• Minutes of GPRA Committee Meeting on 28th August 2019


    1          Attendees:                 

    Rob Norris(RN) (Chair) Sue Cressey(SC) (Vice Chair); Sue James(SJa) (Secretary): Chris Waller(CW) (Treasurer); Brian Baker(BB); Alan Bradbury(ABr); John Eagles (JE); Barbara Howden Richards(BHR); Sandie Jenner (SJ);  Paul Rolfe(PR); Grace Taylor (GT); Jack Wingfield (JW)

    Claire Robinson, Partnerships Co-ordinator at CCDT, attended the meeting to update on CCDT activities 

    2          Apologies and Resignations:

    It was noted that Anna Bloomfield and Sophie Eagleton had resigned from the committee.  There were no apologies for absence.                   

    3          Minutes of the last meeting 

    The minutes of the meeting held on 29 May 2019 were approved.  

    4          Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda

    1.  Issues relating to Hill development

    JE reported that he was working well on a day to day basis with the Hill site manager.  The Keepers Green development is still on track for completion by the end of September 2020, although sales volumes had so far been disappointing.

    • Provision of Primary Care Services

    SJa reported that she had met the managing Director for the Coastal and West Sussex CCG who had told her that practice development in Chichester Primary Care services was the CCG’s highest priority in view of the great pressure on premises in the city due to the very high population growth.  However, they had very little capital to fund developments. SJa had suggested that CCDT might be able to provide capital for premises on Graylingwell Park in return for a rental income.  This was being discussed within the CCG.  SJa had offered to meet with local GPs to see if they would be interested in developing a practice base in Graylingwell Park and was awaiting a reply.  She would keep the Committee informed of developments

    • Outstanding Car parking issues

    The car parking briefing paper prepared by RN had been circulated to Committee members who had approved it.  It had been added to the GPRA website, and it was agreed a hard copy would be circulated with the invitation to the AGM which will be delivered to all households on the development. SJa to action.

    CPM and Grange Management had been asked to refresh permits and to differentiate permit holders from the east and west sides of the development so that misuse of visitor parking could more easily be monitored. CPM had been asked for a project plan for this refresh.  This will be circulated to the Committee when it is available. Progress will be chased at the Quarterly Meeting if nothing is forthcoming before this.

    • Revised Constitution

    SJa reported that the revisions requested at the last meeting had been actioned and agreed by members of the Committee via email.  The final document had been circulated (see discussion below). Approval of the revised Constitution would be the first item for discussion at the AGM in October.

    •  Sewage pipeline

    RN reported that all appears to have gone quiet on the proposals to route a new sewage pipeline through Lower Graylingwell.  It was noted that the current trench digging along Graylingwell Drive was to facilitate the new gas main installation.

    5.         Treasurer’s report (CW)

    CW reported that there was £1124.60 in the bank, and he had begun the process to draw down the £300 grant offered by Clarion.

    6.         Communications with Residents

    This was an item that had been identified as necessary for full discussion at our workshop in February.  It was agreed that it was essential to ensure that the Committee was aware of residents’ views on issues in order properly to represent them.  A paper would be prepared and circulated for email comment prior to the AGM so that a range of proposed ways of communicating could be discussed at the AGM and a way forward agreed.  SJa to draft an initial paper.

    7.         Arrangements for AGM

    The AGM had been arranged for 11 October 2019 at 19.00. It would be held either in the Lodge as in previous years, or in the New Pavilion on Keepers Green.  The following arrangements were agreed:

    • An invitation would be circulated in hard copy to every household by Friday 13 September.  Street representatives would be responsible for distributing invitations.  SJa to draft the invitation, and CCDT to print.
    • Residents would also be invited to stand for nomination to the GPRA Committee, and this invitation would be included in the general information about the AGM.
    • The deadline for submission of nominations would be 30 September.
    • If more nominations were received than places available on the Committee a secret ballot would be held at the AGM. RN and SJa to organise.
    • The revised Constitution would be circulated at the meeting and its adoption would form the first agenda item.  A number of minor drafting points were noted and agreed. SJa to finalise the document and circulate.
    • The Chairman’s report would include an item on communication with residents and attendees’ views would be sought. The paper referred to in item 6 above would be the basis of this discussion.
    • Trudie Hudson would be invited to attend to explain who owns what on Graylingwell Park, and how residents’ interests are protected via the creation of sinking funds to cover major expenditure such as road renewal. RN to invite her.
    • Clare de Bathe would be asked to prepare a paper explaining how the money provided by residents towards the costs of the CCDT is used, and what benefits residents get for this expenditure. SJa to request this.
    • Veolia would be invited to present their plan for a home support service to the meeting in the hope that they would be more successful in attracting support for their plans.  SJa to invite them.

    8.         Policy Guidance

    RN referred to two discussion papers he had prepared which had been circulated to Committee members in advance of the meeting. They related to Policy Guidance and the Committee’s stance on the future of Havenstoke Park.

    1. Policy Guidance

    The paper was adopted with the exception of the section on priorities for and between phases of the development which it was agreed should be excluded.  RN to redraft

    • Havenstoke Park

    A number of amendments were agreed.  RN to redraft.

    Both documents would be circulated to the Committee by email for discussion.  Once agreed, they would be included on the GPRA’s website.

    9.         Communications with external bodies

    RN asked members to take care when communicating with external bodies to differentiate between the agreed views of the Committee and personal views of members.  It was agreed that all formal letters and emails should be shared with all committee members for information and comment.

    10.       CCDT update

    RN welcomed Claire Robinson, who was representing CCDT in the absence of Clare de Bathe who was on holiday.  Claire updated the committee on a number of items including:

    • Chapel redevelopment

    A Project Manager has been appointed for the project and a start on site date is awaited.  Work is underway to raise awareness of the history of Graylingwell Park in general and the Chapel in particular, with a talk on the history of Graylingwell Hospital on 19 September and an Open Day for the Chapel on 21 September. This latter event is part of a nationwide programme of events to celebrate the work of the Heritage Lottery Fund.  It was noted that the GPRA will have a Saturday Café that day so will be able to support the event by offering refreshments if required.  

    • Havenstoke Park

    CCDT is seeking feedback from young people (aged between 4 and 16) about what sporting activities they would like to see offered in Havenstoke Park.  They are working in partnership with Westgate Leisure to conduct this work and a similar survey for adults will be held in due course.  

    • Keeper’s Green

    CCDT is working with Sussex Cricket to develop street cricket (for young people) and walking cricket (for older people)

    • The new Lodge

    The new Lodge being built as part of the Hill s106 requirements is nearing completion and is expected to be handed over in September. When it is open, all the events scheduled to take place in The Lodge by the Chapel will be relocated to the new Lodge, and the old Lodge will become the site office for the Chapel refurbishment.

    • Community Garden

    The Community Garden on Keeper’s Green will be opened shortly.  The Committee which set up the interim garden on Graylingwell Park is leading this work and all residents will be welcome to help and to enjoy the produce grown in the garden. A further, more extensive community garden and orchard is also scheduled for provision on the Linden site in 2020.

    • Men’s Shed

    A proposal to set up a Chichester branch of the Men’s Sheds movement at Graylingwell is currently being worked up. The nearest facility is in Southbourne so it is expected that a Chichester-based shed would be very popular.

    • Sporting Memories

    A national movement designed to help older people socialise via the medium of sharing sporting memories is looking to set up a club in The Lodge

    • Antisocial behaviour

    CCDT is talking to Sussex Clubs for Young People about ways in which young people’s social needs can be met to reduce boredom and anti-social behaviour.  A proposal will be brought to GPRA once details have been developed.

    • Brewhouse Oktoberfest

    The community brewing project in Graylingwell Park is proving very popular and a beer tasting session will be held on 21 September in The Lodge.  Concern was raised that, as the brewing is done in a resident’s house, the resident might be contravening the terms of his title which forbid operating a business in a residence.

    Post-meeting note:  BHS checked the circumstances with Clare de Bathe who has confirmed that the project is not a private business but a CCDT community project which has 33 active residents involved, so there is no danger of a breach of covenant.

    GT asked why, as all these excellent events are open to a much wider population than just Graylingwell Park, it should be only Graylingwell residents who have to pay towards the costs of CCDT.  Claire reassured her that Rousillon residents also pay.  Clare de Bathe is currently preparing a paper setting out what residents get for their contribution to CCDT and it was agreed that it would be useful for this to be circulated at the AGM.  JE reminded the meeting that the CCDT would be having their own AGM a month before the GPRA, so residents’ questions about the value of their contribution should be directed to the CCDT AGM.

    11.       Security Issues

    Members considered a paper containing a number of proposals for improving security on Graylingwell Park which was prepared following a meeting between BHR, ABr and RN.  RN commented that it was important to strike the right balance between responding to concerns about issues such as anti-social behaviour and criminal activity and giving the wrong impression to the rest of Chichester that Graylingwell Park has a significant problem with crime and anti-social behaviour.

    JW referred to a frightening incident when a rock had been thrown over the fence into his garden, causing £300 worth of damage. 

    It was agreed that it was important for all residents to be encouraged to report any incident of criminality or anti-social behaviour to the police.  BHR and ABa to draft a paper setting out how to report issuesfor inclusion on the GPRA website once it has been approved.

    10.       Quarterly Meeting

    The notes of the Quarterly meeting held on 30 May 2019 were considered, and the following items were identified for raising at the next meeting, scheduled for 16 October:

    1. The provision of dog bins and waste bins on the Airing Courts
    2. Progress of lighting issues on Penny Acre
    3. Tree planting on Havenstoke Park.  It was agreed to share Kelvin Barber’s very helpful advice about the possible species of trees to be used to replace those diseased and dangerous trees which have recently been felled.  The TPO officer in CDC will usually want to replace like for like but may be prepared to consider new varieties where previous trees have succumbed to disease. Given the predominance of limes and maples/sycamores around Graylingwell it would seem sensible to take every opportunity to plant something different.  Kelvin has suggested that we should try to get permission to plant elms, a Handkerchief Tree (Davidia Involucrata) as well as a Tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera) to replace the dying ash tree at the North Lodge entrance to the Park.

    10.       Street representatives

    1. Lloyd Road – SChad nothing to report.
    2. Longley Road –Positive feedback relating to the landscaping work that is currently underway. SJ reported that she had been asked if there was a community notice board on which items for sale could be offered, but the idea of providing such a facility was not supported by the Committee.
    3. Penny Acre – RN reported that residents were pleased with the landscaping work around the Airing Courts and between the Airing Courts and Homestead Road.
    4. North Mead – ABr reiterated the need for signage to show that Lloyd Road is a no through road, and suggested that the University be approached to check out their support for discouraging anti-social behaviour amongst the new intake of students.  RN agreed to contact them.
    5. Homestead Road – Nothing to report.

    11.  Date of Next Meeting

                The next meeting – which will be the AGM –  will be held on 11 October 2019 in The Lodge, or the new Lodge if it is operative by then.