• Minutes of GPRA Committee Meeting held on 5th February 2020

    1       Welcome and apologies

    Attendees: Rob Norris; Sue Cressey; Alan Bradbury; Kathy Sykes; John Eagles; Sandie Jenner; Brian Baker; Jack Wingfield; Susan Shord

    Minute taker: RN welcomed Malcolm Watts to the role

    Item 2 only: Clare de Bathe and Lina Poskitt (CCDT)

    Apologies: Barbara Howden Richards; Carol Findlay; Paul Rolfe; Colin Darlington

    2.         CCDT (CdB)

    • Residents’ Survey – the team had knocked on 110 doors and received 60 completed questionnaires.  They were now inviting those who’d not been at home to a café style event in February/March to get their views. The survey was providing good info on demographics and people’s wants and needs.
    • Sussex Clubs for Young People – their ‘Purple Bus’ team had visited and talked to youngsters (many from the Swanfield estate) about their local issues.  Results were being fed back to CCDT.
    • New Lodge – CCDT delighted with a really high-quality venue.  Will open end of February with a formal opening celebration/BBQ later in the year.  Staying as ‘The New Lodge’ with the old marketing suite becoming ‘The Pavilion in the Park’.  The nursery will transfer once Ofsted has approved the new premises.
    • Parking at the New Lodge – 18 spaces.  Dated permits will be issued by email to those using/renting the premises.  Otherwise parking by pay & display with opportunity to use “Just Park” app.
    • Pavilion in the Park – Linden have hit target for transfer to CCDT.  Premises to include community space and temporary changing facilities.  CCDT will develop permanent changing facilities once target of 600 homes is reached and according to need.
    • Chapel – architects delivered detailed plans this week.  Scheme is on track for issuing tender in next few weeks with a view to awarding contract by end of March and beginning work around Easter.

    3.         Minutes of the previous meeting


    4.         Matters arising not otherwise on the agenda

    • Parking – use of visitor spaces as permanent parking still an issue.  Photos being taken of offending vehicles in Penny Acre and with follow-up letters to owners.  
    • Sewage pipeline – Firm plans not yet available given changes at Southern Water.
    • Security – local PCSO had advised KS that in the event of an immediate incident residents should not engage perpetrators but should phone 999.  Incident will be logged even if police do not attend.  Only phone 111 after event.
    • Leaking gutters – fixed.
    • Pinewood House – sold to a developer.  Further info not available.

    5.         Treasurer’s Report (SC)

    SC monitoring account in absence of a treasurer.  Funds of £1264.25 currently in bank, plus cash from coffee mornings.  A volunteer to fill the post would be very welcome.

    6.         Matters arising from the Quarterly Meeting 

    The minutes of the meeting that took place on 23 January with Linden Homes, Grange Management, Clarion Housing, GPRA and CPM were considered.  The following issues were noted or discussed:

    • Signage (item 1.1) – SC reported a quick response from CPM.  Several signs were being removed (including old Speed Kills posters) or repaired. Most redundant signage will be removed by Grange.
    • Bin Stores (item 2.1) – misuse continues
    • Play Areas (item 3.2) – work on trees will be carried out before fencing is removed
    • Lights (item 5.1) – SC noted that only Linden had the ability to fix the trip switch.  SSE were looking into the problem and whether the lumens were sufficient for the various localities.  (AB mentioned that prescribed lux levels were available from the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.)
    • Restrictive Covenants (item 13.1) – RN reported a constructive response from Linden on their duty to enforce restrictive covenants.  On car-charging points, he is investigating options for agreeing a specific, discreet design that individual householders could install at their own expense.  RN will report back to Committee before reverting to Linden.
    • Farmhouse refurbishment (item 14.1) – Brunnings and Price in discussion with Linden.
    • Phase 9 (item 14.2) – McCarthy and Stone pursuing development of care home.
    • Tunnels (item 15.1) – RN had undertaken research at West Sussex Record Office and through a local solicitor.  Although both bodies had been extremely helpful, neither exercise had proved fruitful.  RN was currently awaiting response from Homes England.

    7.         Street representatives

    • Homestead Road – BHR had notified in advance that she had nothing to report
    • Lloyd Road – SC reported that a mobile home that was continuing to cause parking problems had been reported to Clarion
    • Longley Road – nothing to report
    • North Mead – AB reported that planting had not taken place on East side of Chapel; that the issue of people continuing to use North Mead and Longley Road to try and reach Broyle Road might be addressed through better signage on Kingsmead Avenue; and that pedestrians were using the boundary line of Pinewood House as a shortcut.
    • Penny Acre – nothing to report

    8.         Sub-Groups

    The Committee considered the paper circulated in advance of the meeting on the setting up of a series of sub-groups, each with roles and responsibilities organised around a cluster of related topics.  

    The rationale for establishing these sub-groups was to promote and support development between committee meetings, to ensure the active participation of committee members and to streamline committee meetings via reports provided by each sub-group ahead of each meeting.  Sub-groups could include external members as appropriate.

    The Committee considered A) whether the grouping of topics and lists of members were correct and B) what approach each sub-group might take to the issues on its agenda.  It agreed the following:

    • Legal and Agreements – A) Sub-group will add Leep Utilities (the current water supplier) and ‘green energy’ issues (e.g. solar panels and car-charging points) to its remit.  B) It will consider questions of procedure and protocol (e.g. how GPRA can ensure it is properly consulted by Linden about any requests from residents, and how requests for minor waivers of restrictive covenants should be addressed when they do not affect the overall environment or affect other residents) in addition to specific substantive issues (e.g. GPRA’s position on solar panels, car charging points and changes to sheds etc).  
    • Environment – A) SS reported that John Solly would be interested in joining the group and in encouraging residents to make proper use of the facilities.  B) Priorities were likely to include maintenance etc of the bin stores and bike sheds and, in due course, the policy for allocating allotments.
    • Security – A) KS to join the group.  B) Approach should include looking for positive outcomes but without encroaching on CCDT’s role.
    • Access and external services – B) Sub-group to investigate viability of ‘Co-wheels’ regarding car size etc.
    • Communications and café – as drafted in the paper

    Other issues

    A number of specific issues were raised in discussion:

    • Veolia:  SC reported that all Veolia engineers were trained to service the ventilation systems.  She was therefore making enquiries about the viability of negotiating an annual service contract.
    • Neighbourhood Watch: New leader needed
    • Litter pick:  AB proposed that the Environment Sub-group organise this once weather is drier 

    Next Steps

    The Sub-groups will arrange to meet on an ad hoc basis and report back to the next GPRA meeting.  RN and SC will be in touch to arrange dates.

    9.         Any other business

    Coffee Morning Rota: a number of gaps were filled.

    10.       Date of Next Meeting

    8 April 2020