• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting 14 December, 2016 7.00-9.00pm in The Lodge


    • 1 Attendees:


    Sue Cressey, Rob Norris, Chris Waller, John Eagles, Brian Baker, Sophie Egleton, Susan Shord, Paul Rolfe, Emma Ainsworth, Barbara Howden-Richards


    • 2 Apologies:


    Grace Taylor, Irela Strachan, Paula Miller, Sandy Jenner, Claire de Bathe


    • 3 Minutes of the AGM and matters arising


    The committee agreed that the minutes are a correct record of the AGM.



    • 4 Treasurer’s report (CW)


    £966.02 in the bank.



    • 5 Parking meeting feedback


    A few comments received from residents in response to proposal from CPM. It was felt that we should consult further and provide a demonstration at a Saturday Café of how the scratch cards would work. It would be possible to specify the number of days available.


    It was agreed that there are insufficient visitor spaces at present, which is exacerbating the situation. We will raise this with Linden Homes at the quarterly meeting on 18.1.17, since there are visitor spaces yet to be released in phases 2 and 3. This situation, which has been going on for far too long, requires liaison between CPM, Linden and Grange.


    PR will look at the at green travel plan for the development and would also be interested to look at other green issues for the site.


    Contractors could contact CPM directly to ensure they are not ticketed if working during working hours on the site.


    If scratch-card system were adopted, a short period of intense CPM action at Graylingwell would be necessary at the start.



    • 6 Feedback on meeting re bin/bike stores with Affinity Sutton and Grange


    Meeting between SS and RN (GPRA), Trudie (Grange) and Lori (Affinity Sutton).


    Some facilities are still inadequate – poor locking on bike stores, un-concreted bike hoops, no gutters etc. There seems to be an uneven distribution of stores and also of bins within stores, which should be corrected.


    A minority of residents do not use bin stores correctly. For example, plastic bags should not be put into recycling bins.


    Cleaning of bin stores is generally done once or twice a year but some residents felt that their bins had not been cleaned.


    Affinity Sutton will leaflet their properties and Lori will make visits to individual households if the problem persists.


    Council will collect Christmas trees from bin-stores and a flyer to this effect will be produced and distributed by GPRA to all residents who use the bin stores.



    • 7 Preparation for Christmas Saturday Café fundraiser


    CCDT have contributed a bottle of mulled wine and there will be other prizes for the competition on lyrics of Christmas pop-songs. Mince pie production is under control! 10am-12pm on Saturday 17th December.



    • 8 Covenants


    Flyers re covenants have been distributed to all residents recently, although there is still a need to improve understanding about covenants.


    RN has been in contact with CDC and it is hoped that an understanding between CDC planning department, Grange, Linden and the GPRA can be reached regarding applications, as well as action to be taken in the event of a breach.


    Issue to be raised again at the Q meeting.


    UPDATE: RN has now had a response from CDC planning.  Trudie and RN will be meeting Jeremy Bushell in February.



    • 9 Community Purchasing


    A resident had suggested cleaning of guttering as a collective purchase for interested freeholders who might obtain a discount.  GPRA will explore this idea probably by putting out feelers in a newsletter (SS).



    • 10 Slow responses from Linden Homes and Affinity Sutton


    1st quarterly meeting took place in June. At the time, minutes were produced by Linden and contained a number of items to be actioned by Linden. There were many promises made but timetable too vague.


    30th September was last quarterly meeting. Linden provided the minutes on 12th December and there has still been very little action.


    Issues include:


    In Lloyd Road, there are still no downpipes or porches to some houses – a situation that has been on-going throughout two winters.


    RN sent an e-mail on 10th October to customer services but there has been no response to issues with Penny Acre. Linden Homes need to come to the Q meeting with a response since problems that are not rectified will only get worse. NHBC should be informed when Linden does not respond. UPDATE: RN received a response from Claire Wilds (Linden) on the day after our committee meeting, to a follow-up email sent on 14 December.


    SC has requested that Trudie calculate how much has been spent on lights around Havenstoke Park. They are frequently failing and do not seem to be fit for purpose.


    There is still a lack of lighting to area around back of lodge, where people gather. CCDT need to have adequate external lighting if they are to offer community events in the Chapel.


    JE suggested we should acknowledge when Linden get things right but we should also have an on-going list of concerns and put it on the website so all residents can see.


    Phase coordinators can speak to Linden on behalf of residents, if there is no response even after they have followed the correct procedures.


    PR suggested that we should start social media campaign if Linden do not complete tasks.


    We shall hold them to account and will itemise what has not been completed for meeting on 18th January. (RN, SC, SS)



    • 11 CCDT issues


    CdeB will email an update to the committee but EA was able to provide some information.


    Architects have been chosen for the chapel.  A visit was made to St Andrews in Hemel Hempstead, which is a similar chapel that has been converted into a community hub. It has a Post Office, a retail area and a soft play area. The visit provided fresh ideas on how the Chapel might be used so that it can become community hub for the local area.  Public consultation on options will be taking place on 2nd February 12-9pm – venue t.b.a..


    The building of the bus shelter will take place over the next 3-4 months.


    More residents are needed for the CCDT steering committee – contact CdeB.


    CCDT have moved office, into a top floor container in Linden’s secure area.



    • 12 Sussex Garden Trust membership renewal


    No residents have pursued any of the events offered by the trust. However it did provide a contact to support BH-W’s writing of an objection to the CDC on Linden’s proposition to create housing plus car parking on the airing courts.  Thus the historic landscaping of the eastern airing courts has been protected.


    It was agreed that we should continue with membership of the Garden Trust (£20).


    • 13 A.O.B.


    Communal area lights in one block of flats are on all day. Timer/sensor needs fixing. Deborah Nelson at Grange to be contacted, copy in Trudie.


    The next committee meeting will be Wednesday 15th February 2017.