• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting – 16th March 2016 in The Lodge


    Susan Shord, Sue Cressey, Barbara Howden-Richards, Irela Strachan, Chris Waller, Sandie Jenner, Sarah Langmead, Paula Miller, Rob Norris, John Eagles, Grace Taylor, Claire de Bathe



    Leslie Atchinson, Emma Ainsworth


    Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

    The committee agreed that the minutes are a correct record of the last meeting


    Treasurer’s report (CW)

     £709.30 in the bank.


    Litter in the Park

    Sandie has a meeting scheduled with Charles White of the university on Monday, regarding sponsoring litterbins in Havenstoke Park. Signs are that the university takes a positive view on this. Chris Waller will send her the costings he obtained from CDC some time ago for the purchase of three bins plus regular collections.


    Feedback from the walkabout regarding speeding etc.

    Susan reported to the committee that:


    – Trudie agreed drainage should be improved on the path around the park so people do not have to walk on the road. She will action this work.

    – She agreed that paths across the grass to the perimeter path from the exit of Penny Acre and also from Blomfield Drive would also be helpful. She will investigate costs.

    – Another path from Penny Acre onto Connolly Road is a Linden issue and they have no plans at present to create a path here.

    – Trudie agreed that more lighting around the park is important, to make the perimeter path safer at night, especially during the winter. (This is also a section 106 issue)

    – The granite sett rumble strips at the start of Longley Road will be repaired. Trudie may be able to get the contractors to raise them very slightly, which might slow traffic a little more.

    – Trudie clarified that Grange Management’s remit is to maintain rather than improve and so some of the measures suggested, such as adding chicanes would not qualify. She also stressed that it is important to maintain quality rather than go for cheap alternatives, given the nature of the development.

    – The area where the access roads to the chapel and student accommodation meet Connolly Way, Blomfield Drive and the entrance to the parking area, will not have clear pathways until Linden are much closer to completion of the development.


    CCDT Report

    – Bus Shelter: No news – the tutor from Chichester College is still off sick.

    – Section 106: It is still not clear what is holding up the delivery by Linden Homes of Section 106 facilities. Linden has a new team, following the reorganisation of the company, and Clare now has a copy of the revised organisation chart. She hopes to find out more at her meeting with Linden later this week.

    – Chapel renovation and conversion to community use: A bid has been submitted for a grant of £10,000.00. If funding is received, CCDT will undertake a number of consultations and visits to other schemes and will be looking for volunteers to be involved.

    – Parkrun: the first parkrun at Graylingwell took place on Saturday 5th The aim is for the run to take place in Oaklands Park for half the year and in Havenstoke Park for the other half of the year. This will demonstrate that the park can be used for activities other than those requiring pitches. This may lessen the need for intensive use of pitches in order to cover costs.

    – Co-wheels – as soon as 25 people have signed up they will bring a car to Graylingwell Park. A number of Graylingwell Park residents have joined the car club but it still needs to be promoted to achieve the 25.

    – Community Garden – No progress yet, although will be provision for another community garden at Lower Graylingwell.

    – Cycle Path – access to Winterbourne Road. West Sussex County Council have confirmed there is no funding available for this. Clare will look into the funding for this.


    Tree Group update (IS)

    – Gavin Bourne had agreed that residents could raise money to replace the Silver Maple that has recently been felled in the grassed area to the west of phase 2, with a larger specimen than would normally be used. A number of residents have responded positively to this idea. Trudie also has funding for tree replacement and Grange Management will cover some of the costs. The aim is to have a large replacement tree in place within the month.

    – With regard to replacement of all the other trees that have been felled, Gavin has confirmed that they will be replaced like for like. There is, apparently, a horse chestnut variety that is less susceptible to the canker that has resulted in the demise of a number of said trees in the park. Whilst he agrees that it would be desirable that replanting takes place in the spring it is unclear who is responsible for making this decision. The TTG will continue to pursue this. 

    – Clare de Bathe is putting in a bid for funding for replacement trees. Should this be successful, trees will be available and the committee will decide how best to use them.


    Quarterly Meeting 

    – Sue Cressey has prepared an agenda for this. The issue of covenants will be raised, particularly in relation to the building of extensions and conservatories. If Chichester District Council grants planning permission, what is the standing of the covenant?

    – Rob suggested reminding residents about the covenants governing the development. Some, who have purchased properties “second hand” or who are tenants may not be aware of them. Rob and Clare will liaise in order to ascertain the legal position regarding covenants, who is responsible for granting permissions and what redress there may be when covenants are breached.



    – Susan invited members of the committee to write articles on items of interest for the newsletter or even just suggest topics. She is happy to continue to edit but would welcome input from other members of the group.

    – Chris will speak to Alan Wyper of Graylingwell Energy regarding another open day for residents.


    Bin Store

    – Posters have been put up in nearly all the bin stores requesting that residents do not fly tip. There has also been an article on this in the newsletter. Susan and Clare will take as much as possible to the tip, in order to start with a clean slate. The general opinion of committee members was that we do it this time and hope the posters have a positive effect. If they do not, and it continues, we can review at the next meeting.



    – There are still real issues regarding parking. Some new residents in phase 3 still don’t have parking spaces.


    Bike Stores/Thefts

    – Bikes worth £800 and £500 respectively were stolen. They were locked to the bike hoops in the store and the thieves unscrewed the hoops from the base. A suggestion regarding additional security precautions, which cyclists could take, was placed in the last newsletter.



    – GPRA members have been invited to the Wellington Grange open day at 11.30 on 13th Committee members should contact Clare to let her know if they would like to attend. Colton Care Homes want to engage with the community.

    – Summer Garden Party – 9th Chichester City Council have booked their Gala for the same day and are looking at possible ways of minimising the effect on the garden party. Assuming it goes ahead, the committee agreed that taking responsibility for parking again would be an appropriate way to make a contribution.

    – A resident who has been dealing with Miriam Morris, Head of Customer Services at Linden regarding the ongoing issues in phase 3, had queried why it takes over a year to build the 10 houses to complete Penny Acre. This has left residents on the south side of the development overlooking a building site, with all the dust and dirt that this entails, for much longer than they were originally told. For some residents the situation also means that, although they can see their allocated parking spaces, they have no access to them. Miriam Morris’ response was unhelpful and its tone was flippant. Susan pointed out that too often Linden’s treatment of their customers is appalling. She suggested that the GPRA needs to respond on behalf of the residents of this phase, addressing the issues of parking spaces, looking over a building site, trees being delivered but just left to die, etc. Sue agreed that this is another reason to press for the quarterly meeting and that it would definitely be on the agenda for discussion.

    – John asked about the playground. Gavin has been in contact about a potential endowment to be passed to CCDT with the park. However, as the sum is considered far too low, at present no further progress has been made.

    – The GPRA coffee morning on 16th April has been cancelled, as, during the afternoon there is to be a party to celebrate one year since the opening of the Lodge.

    – Paula asked for suggestions from the committee to prevent dog walkers letting their dogs foul without picking it up. Susan suggested one more dog bin on the south east corner might help. Paula suggested a sign on every tree and on spikes across the field to serve as a short sharp awareness raising campaign. Clare will send Paula a sign she has used in the area near her home which proved to be effective and they will liaise on the way forward.


    Date of next meeting:

    – Wednesday 18th May, 2016