Trial and Error

This is text in a divider

This is using inner section to introduce columns of differing widths into a main section. In the second column, I’ve added an Image Widget.

Flooding on the footpath

After heavy rain the path always floods, forcing people to either walk through the mud or take their chances on the road. This is an Image Box Widget which allows for a title, a picture and some text.

Above is an Image Carousel. I’ve used Style to centre the text and to change the colour. You can set the scroll speed from the additional options menu.

This is a Basic Gallery using three columns as there are three pictures.


This is the first of two text boxes with a spacer between them.  A spacer seems to be a section with no content – logical really.  I’ve also used a fade in from the right to bring the text into place (advanced menu)

This is the second box below the spacer. I’ve increased the text size using the drop down menu from typography in “Style”.

Need to find how to make posts visible from menu and also how to change order of menu items.

Below is  a tabs section

Below is an accordion!

I have changed this and successfully saved it

This is the company which manages parking at Graylingwell

This is the developer

This is the company which operates the district heating and hot water system.

This is the company which operates the district heating and hot water system.

This is a divider

Text for first toggle

Text for second toggle

This structure is chosen from the range given if you click on + before adding a widget.  You can put anything in the order box – eg Toggle Which can be text, image or a mixture of both 

These are snowdrops in the park


Graylingwell Park is situated just 1 km north of Chichester

Adding a link to a pdf file.  Upload file into image library. Then highlight text to be linked. Go to link and then to add media. Copy URL and paste into place – like here

Putting a link in.  Here’s a link to audited accounts.

Added  by Keith. First update