• Volume 1: Issue No.2 March 2014

    Welcome to the second e-newsletter from the GPRA. If you cannot see the embedded photographs in your email, click on the ‘View it in your browser’ link at the top of the letter.



    This issue focuses on further progress of the development and updates you with all the related news.


    My how we’ve grown!




    Phase 2 of the development (107 homes) is now all sold, bar 5 units (one of which is reserved). With Phase 1 in Lloyd Road that represents 218 completed dwellings at Graylingwell Park. That sounds a lot, but it is still under a third of the plan, although the growing rate of sales indicates the Park’s popularity.


    Phase 3 (East of the main street behind the clock house) is also fully under construction. 141 dwellings will be built in this phase and 2 are already sold. 60 of these homes will be Affinity Sutton properties comprising a mix of new build and refurbished hospital buildings.


    So, on to Phase 5 (next to the old superintendant’s house pictured above) which is currently undergoing ground works. 35 homes will be built here including 9 in the old house itself.


    A total of 791 dwellings are now planned for the site and the revised master plan will go before the council shortly. Changes from previous discussions include less encroachment by housing on the old airing grounds, 43 houses leading to Kingsmead Avenue, where the care home will be sited, and a revision of the bus/emergency vehicle gates to ensure a balanced east/west split of traffic management (following representations from the GPRA). Plans for housing at the Connolly Way entrance have been reduced to 2 homes facing on to Summersdale Road.


    The current sales suite will be handed to the Community Development Trust as the main community hall/multi-use facility for the site. There will be no new build facility as envisaged in previous discussions. The Trust’s revised business plan will reflect on what facilities will be included (for example, a cafe). The chapel will provide for other uses (including non-faith) after renovation. Some new parking areas will be provided for users of the chapel and hall who come from off-site.


    A new cultural strategy document is to be produced by Linden Homes to advance the notion of heritage trails for the park. The standing stone languishing at a 45 degree angle to the north east of Phase 5 is a 19th century marker of the old city boundary and predates the hospital. It will need moving but requests have been made to preserve it on site. Similar requests were lodged to preserve the wooden shelter (currently to the north of phase 3) as a part of the hospital’s history.


    An interim innovative solution


    Since the sales suite won’t be handed over to the community any time soon, the Community Development Trust have come up with a possible interim solution to the problem of space for activities. Whilst the cabin hosts art classes and the like, it is not suitable for activities like Pilates or Zumba, or indeed large-scale meetings like the GPRA Annual General Meeting.


    So, possibly arriving from a development site in Old Woking, is this former sales office (see below) complete with toilet facilities. It would be re-erected on the Chapel Green and refurbished with help from students at Chichester College. If this goes ahead, Graylingwell activities will have priority booking so, if you want to start a club or activity, get organising.




    Later in the development it would be recycled to another charity, trust or social organisation for further use. Congratulations and thanks are due to Clare, Jane and the whole team at CCDT, for pushing ahead so successfully to enable community activities.


    However …..


    We’ve been asked to make you aware that changes to the master plan, including the future use of the sales suite and the proposed temporary building at Chapel Green, are subject to the granting of planning permission and the finalisation of details. Until this happens, the proposed changes represent ambition rather than fact. As always, we will endeavour to keep residents fully informed as changes become clear.


    Litter Picking




    On Saturday 12th April a team of committee members, residents and their families picked up litter in Havenstoke Park. Although Grange and Linden send out teams on occasion, we felt the park had become overwhelmed. We expected beer cans and sweet wrappers but not socks, Homebase trolleys, primitive barbecue equipment, a dress and a Christmas tree still in its pot! Thanks to everyone involved for taking time to protect and enhance our environment.




    Bits and pieces


    1. The GPRA website (as at 11th April) has had 352 hits from 162 unique addresses since launch. 54% are returning visitors. Per visit, people read an average of 4 pages. It’s a great communication tool for the community so get your friends and neighbours to make use of the site and use the ‘Regular email sign up’ page to subscribe to this newsletter.
    2. The website has been updated with news from the community garden and we will be making changes to the hot topics page soon, so keep in touch. For non-web users there will soon be a new notice board erected by Linden at the junction of Longley Road and the chapel lane. Other boards are in Lloyd Road and by the sales suite.
    3. The community launch event of the Graylingwell Heritage Project will be at the Guildhall in Priory Park on 26th April. It will run from 11am to 3pm (with talks scheduled from 12noon to 1pm). Find out how to volunteer, share thoughts about the project or participate in an arts workshop.
    4. There will be a CCDT and GPRA ‘meet the neighbours’ gathering soon to welcome new residents. Details will be posted on the website.


    If you enjoy the newsletters, or have any comments on them, or the website, please contact the GPRA treasurer. Happy Easter!