• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting – 18th May 2016 in The Lodge


    Susan Shord, Sue Cressey, Barbara Howden-Richards, Irela Strachan, Chris Waller, Paula Miller, Claire de Bathe, Emma Ainsworth



    Sandy Jenner, Rob Norris, John Eagles, Grace Taylor, Sarah Langmead


    Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

    The committee agreed that the minutes are a correct record of the last meeting.


    Treasurer’s report (CW)

    £687.45 in the bank.


    Litter in the Park

    The total cost of placing 3 litter bins in Havenstoke Park, including, emptying them, cement and installation, is £1750.00. The University will be contributing £688.00 toward the cost. This will cover the cost of 2 bins (inclusive of VAT). As GPRA are the principals in the transaction and because we are not VAT registered we will not get the VAT back. The cost of emptying the bins in this fiscal year is £420, which must be paid in advance (3 bins twice a week). SC will ask Trudie at Grange if they will cover this. Clare suggested that CCDT could get OHQB, the ground-works company, to install them. She will ask them to do this. A further discussion will have to take place with regard to where best to position them

    The committee will thank Sandie for her efforts in moving this matter forward.


    CCDT Report


    Bus Shelter – Several prototypes have been made by the college. They hope to have it completed by the end of this academic year.


    Section 106 – no news. Pam Dignum (a CDC councillor) is taking this up on behalf of the CCDT. Chichester District Council has already served Linden with an enforcement notice. All the triggers for the old section 106 have expired, as have those on the latest one. The net result could be that they are not allowed to complete any properties until they have handed over some of the community projects. Clare has a meeting with Linden and will keep us posted.


    Chapel – CCDT have been awarded £10,000.00 from The Heritage Lottery Funds. A steering group will be set up to do some consultation for future use of the building. There is also a bid to the Architectural Heritage Fund for £15,000.00. CCDT hope to get the building handed over from the HCA soon so that they can hit the ground running.


    Park run – is finishing at Graylingwell this Saturday and returning to Oaklands Park. In future they would like to split the run over the year between Oaklands Park and Havenstoke Park. The committee was happy with this.


    Garden Party – sponsorship from Grange Management, Cathedral Wealth Management, and Jo Jo Maman Bébé. Still waiting for sponsorship from Linden. CCDT have worked with the community choir on the layout and they are taking this forward. Guide dogs for the blind will be there together with stalls from the market. There will be a children’s area and food.

    GPRA will be undertaking the car parking as last year. We can use the overflow car park at the University if we need to, but the Rugby Club will not let us use their car park. Susan will include a call for volunteers in the next newsletter.


    Linden – Clare will send around names and contacts that are coming through with regard to Linden management and their roles. Daryl Roberts will be replacing Gavin. He is Senior Technical Manager and will be dealing with all technical and day to day matters. Robin Pearmain will be managing all the planning aspects. He is the Senior Planning Manager. Daryl has confirmed that he will be attending the quarterly meeting. Hopefully Robin will also attend.


    CCDT – office accommodation is a real issue. They are being moved to a 20 foot shipping container, one flight up with very poor facilities.


    Mowing in Havenstoke Park

    Linden used to mow the area around the goal posts regularly but it has been missed on a number of occasions recently.   Clare will raise this with Daryl at her meeting with him.


    Sub-Group to deal with Covenants

    It is hoped that Rob Norris might be willing to lead a small group to work with Linden to ensure that covenants are not breached. As he was away for this meeting, Susan will approach him separately.


    Kerbstones in Lloyd Road

    They are now breaking up completely and are dangerous. Trudie has received a quote to replace 16 kerbstones and fit 6 stainless steel bollards. The total cost is £2790.00 which can be met by Grange Management’s phase 1 reserve fund.


    The first 80 homes in phase 4 will have to use Lloyd Road as an entrance until Linden have completed the road system that leads to the Kingsmead Avenue exit.


    Perhaps Linden would be prepared to put in proper speed bumps and repair the curb stones, etc. as compensation to residents. This will be added to the agenda for the quarterly meeting on the 22nd. SC will tell Trudie that the GPRA agree to the replacement in principle but will put it on hold temporarily until they have spoken to Linden.


    Airing Courts and Parking Updates

    Daryl has now contacted Gillian with a realistic timeframe for her to be able to use her parking space. The letter was polite and considerate and demonstrates his willingness to deal with residents’ issues in an appropriate manner.


    Susan suggested the tree group make contact with Daryl with regard to the restoration of the Airing Courts. BH-R will undertake this.


    There are still various issues relating to parking – ongoing.


    Other Business


    Bus – on the 29th May the 60 becomes the 50. There will be some reduction in service. Clare will send the GPRA the details.


    Quiz night – 19th May with Fish and Chips


    Film night – The University and CCDT are organising a War Horse film night. Clare will send details.



    Date of next meeting:

    Wednesday 13th July, 2016