• Minutes of GPRA Committee Meeting 11th December 2019


    1       Welcome and apologies

    Attendees: Rob Norris; Sue Cressey; Barbara Howden Richards; Alan Bradbury; Kathy Sykes; Carol Findlay; Paul Rolfe; John Eagles; Sandie Jenner; Jack Wingfield; Susan Shord

    Apologies: Colin Darlington; Brian Baker; Chris Waller

    2       Minutes of the previous meeting

    Read and agreed

    3       Matters arising not otherwise on the agenda

    NHS provision: Additional GP practice provision (outpost of medical centre) still being pursued

    Parking: Re-issue of permits. Three numbered space permits issued to most residents, although it would seem that some only received two. Those affected should phone CPM to ensure that they receive their third permit.  Visitor permits now have a link to residents’ permits.  This should be publicised since, if old style is used, a PCN may be issued. SS to include piece in newsletter.

    Sewage pipeline:  Originally was expected to be laid under Graylingwell Drive.  However, the road is currently being resurfaced so sewage pipeline may require re-dig or is going to pass along a different route. No timescale yet provided.  

    Communication with residents – to be clarified at next meeting.  SS to report

    Policy guidance agreed and updated.

    4       Treasurer’s Report (CW)

    Current balance in bank: £1486.25.  This includes a £300 grant from Clarion Housing Group for communications.  A letter to Clarion to thank them had been sent by CW and RN.

    5       ANPR proposal (RN)

    As much discussion had already taken place by email, with arguments for and against the proposal clearly outlined, it was apparent that there was little support for the idea. Consequently, it was decided to take a vote on the matter to gauge the feelings of the members present.

    The vote was overwhelmingly against pursuing the issue further with 10 of those present voting against, and 1 abstention. Of those who were not present, one indicated that he was not in favour and another abstained.

    Consequently,it was agreed by the committeethat the matter should not be taken forward.

    JW asked that it be recorded that CD had requested that the issue be discussed at the meeting, but it was agreed to take a vote to avoid using valuable committee time. 

    6       Neighbourhood Plan (RN)

    It was suggested that Anna Whitty, (CDC planning officer) be invited to present the neighbourhood plan to the committee. This includes areas such as tree planting, zoning, the integrated transport plan etc. although it does not include housing. During her visit to the Saturday café she was able to discuss this with some residents.  The cruciallocal plan has to obey what is finally included in the Neighbourhood Plan.  AB and RN will liaise to invite her.

    There may be a proposal to create a dual use cycle path and footpath along Oaklands Way from the underpass to College Lane. This has not been confirmed.

    7       Havenstoke Park (including trim trail and play areas) (RN)

    Reason for closure:  There was a failure of a piece of equipment in Havenstoke Park, for which Linden is awaiting a part in order to repair it.  Some parts of the trim trail are also damaged. All equipment, in all play areas and the trim trail, has to be inspected afterwards before the spaces can be reopened and then at regular intervals (weekly).  

    It was noted that this was very disappointing for the children of Graylingwell and surrounding areas and it would have been helpful if Linden had put up notices to explain the situation. CCDT will eventually be taking over all these areas as part of the handover of the park. SS will put this information on to the Hot Topics page of the website.

    Speeding is also a cause for concern around the development, including near the play area by the chapel.  

    AB suggested that there was a need for better signage or a temporary route for unloading materials. RN will raise this at the next Quarterly Meeting.

    8       CCDT (JE)

    • General Report
    • Studios Steering Group
    • Chapel developments 

    There was not a great deal to report at present since the next board meeting was scheduled for the following day.  

    CCDT was looking at showcasing possibilities for the studios and this is being fed into the strategic plan.  

    Building works on the chapel will start in March 2020 and are due to finish in August 2021.  The organ is now in a church in France.  The pews will be offered for sale by auction with priority given to Graylingwell Park residents.

    It was asked whether work on the Farmhouse was underway – tarmac is being laid and bricks have been delivered to the area.  RN will raise at Q Meeting.

    SS and RN attended CCDT strategy meeting.  The SWOT analysis wasdiscussed with positive suggestions including identification of threats. It was useful to meet others in the group including Dave Hyland, Communities Manager for CDC, with responsibility for S106 (now CIL – Community Infrastructure Levy).   He was involved in conceptualisation of CCDT and Graylingwell Park.  A meeting with RN and SS is to be arranged for Januaryand it is hoped that he will attend a future committee meeting.

    9       Security issues including anti-social behaviour (AB)

    Antisocial behaviour caseworker, Pam Bushby, has been helpful.  BHR will pursue this relationship. The new PCSO will be at the Community Hall for their coffee morning on 19thDecember 11.00am- 1.00pm.  BHR and AB will endeavour to attend.

    10      Matters arising from the Quarterly Meeting not already covered – minutes already circulated (RN)

    Repairs – leaking gutters.  Some works have been completed, others not. Jade Nulty – Linden Customer Service is the “go to” person for this.  However, Grange Management usually have the responsibility for repairs to refurbished properties but, in this case, they may be holding Linden responsible for poor workmanship.  RN will mention the problem to Larry Haynes.  

    Condition of some bin stores continues to be a problem, in spite of input from Trudie at Grange Management. 

    North Mead – installation of eastern boundary fence completed.

    Turfing has been completed between North Mead and the Chapel although there is still work to be done.

    Lighting on Connolly Way: 

    42 streetlight has no power – RN will speak to David G.

    Periodically, all the lights fail, particularly when it is windy and the trip switch is activated.  During the week GM will reset the switch but at weekends SC, RN and SS have a contact number for an emergency call out.

    Bin and bike store lighting is considered inadequate, although the process of improving the locks is underway. 

    RN has reminded Yuved Bheenick re restrictive covenants.  AB raised concern about a possible breach and will give details to RN.  

    Parking bays in North Mead have been used by some Phase 1 residents.  AB to report to CPM

    Phase 9 (alongside Kingsmead Avenue) – no immediate plans to proceed with building whilst market is slow.

    Responsibility for tunnels under the old hospital:  Unsure if they have been surveyed.  David Guy will contact GE – they use the tunnels for some pipework. Original plans may be at the university or records office.  RN will follow up.

    Maggie Taylor of Clarion Housing will join the Quarterly Meeting group and hopefully provide some stability in membership.

    Any unresolved issues above will be raised at the next Quarterly Meeting on 23rdJanuary. 

    11      Committee roles and responsibilities (RN)

    In previous years small groups have worked on particular issues, producing a report which is then presented to the whole committee. Over the next few weeks, committee members will identify their areas of interest and sub-groups will be set up.

    SS to circulate a list of areas and ask for individual responses.

    RN and SC will suggest groupings.




    Hill Development liaison 

    Saturday Café organisation

    Clarion Grant

    Veolia and GE liaison

    Car sharing

    Bus service

    Bin stores and litter. At least one resident has already expressed an interest in being involved in a group to look at this and work in a positive way to ameliorate the problem. He is already in touch with Trudie Hudson (GM) and Angie Bacon (CCDT) who are also keen to support us.

    Community Garden



    Link with Neighbourhood Watch


    12      Reports from street representatives (RN)

    Homestead Road– nothing to report – apart from lock problem on one door which was not resolved as speedily as it might have been.

    Lloyd Road – Nothing to report

    Longley Road– Airing courts – shelter being damaged regularly.  Youngsters causing noise and disturbance at night.  PCSO and caseworker might be the people to call on.  BHR will contact them.   If residents see such vandalism and disturbing behaviours, they should note times and report incidents to the police.  Possibly the shelter might be repaired with more robust materials

    North Mead– Concern with estimated Graylingwell Energy billing (ista).  AB to refer to CW.  Pinewood Close – offshoot of North Mead.  

    Welcome to Phase 4 event planned.  AB organising.

    Some traffic continues to enter via Kingsmead Avenue, without realising that there is no through route to Broyle Road. Might be solved by signage at the entrance.RN to raise at Q Mtgas well as suggesting an analysis of signage throughout the development.  

    Traffic speeding continues.  Notices have been put in letterboxes.  

    Penny Acre– Nothing to report.

    13      Any other business

    Christmas Saturday Café with the GPRA (21.12.19). Charity Collection for Stonepillow. As many committee members as possible would be welcome and should let SC know if they can provide mince pies, cakes etc.  Mulled wine will be provided along with the usual tea/coffee etc

    David Guy has offered to open the old sales office parking area for the Christmas period.  RN to check if a visitor pass will need to be displayedby vehicles parking there.

    Over the next few months the website will be updated and the @gpresidents email addresses will no longer be valid.  There is plenty of time, but it would be prudent if those who have these addresses save any important messages.

    Future use/development of Pinewood House. The university has included a restrictive covenant preventing future use as student accommodation.  RN will make enquiries.

    Possibly renew regular litter picking in the spring. 

    Land to the NE of North Mead bought by Redrow for development – will need to be picked up at some point. 

    Café rota – It would be helpful if each committee member covered at least one during the year.  SC to organise rota – at least for the beginning of 2020 – until another committee member takes on the role.  (February meeting)

    Date of next meeting: 5 February 2020