• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting 18 April 2018



    1          Attendees


    Rob Norris (Chair); Sue Cressey (Vice Chair); Sue James (Secretary); Chris Waller (Treasurer); Susan Shord; Anna Bloomfield; John Eagles; Sophie Egleton; Barbara Howden Richards; Brian Baker; Paul Rolfe; Jack Wingfield


    Rebecca Tilders (observing)


     2         Apologies


    Sandie Jenner; Grace Taylor; Irela Strachan; Clare de Bathe



    3          Minutes of the last meeting


    The Minutes of the meeting held on 21 February 2018 were agreed.


    4          Matters arising


    Planning Issues


    RN reported that planning issues had been relatively quiet since February.  The bus gates which had been promised by the end of Quarter 1 of 2018 had still not been installed.  He understood that discussions were being held between Lindens and Hills about the best location, and liability for the cost of installation.


    Saturday Café


    AB reported that St Pancras Church is taking over the running of the café on the first Saturday in the month, and she will be responsible for the first of these cafés.


    Angie Bacon has agreed that a presentation by a PCSO, on scams and how to avoid them, can be held as a joint event for residents of both Graylingwell and Roussillon Park.  One of the Lodge CCDT Saturday Cafés can be used for this purpose. CW to liaise with Coral Botteley to set a date which can go into the next CCDT “What’s On”.


    Post Box for Graylingwell Park


    AB reported that she had not heard of any further progress regarding the Post Box.  She agreed to investigate and report back.


    Relationship with the University


    RN reported that a very constructive meeting had been held with the University to discuss ways to reduce the nuisance to residents caused by the summer exchange school students who would be accommodated at Pinewood House between 19 June and 30 July.  The University had agreed that noisy outside games and the use of public address systems would be banned.


    Maintenance of Heat Recovery and Ventilation Units


    SS reported that the engineer who had been found to do the maintenance work for a number of residents last year had agreed to undertake more visits this year.  Unfortunately he had been unable to carry out the visits due to illness, and it wasn’t clear if, or indeed when, he would be in a position to undertake the work. SueJ agreed to provide SS with details of another engineer who had provided the service for her property.


    SueJ referred to the letter all residents had received from Veolia and suggested that we should approach Veolia to see if they would be prepared to provide a maintenance and repair service for the HRV units are part of the wider Homeowner Support Scheme they are currently developing.  This was agreed, and SueJ agreed to approach Veolia with this suggestion.


    5          Treasurer’s report (CW)


    We currently have £804.50 in the bank, following expenditure on the website to improve security.



    6          Quarterly Meeting:


    RN referred to the minutes of the quarterly meeting held on 1 March 2018 which had been circulated to committee members and the following updates were provided:


    Linden Customer Services


    Karan White has now taken responsibility for Customer Services, and Steve Ott, Construction Director, is the Board level lead.


    Maya Shingadia has responsibility for snagging across the site.


    PR reported that an on-line system was being implemented by Lindens to enable residents to register customer care issues, and watch how they are being dealt with on line.  This was welcomed by the meeting.


    Juliet Balconies in Phase I


    SC reported that officers of GPRA had written to the MD of Lindens expressing their concern about the dangerous balconies on the flats and houses in Phase I following an incident in one of the apartment blocks when the glass panel on the front of the balcony had fallen off.  Lindens responded very quickly and have now put in remedial repairs on all balconies of the same design, which only occur in Phase 1.


    Appointment of Linden Site Manager


    RN reported that Larry Haynes is now back on the GP site which is a very encouraging move.


    Development of Community gardens and allotments


    The briefing paper circulated with the agenda was noted.  RN reported that now the very wet phase of weather was over, he would progress the meeting on the new site of the community gardens. It was noted that CCDT is co-ordinating the development of the new site and has reactivated the Steering Group which ran the previous community garden. GT is the link between the Steering Group and GPRA.  CCDT would like GPRA support for this work, which was agreed.


    Covenant management


    RN reported that residents in Phase V had raised concerns about potential breaches of the restrictive covenants governing a number of aspects.  Following receipt of these concerns, Officers had written to Lindens reminding them of their own covenant management policy and asking them to take action in accordance with their policy. Following further breaches, a second letter was sent.  No answer has yet been received to either letter, and it was agreed that the matter would be escalated to the Managing Director if no response was received by the end of April.


    This approach was endorsed by the Committee.


    Concern was also expressed that potential residents might be being unintentionally misled by the Sales Team about the covenants, and it was agreed that RN would write to the Sales Team to remind them of the covenants and their implications.  He would include his simple guide to the covenants, which he had prepared for Phase V residents.


    Other issues


    JW raised concerns about the continued unsatisfactory nature of the grassy area outside No 36 Penny Acre.  RN agreed to email Lindens to express our concern at the state of affairs and length of time it has taken to resolve this issue.


    7          Newsletter and website


    SS took the Committee through the briefing paper she had circulated earlier. Her suggested way forward, was approved. ie:


    1. a pared down version of the e-newsletter to be issued after Committee and Quarterly meetings, with full details of the website
    2. a library of important information about homes on the development (which was provided by Linden to residents who bought the houses from new but was often missing for subsequent purchasers) be held at The Lodge for residents to view or copy. Access via Saturday Cafés.
    3. GPRA should continue to use flyers – both hard copy and by email to alert residents to events.
    4. The current set of information sheets available in the Lodge should be maintained as at present.


    PR offered sponsorship of the paper and copying costs of hard copies from his company.  This was warmly welcomed.


    SS referred the meeting to the new data protection requirements set out in the GDPR which come into effect in May.  She had checked our compliance with the new requirements via a questionnaire provided by the Government for this purpose and reported that we have ‘green’ status. The committee agreed that a proportionate response to the new requirements would be to inform email recipients that we do not pass their email addresses on to any third parties and that they can unsubscribe if they wish to do so.  This is the only data we hold and it is not processed in any way.


    SueJ sought Committee members’ permission to continue to circulate their email addresses to other committee members.  All present signed their acceptance of this approach.


    There was discussion about reaching residents who did not access websites. PR pointed out that many younger residents were more likely to use Twitter, What’sAp or Snapchat to communicate. It was agreed to discuss sharing the social media pages used by CCDT with Clare de Bathe.


    8          CCDT Issues (JE)


    Following the asset transfer on the chapel Heritage Lottery Funding is now flowing and an architect is being appointed.  Work is expected to begin in late 2018.


    The CCDT offices have faced further delays, and are currently awaiting delivery of a staircase.  Once this is installed, it is hoped that the new offices will be open in mid-May.



    9          Chichester Society (AB)


    The Chichester Society are very involved in the Building a Better A27 project.


    The society has also produced another Heritage Trail leaflet on famous people in Chichester. They are embarking on work on Street Art in Chichester.


    AB and RN visited the thatched cottage on College Lane at the invitation of the University and met with the thatching team and members of the history department. The rethatching is now complete, and the cottage looks lovely.  The University is not yet quite sure how they are going to use this space, but its renovation has improved the College Lane approach to Graylingwell Park.


    The Society are taking a tent at the Garden Party this year to publicise their work.


    10   Rescheduled Litter Pick


    It was agreed that the Litter Pick which had been postponed due to snow in March should take place on Sunday 20thMay at 10.00 am.  This would be publicised via an e-flyer (SS) and the Saturday Café on 19thMay (SueJ).


    11  New Items


    Involvement with other organisations


    RN reported that he had been approached by various groups seeking our support as a Residents’ Association for their causes.  He felt that, as we were not elected, we had no right to represent the general views of residents, or to take a particular view on issues that were not directly related to the Graylingwell Park development.  He wished to seek endorsement for this view from the Committee.  This approach was unanimously supported.


    Parking issues


    SueJ referred to the minutes of the meeting with Grange Management and CPM that she had circulated to members of the committee.  The issues covered in the minutes were discussed and noted.


    12       AOB


    JW queried whether a pub chain had been found to run Graylingwell Farm (located on the eastern side of the development) as a pub/restaurant.  RN confirmed that we had been told that a large national company had made an offer for the building.  This was warmly welcomed by the meeting.


    It was noted that the Chichester University Students Union have notified residents of their intention to hold a Summer Ball on 4thMay.  No problems had been experienced with previous events.


    The completion of Phases Vb and IV mean that there is a large number of new residents joining Graylingwell Park.  It was agreed that it would be good to hold a welcome event for them, and a number of suggestions were made.  BB and PJ agreed to look at options and report back at the June meeting.


    13       Date of next meeting – 20thJune 2018