• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting – 9th September 2015 in The Lodge


    Susan Shord, Sue Cressey, Chris Waller, Emma Ainsworth, Barbara Howden-Richards, Irela Strachan, Sarah Langmead, John Eagles, Sophie Egleton



    Paula Miller, Grace Taylor, Jane Haskins


    Susan welcomed John and Sophie, both new residents.  Members of the committee introduced themselves and explained their roles.


    Minutes of last meetings (July 2015 and AGM) and matters arising:

    Agreed and adopted.

    Emma thanked the committee for managing the AGM and noted that it had been a success.


    Treasurer’s Report

    Chris reported that there remains £799.00 in the bank.  He is in discussion with Emma to resolve the invoice issue between GPRA and CCDT.


    Following Richard’s retirement as Chairman, Susan Shord will be added to the bank mandate.  It will remain the same: £20 withdrawals will require one signature and amounts over £20, two signatures.


    Accounts will be sent to be audited once they have been signed off.


    Chris paid £50 towards the bouncy castle to Jane Haskins.  The committee approved repayment to Chris.


    Brief updates on actions following July Committee meeting and AGM CPM feedback (SS):

    As reported in the newsletter, some notices have been produced which can be used by residents if someone else has taken their parking space. Lucky Gohler at CPM has promised to provide additional parking signs and to instruct his “wardens” to be vigilant.  Gavin (Linden) and Trudie (Grange) informed.  This issue should be included as an agenda item for the next quarterly meeting.


    Graylingwell Energy outage and open day (SS):

    The outage mentioned at the AGM was the fault of Switch2 and affected customers will be compensated.

    Alan Wyper has set up an open house at the power plant on 19th September but won’t need support from GPRA.  It will run from 10.00am – 1.00pm, coinciding with our next Saturday Café. Children under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult.


    Bike stores and bin stores (SS):

    An e-mail re stores was sent to Gavin Bourne on 21 August, pointing out lack of bins in stores between blocks F and G – no reply.  The issue was included in a further e-mail sent on 29 August – no reply.  (He was on holiday until 4 September).


    Bins have now been delivered but have been put in bike sheds (with locks on), whilst bin stores have bikes in them!


    A skip appears to have been provided for residents in the Superintendent’s house in Penny Acre, since the bin store has not yet been completed.


    There is an horrendous situation in the Clock house bin store.  Photos sent to Gavin.


    Several further e-mails and phone calls with Gavin seem to have set things in motion – see extract from his latest e-mail:

    1. 1 The bin stores beside the water tower will be tidied today/tomorrow. At the time of the meeting this had not happened but it is now very much on Gavin Bourne’s radar thanks to Susan’s numerous emails to him.
    2. 2 We have chased CDC with regard to the delivery of additional wheelie bins.
    3. 3 The bin and bike stores adjacent to blocks F and G will be swapped. A notice will be displayed asking people to move their bikes etc.
    4. 4 Bike hoops will be fitted where necessary ASAP, awaiting further delivery of hoops.


    Affinity Sutton letter and site visit (SC):

    See appendix


    “No through road” sign (SC):

    Commercial vehicles are a particular issue.  It is Linden’s responsibility to supply and install a ‘no through road’ sign at the south end of the section of Longley Road leading towards the Clock house.  They have said that they will do this but the time frame is not clear.  Irela commented that the road sign for Homestead Road was falling apart.  She will chase Linden for a replacement.


    Gardeners (CW, IS):

    Chris and Irela to continue to liaise with Trudie regarding all gardening issues including mulching and bark chippings.  A walk around with Julian from SCS and Trudie from Grange is still to be organised.


    Tree group (BH-R):

    Barbara outlined that Linden (Gavin Bourne) did not take into account all the recommendations in the report produced by the TTG, following the plan from the 2013 report with only minor modifications. They have commissioned their landscape architect to produce a re-planting scheme but exactly when this might be ready is not clear. The TTG have found it virtually impossible to engage Gavin in any communication regarding either the felling of trees or the planting of appropriate replacements.  There are trees that still represent a danger to residents.  One is due for felling but another (hanging over parked cars) is not.  The TTG will liaise with Linden and Grange regarding these trees, in particular with Trudie, since much of the remaining work is Grange’s responsibility. Irela suggested that, given Sophie has experience of residential management, she might like to meet with the TTG to provide advice as to how best to proceed.


    The way forward for the GPRA


    Frequency of meetings:

    Susan suggested that we meet every two months and keep in contact by e-mail if necessary.  All committee members were in agreement.


    She distributed a list of dates.  6 meetings between now and the AGM.  Emma pointed out that we might not be able to get into the Chapel by the time of the AGM.  We could ask Linden for the marketing suite.  Suggested date for the AGM – August 26th.



    If we each act as a key link for residents in a particular area, this could reduce the load on everyone. It would also allow for a relationship to develop between the committee member and a contact within the organisation.


    Furthermore, by allowing our details to be published on the website, residents can go straight to the right person.


    gpresidents.co.uk e-mail address available for privacy.


    • Grange (SC)


    • Linden (SS)


    • Graylingwell Energy (Chris Waller volunteered to take the lead here.  Susan suggested he introduce himself to Alan Wyper at the GE open day)


    • SCS (CW/IS)


    • Trees/Park (BH-R)


    • Affinity Sutton (Emma volunteered. Susan said that she and Sue would raise this at the next quarterly meeting and discuss with them how Emma could get involved and whom her point of contact would be.  A hand over would be necessary.)


    • CPM (there were no volunteers to be a point of contact for parking issues.  Susan will continue to liaise with Lucky if issues arise)


    • Newsletter and website (SS and PT)


    Roussillon Park RA Feedback (SC):

    Sue reported that they have a number of problems that make issues at Graylingwell Park seem far less severe.


    Lifting of parking restrictions for choir: 

    Request received for lifting of restrictions for charity concert on 12 December from 6.00pm – 10.00pm.  Linden have stated that they have the final say-so on parking restrictions since they claim responsibility for the road. It was pointed out that we should not allow a precedent to be set and that parking restrictions should not be lifted.  Susan asked John what his feelings were and he agreed.  The committee voted unanimously that we should inform the choir that parking restrictions will not be lifted.


    CCDT matters:

    Jane will report at the next meeting


    No 50 Bus (from July GPRA meeting):

    As Jane was not present this will be also be picked up at the next meeting





    Richard’s last act before retiring was to write to the University about student behaviour at Pinewood House (loud music late into the night, increase in litter, parking on the roadways, possible drug use). He had asked them to talk to the students about all these issues and has now had a response.  They are going to to go through these points with the students living in both Pinewood House and Havenstoke House at a meeting to be held during Fresher’s week.


    Sue mentioned that GPRA are still trying to get Linden to put temporary lighting around the Lodge and to the back of the chapel.


    Cycle path

    The saga of the cycle path has been on-going for 6 years. Barbara has chased this up again and learnt that Ed Dickinson has now been given other responsibilities. She has contacted Ed’s director at WSCC, Susan Hawker, to confirm the outcome of his August 20th meeting with John Martin of Hyde Martlet re the signing of the Deed of Variation.


    Dropped pavement on Lloyd Road

    The kerbstones have been repaired but because many people drive over them they have been damaged again.  Sue would like to put a note through everybody’s door reminding them of the speed limit (10 miles an hour) and that if they break up the road surface they will end up paying for it.  Committee members agreed.  Susan asked Sue to create said note and confirmed she would organise delivery.


    Parking Permits

    Emma asked about expiry dates on permits. If they have expired do we get new ones?  Susan suggested we phone CPM.  She will also chase this.


    Zebra Crossing

    Some mums have asked whether it would be possible if one could be put in across Blomfield Drive from the end of Lloyd Road to the park.  Susan pointed out that there would be cost implications.  There is also the question of who has jurisdiction over the road. If Emma is approached again, she could suggest that some of them investigate how much it would cost and what permissions would need to be gained and then present this to the committee.

    Sue showed committee members road signs she had found on the internet, ‘Slow children playing’.  These might well be more effective in slowing drivers down but they would be expensive to purchase and install.


    Lighting behind the Clock House

    Sophie asked if anyone on the committee had any knowledge about street lighting because the part of the development she has moved in to is very dark.  This is still a Linden issue and Susan explained that lighting is often installed very late.  Susan will investigate when it is due to go in and if Linden could rig up some temporary lighting.


    Litter pick

    There is a need for another litter pick.  Sunday 11th October was suggested (11.00 at the marketing suite).   Emma suggested letting Jane know as she will be able to get the young ambassadors involved.


    Dates of future meetings:

    11 November 2015

    13 January 2016

    9 March 2016

    11 May 2016

    6 July 2016

    AGM 26 August 2016


    Meeting closed at 20.40pm


    Appendix (from SC)

    Meeting with Vicky McLeod Regional Operations Manager for Affinity Sutton, who is also a qualified surveyor.

    Issues raised:


    1. Co-ownership properties large bills just before last Christmas  – some change to billing has been put in place but very complicated issue. We asked for a name for further problems.


    1.   Letterboxes – Linden should be replacing damaged letterboxes effective from 7th Sept

    ( If this does not happen Sue to e-mail Vicky. )

    E mailed at 13:00 today informed now due to start on 14th.


    1. Render – Linden Homes have lodged a claim with NHBC re the contractor who did the rendering in phase 1A. AS were not informed of this. Linden have identified several building in 1A where repairs to the render need to be undertaken the work for this is due to start on 7th Sept. We spoke about the repair to the first block of flats where a repair has been made which everyone agreed was not up to an acceptable standard. After the meeting we did an inspection of houses in 1A that need rendering work.


    The first block of flats have been repaired to a poor standard. The building was then painted, although the paint has not covered the entire building and one part is still the original colour. The fact that it was painted means that painting will have to be part of AS maintenance programme going forward. The building now has paint splattering on all the windows and no programme of clearing up the area was carried out. Large lumps of old render and other materials cover the ground.


    Vicky took photographs of a range of AS properties in 1A all with render issues.


    1. Doors – up until last year the responsibility for maintenance to AS homes on this development was Galliford Try. They ended the contract with very little notice and since then all maintenance has been taken in house ( AS ) they are still in the progress of setting up a regular maintenance programme.


    On the walk round we looked at the condition of many of the doors, especially the ones that are south facing and asked that these be given priority. It is hoped that all doors will be painted next FY. Vicky was concerned about the quality of the paint used to paint the doors.


    1. HRV Units

    As above maintenance was the responsibility of Galliford Try.


    We stressed the importance of regular maintenance and it was agreed that a yearly service was required. Vicky will set this up.

    Houses that are co-ownership will have their lofts unlocked and the HRV unit will be serviced once, then it will be their responsibility to have the unit serviced.


    1. Satellite Dish

    55 Lloyd Road – again asked for this to be removed.


    We asked for a list of contacts within AS so that we would know who to contact in future.


    This list would only be for the committee and would not be for general use.


    Either Vicky or her Manager will attend the next quarterly meeting on October 19th when it is hoped more details will be given.