 24-2318 L1 spot 11w but there is an LED equivalent Tp led lamp24-2884/2886.


    Comments on this newsletter, other residents’ tips, and ideas for future issues to the treasurer via the email address on the website.