• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting – Wednesday 24th June 2015



    Sue Cressey; Paula Miller; Richard Shord; Susan Shord; Grace Taylor; Sarah Langmead; Chris Waller; Emma Ainsworth; Lesley Atchison




    Barbara Howden-Richards; Irela Strachan; Jane Haskins; Dusty Miller (retiring from the committee, but will continue to support with leafleting etc)


    Minutes of the previous meeting:


    Agreed and adopted


    Matters arising:


    Garden Party briefing 7th July. Richard will attend to receive instructions re car parking.


    Parking team: CS; BH-R; PM (or sub); CW; SS; RS; DM; IS (committee) and D Mossman; A Lickorish (residents)


    Rota and briefing notes will be circulated


    Update on HRV position (see agenda item below)


    Treasurer’s report:


    £416.35 plus £8.90 coffee money and £200 grant from Affinity Sutton (AS) for running costs.

    Chris will check to see if the GPRA bank account can be converted to internet banking.

    All purchases for running costs will require a receipt to be presented to AS as part of the terms of the grant.


    Trees – sub-group progress review:


    As well as committee members, other residents in the group include Dennis Mossman, Mike Pickering, Kelvin Barber, Anthony Waller and Coral Botteley.


    The group has held a meeting and now has all the arboreal reports. However, the next steps will be dependent on the upcoming Linden/Grange meeting regarding responsibilities and costs for necessary work in and around Havenstoke Park. Grange Management has a fund set aside for tree maintenance and they will be having a meeting with Linden to discuss overlap of responsibilities.


    An extension to the remit, to invite further community involvement at a later stage (community gardeners and to other interested residents) in removal of ivy and other small tasks, has been suggested to save costs.


    After the sub-group has investigated the situation, we will consider the implications and make a judgement as to the next steps, including a possible consultation exercise with residents.


    (Post meeting note: Barbara has reported that Linden Homes now accept responsibility for the costs associated with the vast majority of the work, including the inner ring of Havenstoke Park trees, and that Grange Management’s responsibility is therefore restricted to the outer ring and any other trees in Phases I and II of the development, these phases having been handed over by Linden.



    Barbara calculates that the recommended work on the outer ring will involve the felling of 5 trees, the possible removal of one stump and work on 4 other trees. Just 2 trees in the public realm of Phases I and II probably need to be felled.



    By contrast, Linden will have to pay for the felling of 14 trees in the inner ring and a further 11 in the development plus urgent work on one tree. 

    Linden promised to speak to their quantity surveyors to hasten the process of obtaining a quotation for all the work.)



    Visitor car parking:

    By design there is limited visitor parking. However, the covenant doesn’t cover how long a visitor may park. CPM cannot issue PCN unless there is an offence – which is not the case with repeat parking with an authorised pass.


    In other schemes, visitor parking has been withdrawn and people are provided with a limited number of scratch-card vouchers per annum. This can prove extremely complicated and very unfair in some cases (such as residents with regular carers) and it was agreed that, however imperfect, the status quo should be maintained.


    CPM can send warning letters to persistent offenders on an ad hoc basis. Residents can highlight any such vehicles to CPM. (NB. Removal of commercial vehicles has freed up a number of spaces.)


    HRV Update:


    There is an annual maintenance programme by Affinity Sutton for these units but shared ownership properties are not necessarily eligible for this, although some work has been done in the past. Emma will check her contract, as filters have not been changed for two years and her unit is inaccessible. Richard awaits a response from AS on this issue.


    Clock House Bins:


    All the Clock House dumpsters are over-filled, as no dumpsters have been provided for blocks F or G and other parts of phase 3. The skips provided by Linden as a temporary solution are unsatisfactory, encouraging vermin and posing health issues. Pressure continues to be exerted by the GPRA on a regular basis.


    (Post meeting note: Linden homes were chased again on the Friday after the meeting. They advised that the real problem is that CDC has not provided the correct number of wheelie bins/ dumpsters. CDC maintain that Linden owe them a further S106 payment in order to supply them. However, they have not invoiced Linden yet and have only just realised they need to. Gavin Bourne of Linden has chased this with CDC and asked them to not only invoice ASAP but also to continue supplying bins in the mean time. He promises to keep chasing.



    Meanwhile Emma and Steve Middleton have also been chasing CDC but found no one able to understand the issues or commit to supply.)



    Bike Stores:


    The design of many of these is not fit for purpose and thefts continue. Children can get in underneath and open them from the inside and there are poor quality locks.


    Barbara is writing/has written to Peter Youll in her Neighbourhood Watch capacity, to express dissatisfaction with the situation. Grange has identified a possible improved locking mechanism but we await news on costs.


    CCDT Update:


    Community Garden: CCDT may be able to take ownership of the piece of land earmarked for the Community Garden by the end of the year, in time for the growing season next spring. Linden will need to provide a safe walkway through the building site for access.


    Bus shelter: The college has agreed to build the bus shelter at the end of September or the beginning of October.


    Summer Garden Party: Pre-event meeting on 7th July to discuss H & S and briefing about what is needed. Each volunteer will be provided with Hi-Viz jacket, bucket for collection of monies and a voucher for free lunch. Jane will need the numbers for this. The first session on the rota will be from 10.00am.


    Barbecue for new residents: Given the number of people moving into Phase 3, it would be good to hold a joint BBQ with CCDT in August.


    (Post-meeting note: This matter is in fact in hand. There is to be a ‘Lodge Fest’ on 22 August. This is being organised by residents from the CCDT events group, is supported by the CCDT and includes a BBQ, Group, Bouncy Castle and games.  The idea is that this takes the place of a welcome event and the extended format is worth trying to see if we consequently get more new people attending. At the very least we should consider having an information table at the event.)




    Reminder, use bookings e-mail address, not Emma’s personal e-mail address, to book the Lodge.


    Grace enquired of CDC about the division of the ground floor of a house in Lloyd Road for student lets. The owner is one of the council’s preferred landlords and apparently does work to a high standard. Under current regulations, alterations such as this are generally acceptable for up to 6 people.


    Sarah was pleased at the response from the police re travellers parking on the land to the south of Graylingwell following her phone call to them. It is important to remember to call police in the event of the arrival of travellers, as, with the opening of the Westhampnett site, they can be moved on to there immediately.


    4th July Choir-in-a-day parking. We have agreed to relax parking for this Chichester Festival event, between 10.00am and 6.00pm. They will encourage participants to park elsewhere, but there is likely to be some uptake of the concession. Emma will contact the organisers to ask them to deliver short notes to residents, explaining the nature of the event and giving them due warning about the marshalled on-road parking.


    University planning application – building work has been passed but the road network is not yet defined.


    Lights on the water tower, which are on at inconvenient times, are the responsibility of Linden, not Graylingwell Energy. Alan Wyper of GE has spoken to the site manager about this and received assurances that it will be dealt with.


    Litter pick date – Sunday 5th July – 10.00am- 12.00noon. Meet at the Sales Suite.


    Date of next meeting: 7pm Wednesday 22nd July The Lodge

    (Last meeting before AGM)