• Minutes of GPRA Committee Meeting – 30/01/19


    7.00 – 8.00pm in The Lodge

    1          Attendees:                 

    Sue Cressey (SC) (Acting Chair); Sue James (SJa) (Secretary); Chris Waller (CW) (Treasurer); Brian Baker (BB); Anna Bloomfield (AB); Alan Bradbury (ABr); John Eagles (JE); Barbara Howden Richards (BHR); Sandie Jenner (SJ); Paul Rolfe(PR); Jack Wingfield (JW)

    Clare de Bathe (for CCDT update item)

    2          Apologies:                 

    Rob Norris (Chair); Sophie Egleton; Grace Taylor; Clare de Bathe

    3          Minutes of the last meeting and Matters arising (previously circulated) 

    The minutes of the meeting held on 28 November 2018 were approved.  

    4          Matters arising

    •  Provision of Primary Care Services

    As SJa has not heard again from the Lavant Road Surgery, despite requesting the opportunity to meet with the Practice Manager and the Senior Partner, it was agreed that SJa should write formally to the Senior Partner, copied to the Clinical Commissioning Group which is responsible for commissioning primary care services, to set out the Association’s concerns about the lack of resources and resultant long waiting times for local residents.

    • Split site

    No further new issues had emerged since the last Committee meeting.

    •  Consultation on future provision of football pitches

    As RN was absent from the meeting, it was agreed to defer this issue until our next meeting.

    •  Saturday Café

    The current rota had been circulated with the agenda.  It was noted that there was, as yet, no cover for the June or September Cafés.  SC asked for volunteers.

    •  Meeting regarding Lower Graylingwell development

    JE reported that a very positive initial meeting had been held on 29 November 2018 with Chris Seal and Sean McCrorey, the Project Manager and Site Manager respectively for the Hill development.  He had raised a number of issues, particularly around vehicular access to the development site and working times.  Members of the Committee had visited the Hill Marketing Suite. The rest of the committee was encouraged to visit to see the very helpful scale model of the development.

    Since the meeting some further issues had emerged concerning the speed of vehicles entering the development site and the temporary closure of Graylingwell Drive to pedestrians.  It was agreed that JE should write to Chris Seal to express concern about these issues.

    • Installation of footpaths on south side of Connolly Way

    It was noted that Linden had given a commitment to provide spur paths, to match those already provided along Blomfield Drive.  

    Concern about the footpath flooding on Havenstoke Park was raised again.  Larry Haynes had promised to get this sorted out, but little progress has been made.  Both issues will be raised at the next Quarterly meeting.

    5          Treasurer’s report (CW)

    CW reported that there was £1012.30 in the bank.  As the main source of new income – the parking donations at the Garden Party – would not happen in 2019, alternative funding sources would be required to maintain a healthy balance.  It was agreed that the GPRA should become one of charitable causes supported by the quiz nights. BB suggested that April would be a good month as this would be held in The Lodge.  This was agreed.

    6          Review of GPRA mission, objectives and values

    SJ reported that a workshop would be held on 20 February at 7.00 pm in the Water Tower for the Committee to explore their ideas around the purpose of the GPRA. She strongly urged members to attend. SJa to remind members a week before the meeting.

    7          Quarterly meeting with Linden Homes, Grange Management and CPM

    The following new items for the agenda were agreed:

    • Split site issues (signage on entrances, difficulties of delivery lorries and taxis in finding correct entrance, Longley Road access issues, allocation of fobs, maintenance of bus gates and holding of keys to barrier padlocks)

    • Playgrounds (timescale for completion of North Meads playground and provision of fencing for Havenstoke Park and Airing Courts playgrounds)

    • Cycle Path access to Winterbourne Road

    • Commercial vehicles parked on private driveways in North Mead

    8          Update from CCDT

    JE gave the following update on the work that the CCDT is doing on behalf of residents:

    Water Tower.  The use of Hot Desks is slowly increasing.  The Water Tower is available for hire after 5.00 pm for meetings and other gatherings.

    The Chapel.  An application for further funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the costs of refurbishing the Chapel was submitted in November.  A decision should be forthcoming in March.  If this application is supported, it will meet all but £250,000 of the costs of renovation of the Chapel.  It is hoped that the outstanding costs will be covered by other grants, which are currently being applied for.  

    Planning Permission for the redevelopment of the Chapel was agreed in December, and the interior of the Chapel is currently being prepared for the work.  The pews will be auctioned in April.  The auction will be initially restricted to Graylingwell Park residents only.

    Lower Graylingwell.  The cricket pitch, Clubhouse and community garden will be handed over when residency of the Lower Graylingwell development reaches 20 homes.  It is expected that this will be in April 2019.  All activities in The Lodge will then transfer to the Clubhouse.

    Havenstoke Park.  CCDT marked the opening of the play areas in January. They are proving extremely popular with local children. It was agreed that fences are required to stop dogs accessing the playground areas and to prevent children from running on to the road.  This will be raised at the next Quarterly meeting with Linden Homes.

    9          Street representatives 

    Common template for letter to residents

    The letter to residents has not yet been sent out as not all street representatives have a GPRA email address.  Once this has been resolved, it was agreed that a date for sending out a common letter to all residents would be agreed at the February workshop.

    Street Reports

    Lloyd Road. Nothing new to report. 

    Longley Road. Concern had been expressed about the rubbish on the floor of one of the bin stores which will not be collected by the dustbin men, and will attract a fee from Grange Management to remove.  SJ had arranged for it to be removed.  It was agreed that future Litter Picks would incorporate a check of all bin storesto ensure that management fees did not have to be raised to cover keeping bin stores tidy.

    Penny Acre.  Nothing to report in the absence of RN

    North Mead. ABr reported that residents were very appreciative of the new low fences and bollards that Linden had installed to prevent vehicles driving over the grass.

    ABr agreed to check if commercial vehicles were still being parked on private driveways.

    Homestead Road. Nothing to report.

    10        Any other business

     AB reported that the Post Box had been installed that day.  This was warmly welcomed by the Committee.

    11        Date of next meeting

    The next committee meeting will be held on 27 March 2019 at 7.00 pm in The Lodge.  The workshop to discuss the Committee’s mission and values will be held on 20 February 2019 at 7.00 pm in The Water Tower.