• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting 21.2.18





    • Attendees:


    Sue Cressey (Chair); Rob Norris (Vice Chair); Chris Waller (Treasurer); Susan Shord; Anna Bloomfield; John Eagles; Sophie Egleton; Barbara Howden Richards; Sandie Jenner; Irela Strachan; Brian Baker



    • Apologies:


    Sue James; Grace Taylor; Paul Rolfe; Jack Wingfield; Clare de Bathe



    3          Minutes of the last meeting and Matters arising


    These were agreed and there were no matters arising.



    4          Treasurer’s report (CW)


    We currently have £956 in the bank.  £811 is available in cash, as a cheque for £145 has yet to be cashed.


    Clarion Housing have offered support (up to £300 p.a.) to Residents’ Associations for projects and events e.g. social events.  In the past, we have used this grant for continuing operations.  We need to consider what might be appropriate – welcome drinks for new residents, for example – and bring ideas for discussion to the next meeting in April.  We could publicise this through individually delivered flyers.  RN also suggested that we might collect email addresses of those who have recently moved in so that we can sign them up for the newsletter and encourage them to use the website.


    CW confirmed that accounts have been audited and passed.



    5          Planning issues (RN)


    The revised plans for Lower Graylingwell were passed and work has begun. A formal complaint about procedures was submitted but rejected.  Since then, there has been a positive meeting between a Penny Acre resident, RN and the University estates manager.  It’s clear that they want good relationships with residents.


    Bus gates should be in by end of March at which time the eastern gateway can be opened.


    No formal contract has yet been fixed between parties regarding upkeep of Graylingwell Drive when Linden leave.


    Lighting on Pinewood House is still a problem for some residents and the university is looking into this. Some of the lights have been tilted down but others remain shining brightly towards homes.


    Linden have given permission for burglar alarms to be fitted to some houses at the front, even though it is possible to fit them to a rear wall.



    6          Quarterly Meeting:


    Linden Homes Customer Services feedback from residents.  Four responses were received following the last newsletter, three of which involved very poor responses to some long-standing issues.  These will be taken to the next quarterly meeting.


    On a more positive note, following discussions between Linden and RN, in which it was agreed that work shouldn’t be done piecemeal, contractors were appointed for window sealing, they arrived on time and delivered.


    Down pipes in Lloyd Road have now been fitted.



    7          CCDT Issues (JE)


    The asset transfer on the chapel is now complete. Heritage Lottery Funding can now flow and the project can begin in earnest.


    Work is back on track for CCDT offices at the base of the water tower and should be complete by 31st March.



    8          Chichester Society (AB)


    A number of projects regarding Chichester as a whole, including work on planning, are ongoing.  For example: “Build a better A27”; a project on eyesores; the condition of pavements; the thatched cottage on College Lane which belongs to the University.  The latter is now being addressed by the university.


    The society has also produced another Heritage Trail leaflet.


    AB will express the thanks of the GPRA to the society.



    9          Items for the next newsletter (SS)


    Litter pick for end of March – 18th March 10.00am – SS will purchase more litter pickers in readiness.


    Heritage Trails update to include a link to the Chichester Society website, where one can download copies.


    Possible resurrection of Saturday Café on the first Saturday of each month. Needs confirmation.



    10       New items:


    GPRA Saturday café (SC).  Sarah Langmead, who has organised this so effectively for the last two years, is stepping down.  Thanks were sent to her.  Consequently, committee members were asked to volunteer to take the lead for one or two Saturdays during the rest of the year.  SS will draw up and distribute a rota.


    Working with the Lions Club at Christmas (SC).  A request has been made, via the CCDT by the Lions Club, for support for their Santa Carol Float.  They have asked for 4 to 6 people to volunteer for two hours on one evening just prior to Christmas.  No committee members felt able to commit so far in advance but may be able to do so nearer the time. SS will pass this outcome to Angie Bacon (CCDT).



    11       AOB


    It was proposed that RN should become chair and SC, who had hoped to step down at the last AGM, will become vice chair. The vote in favour was unanimous.  Thanks were given Sue Cressey for her work as chair over a number of years.


    AB has spoken with David Guy, the site manager, who felt that Linden may well be able to support the siting of a post box on the development, probably near the sales office.  This will be raised at the Quarterly Meeting on March 1st.


    SJ – Roussillon Park are holding an Open Garden Day, using the Community Hall for coffee and cake as well as loo facilities.  SJ had approached the organiser, to ask if there might be a possibility of linking up with Graylingwell but the response was not encouraging.  However, Coral Botteley will be working on something similar for Graylingwell next year, which might include a mini Art Trail, under the auspices of the CCDT.


    In order to pre-empt disturbances such as we endured last year from students staying at Pinewood House for summer schools, it was suggested that we contact the University to remind them to set ground rules with the group leaders.  AB will e-mail her conference organiser contact. RN will also mention it to John Kingdon, acting director of Estate Management at the University.


    Scam workshop for Saturday Café.  One of the PCSO team has offered to run a workshop about scams and how to avoid them.  It has been suggested that this might be offered as a joint event with Roussillon Park to take place during one of the Saturday Café extras.  Once possible dates have been agreed with Angie Bacon and Coral Botteley, CW will re-establish contact with the PCSO.  SS will speak with Angie and Coral.


    DVS are not responding re Heat Recovery Unit servicing requests. SS will investigate and report back.



    12       Date of next meeting – 18 April 2018