• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting 20 October, 2016 7.00-9.00pm in The Lodge



    Sue Cressey, Rob Norris, Chris Waller, Sandy Jenner, John Eagles, Brian Baker, Sophie Egleton, Susan Shord, Claire de Bathe



    Barbara Howden-Richards, Grace Taylor, Irela Strachan, Paula Miller, Emma Ainsworth, Paul Rolfe.


    Minutes of the AGM and matters arising


    The committee agreed that the minutes are a correct record of the AGM.


    John commented that the AGM had been a success. He had received feedback from residents who said that having Trudie (Grange Management) and Clare (CCDT) attend was positive. Linden Homes have intimated that they may be willing to attend the next AGM.


    Other feedback included residents wishing to meet with Graylingwell Energy representatives through another tour of the plant.


    Treasurer’s report (CW)


    £950.82 in the bank.


    Affinity Sutton have signed off the 2015-16 audited accounts and these are now approved.


    The committee considered that the funds could eventually be spent on a community project but felt that a decision shouldn’t be rushed. Plans for the trim trail and children’s play area on the park include seating, which would be supplied by Linden.


    Litter in the Park


    A number of committee members took part in a litter-pick on 16th October, which alleviated some of the immediate litter problems around the park, chapel and Lodge. Susan has sent a card thanking the University for their sponsoring of the bins and encouraging students to use them. There seems to be an improvement.


    Clare confirmed that the CCDT is trying to arrange with CDC for a dumpster to be available for the chapel and Lodge area but currently this is proving difficult. A new cleaner for the Lodge has been appointed and this may help the situation.


    Harold Kidd Smokers – Sue described the improper use of the cigarette disposal unit on one of the bins opposite the Harold Kidd unit. Staff at the Harold Kidd unit have now placed a sign on the bin and the problem has eased.


    CCDT Report


    Bus Shelter:


    No progress. Awaiting further news from Chichester College. Materials have been supplied by Linden and are ready for use.


    Section 106 – now called Community Levy:


    No news on progress.


    Other news:


    John Eagles has taken on a resident member position on the Board of the CCDT.


    Rob commented on the need to preserve areas of Havenstoke Park for users to enjoy quiet walks. Clare agreed, responding that she is to meet with local sports clubs to check need for pitch space. Havenstoke Park could be used just for the Chichester Rugby Club’s youngest teams’ coaching and games at the weekends. This would have no impact on parking at Graylingwell, since parents could use the club car park, and would also be a more suitable use for the park than football pitches. These would impact negatively on parking and mean that facilities in the Pavilion (current Sales Office) would also need to be greater. The Park Run had been a low impact use of the park earlier in the year and this could also continue in rotation with Oaklands Park.




    CCDT have so far received £25,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund to begin consultation works on the future use of the Chapel. Sixty people attended across three sessions of consultation and positive feedback was received. A project organiser is now in place and a long list of architects is being considered.


    CCDT have also received £20,000 for developing the Graylingwell Water Tower. They hope to move into a modern annex to the tower, which will have a mezzanine space with rentable desks and also a seating area and desks in the downstairs space. The idea is to encourage small start-ups and charities to use the facility. They are currently waiting for Linden to organise ground works.




    No news. Plans of the studio spaces have been received from Linden.


    Unfortunately, the recently appointed Linden project manager is leaving – a loss to the residents but hopefully a replacement can be found.


    Graylingwell Park Covenants


    A summary relating to covenants is now on the GPRA website. As the GPRA newsletter does not reach all residents, a flyer explaining the covenants will be prepared and delivered. A future flyer could also include information on parking and responsible use of bin stores. All agreed this would be a good idea.


    Clare confirmed that the mail-out could be photocopied at the CCDT office.


    Susan confirmed bin stores have been cleared at a cost to the residents but there is still a problem with fly-tipping of large items.


    Land east of Graylingwell


    Rob explained he has made contact with CEG, the designers for the 200 proposed houses on the land to the east of Graylingwell. He met with Anthony Calvert (Comms) & John Allan, (Manager) at CEG South. The key issue raised was traffic access past the farmhouse. Timing should be appropriate for road creation. It is not known at this stage if Linden will tender for the work.


    It is hoped that the HCA will make a contribution towards the enhancement of facilities at the chapel, which may be used by both developments. Could the studios/pavilion be similarly extended for greater use by both developments?


    Early 2019 is the expected date for the first residents on to the new development.


    The only road access they are considering is via Kingsmead. The designers stated no need for extra schools or doctors surgery facilities.


    Lloyd Road – kerbstones and bollards (SC)


    15 kerbstones have had to be replaced. Bollards are now also in place along the pavement in Lloyd Road. A difference to traffic speed has been noted as people are driving with more care over the speedbump. The next section of pavement could be done next year to avoid the constant need to replace kerbstones.


    Feedback from Quarterly meeting with Linden / Grange


    Issues around Penny Acre were noted.


    Parking issues – road signage on site would be placed in the next few weeks.


    Guttering is still missing to some bin stores. There have been issues with bin and bike stores. In future phases there will be bike stores built into new apartment buildings on the ground floor.


    Community Garden – Linden’s preference is to provide a permanent solution whereby the sheds and greenhouse can be erected on the allocated site rather than providing a temporary area for raised beds. This is a storage issue for them.


    Fencing and lighting around The Lodge needs to be addressed. Sue to take photos and send to Linden.


    Brian raised a concern about lighting around the park, particularly with one light on Connolly Road where it meets Penny Acre. Sue has reported this and other light numbers to Deborah at Grange. Any resident who notices that a light has gone out should send the number on the post to Deborah Nelson at Grange who will arrange for its repair.


    Render issues to Phase1A – Linden has appointed a new company, which will rectify any issues.


    Havenstoke Park – previous concerns with lack of grass cutting resolved. Plans shown to put benches with bins either end.


    As soon as flooding is an issue again we will notify Linden for them to assess.


    Wooden bollards around the park are not a standard size and have to be specially made. Suggestion made to change to a standard size, which would cost residents less when they need replacing. Clare commented that bollards should replace the fencing around Chapel Green


    Communication channels between the GPRA and Linden


    Channels of communication should be simplified between the GPRA and Linden. On occasions, several emails have been received by Linden on the same topic from different committee members as well as individual residents. It was agreed that one person should be responsible for sending emails on behalf of the GPRA relating to issues in each phase – Sue C for phase 1, Susan S for Phase 2, Sandie for Phase 3 and Rob for Phase 5. The same could be done for contacting Grange or CPM. All residents should follow the usual procedures outlined on the web site and later, if necessary, can bring concerns which have not been resolved to the committee via email or the Saturday Café


    It is important that committee members do not to raise personal issues under the umbrella of the GPRA. Our focus should be to support residents whilst also fostering good relationships with our partners.


    Planned meeting with CPM – 31st October (SC)


    Trudie wasn’t available at the last meeting with CPM when the GPRA and Linden met with Lucky and discussed ideas for improvements. Another meeting is planned for 31 October, which Trudie will attend. We are still awaiting updates on visitor spaces being reallocated although Clare has agreed that there does not need to be a concentration of these by the Sales Office.


    Saturday Café support and charity for Christmas Saturday Café


    It would be helpful if more committee members could attend future Saturday Cafés, although it is understood that often people have other commitments. In that way, there would be more of us to support residents.


    The Christmas Saturday Café will take place on 17th December where mince pies and mulled wine will be served – as well as cake and coffee. The committee discussed the charity to be supported this year and decided on Stonepillow.


    It was suggested that a list of names be held at the Saturday Café for those residents who wish to rent car parking spaces. This could be added to the forthcoming newsletter to inform residents.




    Friday 25th November – The Chichester Lions Club will come to The Lodge with Father Christmas in his grotto. The usual Friday youth club will not be on, but they will instead be supporting The Lions.


    Sandie is currently volunteering in the Otter Gallery at the University of Chichester where staff are keen to work with the Community Development Trust and Graylingwell. Clare confirmed CDT worked with them on the Heritage Project and future work would be welcomed.


    The next committee meeting will be Wednesday 14th December 2016.