• Minutes of GPRA Committee Meeting – 3.10.2018




    1          Attendees:                

     Rob Norris (Chair); Sue Cressey (Vice Chair); Sue James (Secretary); Brian Baker; Anna Bloomfield; Alan Bradbury; John Eagles; Barbara Howden Richards ; Sandie Jenner ; Jack Wingfield


    2          Apologies:                


    Chris Waller; Sophie Eagleton; Paul Rolfe;


    It was noted that Irela Strachan had resigned from the Committee due to pressure of work.  She was thanked for her contribution and will be sorely missed.


    3          Minutes of the last meeting and Matters arising (previously circulated)


    The minutes of the meeting held on 20 June were approved.  Most matters arising were covered elsewhere on the agenda.


    4          Treasurer’s report (CW)


    Although CW was not able to be present, it was noted that he had given the financial balance at 31 August as £960 at the AGM. The majority of this income stemmed from the car parking charges at the Graylingwell Garden Party, which would not be occurring in 2019, so it was noted that should additional funds be needed, alternative fundraising would be required.


    GPRA had donated £100 towards the bouncy castle for the CCDT AGM/ new residents welcome evening on 11 July.  However this event had been cancelled due to the World Cup.  It was agreed that this money should instead be used by CCDT towards their Christmas activities.


    5          Quarterly Meeting:


    Copies of the action notes from the meetings held on 27 September (with Lindens) and 3 October (with Grange management) were circulated prior to the meeting.  The major points raised were:


    Bus gates:


    The bus gates installations will be completed by mid-October, following which Kingsmead Avenue access will be opened and the site split will be implemented.  Linden to send a letter to all residents explaining the reasons behind the installation of the bus gates and telling them which entrance to the development they will be able to access.


    Linden was assured that the GPRA understood the reasons for the site split and supported the approach as it would protect Graylingwell Park from becoming a ‘rat run’ between the A27 and the A286.  We warned Linden that there was likely to be some negative reaction from residents, including people driving across paths and grass areas in order to use the exit of their choice.  This would be monitored and, if necessary, ways of blocking access to such routes would be introduced.


    Car Parking:


    We expressed concern that the site split might exacerbate the misuse of visitor parking, and we agreed thatimpact will be reviewed and a number of improvements to parking arrangements will be considered for implementation.  These include:


    Re-issuing parking permits, with visitor permits for the two different sides of the site in different colours.  Residents who parked in the ‘wrong’ visitor spaces would be issued with a parking ticket.


    Consideration of the introduction of a maximum length of stay for visitors to avoid the use of visitor bays as permanent second or third bays.


    The CPM representative reported thatall car parking plaques have been reviewed.  Where residents have unofficially claimed an additional bay, these have been noted and parking fines have been issued.


    CPM was asked to reinforce the implementation of the ‘no commercial vehicles after 7.00 pm’ rule.


    S.106 works on Graylingwell Park:


    Work will start shortly on the S106 requirements.  The trim trail – including outdoor gym apparatus – around Havenstoke Park will be installed during the week beginning 8 October, when the sports pitches and meadowland mowing will also be introduced.  Seats and waste bins will also be provided.


    A playground will be provided near the Marketing Suite, followed by play areas on the Airing Courts and near the Chapel.


    It is not clear who will be responsible for litter management and maintenance of these new areas.  This will be discussed at the next Quarterly meeting


    Footpaths in Havenstoke Park


    Two main concerns were raised:  the regular flooding of the existing footpath alongside Connolly Way, and the use of the road by pedestrians wanting to avoid the mud in the park. The flooding issue will be resolved when the trim trail is installed.  Spur footpaths from Penny Acre, Longley Road and Homestead Road will be installed at the same time to link in with the main park path.


    Gardens around the Airing Courts and other gardening issues:


    Windmill Landscapers have been appointed to complete the landscaping of the Airing Courts once the hard landscaping has been completed. The programme was delayed by this summer’s drought, which also affected planting in other parts of the development.  Members of the Committee are to walk the grounds with LH and TH to agree what action to take in relation to landscaping and replacing dead plants.


    Concern was expressed that the old fountain in the Airing Courts is full of foul water, and it was agreed that, as part of the landscaping works, Windmill Landscapers will be asked to provide draining in the fountain, and fill it with soil and appropriate planting.


    Public realm:


    No dates were set in S106 for access to community garden and allotment.  Site access is difficult until Phase 4 completed.  This will not be until 2020.


    Concerns were expressed that the road layout of Phase 4 will encourage inappropriate speeding, particularly problematic around children’s play area. We agreed to monitor this and report back to Linden.


    Work on the spalled bricks in the Water Tower is to begin shortly.  The project is complicated, and it is expected that the scaffolding will be in place for around 18 months.


    Although approval for the installation of a Post Box near to the entrance to Longley Road has been granted, the Post Office have not yet completed all their surveys required prior to the installation.


    Planning issues:


    A restaurant company specialising in refurbishing rural buildings and turning them into gastro pubs is in negotiation with local authority planners about the refurbishment of the farmhouse.  If these are successful, it is expected that a contract will be in place by the end of November.


    Linden remain responsible for the refurbishment of the outbuildings for studios and other community space.  It is unlikely that this work will begin until 2021.


    Land clearance had been completed for Phase 9 (to the south of Kingsmead Avenue), and a detailed planning application for 101 3 and 4 bedroom homes has been submitted for consideration at October’s Planning Committee.  If plans are approved, it is expected that a start on site date of March/April 2019 will be achieved.


    Linden estimates that 785 properties will be provided on Graylingwell Park.  566 have either been built or planned in detail, and 428 homes have been occupied. Of these, 260 are in private ownership and 168 are affordable housing.  This means that the development is now more than half way to completion.


    The land to the North East of Graylingwell Park has now been sold to another developer, although contracts have yet to be finalised.


    Covenant management


    Although Linden remain legally responsible for the management of the covenants that govern freeholder behaviours in relation to their houses, they have now delegated the implementation of that responsibility to Grange Management who have taken action to require a householder to comply with the terms of their contract.  This was warmly welcomed by the Committee.


    It was noted that social and co-owned housing had different, but broadly similar rules governing tenants’ behaviour.  It was agreed that the Clarion Housing Manager be invited to a future committee meeting to explain what these rules are.


    Management fees:


    It was noted that the management fees charged to residents for the maintenance of all the communal areas had changed very little over the past 7 years and Trudie Hudson was congratulated for all her cost saving efforts over this time which were much appreciated by householders.


    8          Street representatives’ update


    Lloyd Road. SC reported that she had had complaints about the behaviour of      local children over the summer.  The complaints were about low level nuisance such as ball games in inappropriate areas, and some damage to the trees as a result of climbing. We hope that the new play areas might resolve the problem.


    Longley Road.  This is the only road on the development which will be divided by the site split.  SuJ suggested that we should seek permission to rename the two parts of the road, to be called Longley Road East and Longley Road West to help visitors and delivery vehicles access the right part of the site. This was agreed.


    SaJ reported on the ongoing difficulties, which Linden were fixing, around leaking roofs in a number of the properties of the same design in Longley Road. Progress had been slow and frustrating.


    Many residents had complained about the noise made by seagulls nesting on the Water Tower.  This would be resolved in the short term by the project to repair the spalled bricks, and Linden had agreed to install a decoy to deter the gulls whilst they had access to the Water Tower roof via the scaffolding.


    It was noted that Randall House was handed over to Grange Management on 1 October, and residents would be charged management fees for the first time. These arrangements had been explained in a welcome pack that Grange had sent to every household.


    Penny Acre.  RN updated the meeting on the progress of generic snagging issues in Phase 5a.  It was noted that Phase 5b had now also been handed over to Grange.


    Residents had expressed concern about the brightness of the street lighting. This was also a problem in Longley Road. Linden were looking at installing shields to protect households from the glare.


    North Mead.  AB shared SC’s concerns about the behaviour of some children which had also affected North Mead. He also asked for a no-through road sign to be installed at the Blomfield Drive end of Lloyd Road so that visitors and deliveries to North Mead did not try to access it that way.


    9          CCDT (JE):


    The planning for the Chapel project continues apace.  The roof has been repaired and further information required by English Heritage by the end of November has been compiled.


    Discussions are ongoing with the local authority about the planned development of the studios and associated buildings.


    The CCDT offices have now moved to the Water Tower and a formal opening ceremony was held in September.  The CCDT AGM, which was due to take place in July, was cancelled as it clashed with a key world cup match.  It has been rearranged for 14 November at 5.00 pm in The Lodge


    10        Chichester Society


    No matters relating to Graylingwell Park had been considered by the Chichester Society recently. It was agreed that this report would be included on an as required basis for the future.


    11        Relationship with Hill (SuJ)


    Hill are now on site in Lower Graylingwell with the first new homes to the market in 2019.  A meeting of GPRA Officers and Hill representatives is due to take place shortly to explore how to establish effective communications between the developer and Graylingwell residents.


    12        Street representatives


    It was agreed that the following committee members would take on the role of street representatives:


    Lloyd Road – Sue Cressey

    Longley Road – Sue James, Sandie Jenner, Brian Baker

    Penny Acre – Rob Norris

    North Mead – Alan Bradbury


    It was agreed that the role should not be used for individuals to represent their own interests, and each representative should develop their own arrangements for developing two-way communications between the Committee and residents.  The Longley road representatives agreed to work together on this.


    13        Other Committee roles


    In addition to the Street representatives the following tasks were allocated:


    Communication – Sue James

    Proof reading – Brian Baker

    Planning liaison – Rob Norris, supported as required by Anna Bloomfield

    Covenant management – Rob Norris to act as liaison officer, but all members to let him know of any concerns about covenant breaches

    Liaison with Hill – John Eagles

    Liaison with CCDT – John Eagles

    Saturday Café – Sue Cressey


    It was agreed that these names would be publicised in the newsletter and members who wanted a dedicated GPResidents email address should have one.



    14        Consultation meeting on traffic and parking management in Chichester


    RN reported that he had represented GPRA at a consultation meeting held to discuss parking needs for the next 25 years.  The outcome would be represented in the District Council’s strategy document in due course.


    15        Primary Care services


    Following concerns expressed at the AGM that the Lavant Road Surgery waiting times were growing, SuJ reported that she had written to the Practice Manager seeking information about their plans for expansion in recognition of the increase in list numbers as a result of the Graylingwell and Rousillon Park developments. She had not yet received a reply.


    16        Any other business


    JW raised concerns about the impact of the Hill development on the trees bordering Lower Graylingwell.  It was agreed to raise this at the forthcoming meeting.  He also asked about the future plans for Martin’s Farmhouse. RN reported that this will be retained and refurbished, with two other new houses built to complement the style of the farmhouse.


    AB raised concerns about the abuse of the grass verge alongside Connolly Way which appeared to be an informal footpath used by students.  His concerns were noted, but it was felt that little could be done to prevent this happening.


    17        Date of next meeting


     28 November 2018 at 7.00 pm.