• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting – 20th January 2016 in The Lodge


    Susan Shord, Sue Cressey, Barbara Howden-Richards, Irela Strachan, Chris Waller, Sandie Jenner, Sarah Langmead, Rob Norris, John Eagles, Grace Taylor, Claire de Bathe



    Paula Miller, Lesley Atchison, Emma Ainsworth



    Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

    The committee agreed that the minutes are a correct record of the last meeting.



    Matters arising:

    – Motorcyclist using the path.  This has been amicably settled.

    – Co-wheels attendance at the Saturday Café.  They will bring a car next time.  CCDT will be printing some fliers to be delivered prior to this.


    Susan suggested that we target residents of Graylingwell Park and Roussillon Park, with clear reference to the different circumstances for which Co-wheels could provide a viable option.


    Treasurer’s report (CW)

    – £745.40 in the bank.  All outstanding bills are paid and cleared apart for recompense to Sarah for mulled wine.

    – Accounts to Affinity Sutton have now been passed.

    – We raised £105.15  from the Christmas coffee morning which was paid to Stonepillow


    Service from Graylingwell Energy since change

    – First outage, 7th January, was resolved within 2 or 3 hours.  The whole site was affected although many residents will not have noticed this. Chris will investigate whether remote monitoring picked this up.


    Litter in the Park

    – Sandie will to take the issue up with the university re sponsoring bins and will go there in person to ensure that she reaches the right individual.

    – It would appear that security staff employed by the university have been deployed to litter pick whilst on their rounds but tend to stick to the path and do not do it efficiently.

    – Students are still dropping litter.

    – The path in the park is in very poor condition, covered with leaf mulch and frequently flooded. Sue has e-mailed Trudie following a complaint by a resident.  The gardeners have been asked to attend to this but have not yet done so.


    Quarterly meeting

    – See appendix


    Feedback from meeting re. Boundary changes

    – Some of the electoral boundaries in Chichester District will be changed following a review by 2019 but little of it affects us at Graylingwell

    – Susan offered to email a copy of the slides to anyone who might be interested


    Feedback from the speeding sub group

    – The group has the benefit of Andreas’ background in traffic management

    – The main objective is to improve safety on the roads of the development

    – Pedestrian visibility was highlighted as an issue

    – Emma is going to check with the wildlife officer about the use of low level lighting (because of the bats)

    – There is a need for more lighting on the paths so people don’t walk on the roads

    – Andy suggested mirrors are put on the roadside lamps that reflect the light back down onto the path

    – The group are concerned at the lack of footpaths particularly at intersections e.g. the intersection of all the roads near the Clock House.  There is no particular right of way signposted anywhere on the estate.

    – As a private site any rules and regulations operated by the city council would not necessarily hold true on the estate.

    – It was suggested the group talk to Linden to ascertain what their plan is regarding pedestrian access when they build the roads.

    – There is some data that indicates that the best way for pedestrians and traffic to mix is not to put markings on the roads.

    – Slowing traffic and stopping drivers taking corners too fast is crucial – is better signage required or should other possibilities be considered: planters, creating a chicane, another type of sleeping policeman, rumble bricks, etc.?

    – Andy is quite happy to create a specification detailing all his different ideas.  He can then liaise with Trudie who may be willing to investigate costs for us.

    – The most important areas to consider are the residential streets where there are long stretches e.g. parts of Lloyd Road and Longley Road.

    – The feeling is that around the park the speed limit might be increased to 20 with a limit of 10 mph on the residential roads.

    – Susan asked the CCDT to organise another speed awareness day for Graylingwell Park.  Clare informed the group that the one at Roussillon Park was successful and, with better publicity, Graylingwell Park could also host a successful one.

    – Grace suggested we keep Linden informed about all the issues we have been talking about so that they can take them into account in future planning and building.


    Discussion to prepare for parking/roads meeting 29.1.16

    – Some inexpensive off street parking to prevent people parking in the residential areas

    – Park and ride system all year round

    – Retaining its compact market town centre and maintaining the pedestrian areas

    – Less congestion and fewer rat runs in residential roads

    – Good bus services including late and Sunday services

    – Cheaper bus services (district councillors should be talking to the bus companies)

    – More inexpensive parking required for workers (nurses, porters, etc. from the hospital)

    – Free parking on Sunday

    – Better and more coherent system of cycle paths throughout the time

    – New or improved bypass

    – There was a further discussion about how the council gather information to inform the decisions they make


    CCDT matters

    – Bus shelter – no news

    – Changes are afoot to company structure at Linden, so our contacts may also change.

    – Affinity Sutton may be expanding.

    – The GPRA will contact Linden in February to get clarification on any changes and set up a meeting.

    – Section 106 is with CDC.  Gavin has now sent Clare the copy and she is going through it to highlight issues.

    – One Co-wheels car has been agreed for Roussillon Park.  Money has been set aside for two cars at Graylingwell as part of Section 106, although this will depend on the numbers signing up.

    – There is some money set aside to refresh the Lodge.  This is in hand.  Gravel will be arriving to tidy up the front. There is still an issue with collecting rubbish from the Lodge.

    – Two residents have now joined the CCDT Management Group.

    – The CCDT have a new logo and re-designed their website.  The GPRA website will link to this.   Any feedback regarding it will be welcomed by the CCDT.  There is a document on it regarding their 10 year vision.  Hopefully this will help people understand who they are, what their aspirations are and how they are hoping to achieve them.

    – Carols on the Park, which was successful at Roussillon Park last year could be supported by the CCDT this year.

    – There is a meeting lined up with the University to see if their car park can be used for events at the Church.  The Rugby Club are thinking of putting in a pay and display car park to raise funds.

    – On first occupation of Lower Graylingwell, CCDT will take over the pavilion to provide a community space.


    Tree Group update (BH-R)

    – We will continue to press for a copy of the scheme and an opportunity to discuss this with Linden before it is implemented.

    – It is likely that we have had no response from Linden regarding the replanting scheme because of impending structural changes.




    Cycle path:

    Barbara updated us.  It is ongoing but still no news.


    Date of next meeting:

    Wednesday 16th March 2016




    Minutes for quarterly meeting with Linden, Grange and Affinity Sutton

    16th December 2015


    Present: Gavin Bourne (Linden Homes), Trudie Hudson (Grange),

    Vicky Macleod  (Affinity Sutton), Susan Shord (GPRA), John Eagles (GPRA), Susan Cressey (GPRA)

    Linden Homes


    No 50 Bus 

    Susan discussed this topic with Gavin as she felt that the bus company does not count everyone who uses the bus. Gavin stated that they had looked at a number of options but the usage fell some 80 percent below the level at which the service would make a profit. The present position is that if the usage does not significantly increase we will lose the bus service.

    Gavin will send Susan an invitation for the next Green Travel plan meeting


    Street Lights for Lloyd Road

    So far the residents of Lloyd Road have had to pay for the replacement heads for 5 streetlights.

    These lights have only been in position for 5 years and should have lasted for at least 10 years.

    All the other streetlights in Lloyd Road have a number of failed LEDs and are working at half their capacity.

    Requested some assistance from Linden as to the cost of replacement LEDs.


    Repair of Render Lloyd Road

    Since the first exploratory repairs that were finished in Sept 2014 only 6 houses at the end of the road and the flats at the beginning of the road have been repaired. The repair to the flats was very poor with the area repaired quite obvious. The houses (are they finished) also seem to be of a poor finish.


    Ask Gavin to look at the finish of the work which is already half completed. Sue sent pictures of the concerned properties. We requested assurance that the top finishing layer would be maintenance free and not masonry paint.


    Lighting by the Lodge

    Requested several times as restricts the use of The Lodge.

    Gavin stated that he had asked someone to action putting some temporary lighting in this area.

    He will follow up.


    Lighting in the Park

    There is very poor lighting at night for the path.

    Linden will look at putting some bollard lights near the path at a future date.  This will also be helpful when the trim trail is built, making it useable in the winter months.


    Condition of path in the Park

    Very slippery with lots of wet leaves.

    Trudie will get the gardeners to remove them.


    Update re play area in the Park

    Technically permission has still not been granted, as the change of location is part of the present planning application. Linden may go ahead before planning permission is approved. Hopefully the play area will be finished before the summer.

    – Clare commented that permission has been granted to commence work on the play park.

    – The plan should be that Linden build it and maintain it until the point where the CCDT have an income and can take it over.


    Pedestrian access to Penny Acre and Homestead Road

    We request that when all the road works are complete that a path is made available into Homestead Road and Penny Acre.


    Asked Gavin to consider putting a footpath.


    No through road sign for area behind the Clock House

    A sign was placed at the entrance to the road but another resident removed it as they thought it was too big. Linden to look at getting a smaller sign and it was suggested that they explained the situation to the resident who removed the sign.


    Affinity Sutton

    – Doors Lloyd Road – painted but wrong colour

    The contractor’s colour matched from existing doors. We requested that in future the paintwork should all be matching.


    – Wooden cladding – some houses treated

    Asked that the remaining houses in each block be treated to unify the look.


    – Letterboxes Lloyd Road – still not fitted

    These have been sitting in the Linden store. They should be fitted next week.


    – Satellite dish no 55

    This has been in place for more than 2 years even though only temporary permission was given. According to Ian from England Aerials there is no problem at this house.  Removal of the dish will have no effect on the residents at all as they have a signal already.


    Vicky to refer this issue to Kelly Ruff.



    – Misuse of communal bin areas

    The communal bin areas in phase 3 are being misused with some residents mixing rubbish and recycling or just throwing bags of rubbish into the bin stores. The Council Operatives have refused to clear these areas. (see Steve Middleton for location). Discussed this and stated that this is a recent problem and has not been a problem in other phases.


    Vicky to discuss with Kelly and Lori.



    – Enquiry from resident re Name Plates outside Flats


    Susan to let Trudie know the name of the resident who made the Enquiry.


    Susan brought up the situation with parking in one area in Longley Road. One lady constantly has cars using her marked parking bay. Trudie will contact the resident to see if she can resolve the situation.


    The next quarterly meeting was arranged for Wednesday 23rd March at 1400 in the Sales Office.