• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting 15 February, 2017 7.00-9.00pm in The Lodge


    1          Attendees:


    Sue Cressey; Sandie Jenner; John Eagles; Stuart Gaze; Grace Taylor; Barbara Howden-Richards; Sophie Egleton; Clare de Bathe; Susan Shord


    2          Apologies:


    Rob Norris; Brian Baker; Emma Ainsworth; Paula Miller; Chris Waller; Paul Rolfe; Irela Strachan


    Paula sent a message to the committee explaining that due to pressures of work and family she wished to tender her resignation.  Committee members expressed their thanks to Paula for her support over a number of years.  SS will send a card on their behalf.


    3          Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:


    These are available on the website and were agreed.  There were no matters arising.



    4          Treasurer’s report (CW):


    Balance at bank £916.02

    Invoices outstanding £nil



    5          Feedback from Quarterly Meeting (SC):


    The minutes are on the website.


    A new representative from Affinity Sutton, Lisa Clarke, attended the meeting.

    The GPRA had expressed disappointment that so many items were still outstanding and wanted some clear deadlines.  We still have some confidence in Daryl and most problems seem to be caused by delay within Linden’s organisation.


    The committee raised concern over this continued lack of action and felt we should consider where to go next. JE will look into possible next steps, which he will bring to the next meeting.  If there has been no improvement, we will move things up a gear.  Possibly contact City Council, CDC over section 106.  CCDT also linking re Section 106.


    One item which has been actioned, is the frequent tripping of lights around the park.  Trudie has engaged engineers who have replaced the breakers with less sensitive MCBs.


    6          Response to parking vouchers at Saturday Café (SS):


    Those residents who came to look at the vouchers, seemed pleasantly surprised at how simple they are to use.  We will continue to bring them to each Saturday Café.  The February newsletter has information on the strategy for improving parking, with the flyer at end of the process to remind residents of the rules.  If there is no improvement in the situation, the vouchers will then be introduced.



    7          Letter to Linden’s MD (SS):


    RN outlined a number of issues of varying degrees of urgency in his letter to Philip Chapman. He has received an acknowledgement but not a full response yet.


    8          Covenants and local developments – update from RN (SS):


    RN had a meeting with Jeremy Bushnell and Trudie to discuss covenants and the relationship, if any, between CDC, Grange and GPRA. From this RN produced a draft policy, which will be taken to Linden.


    GT queried whether replacement fencing is controlled by covenants.


    As Linden will be ultimately responsible for handling applications regarding covenants, there will be one set of rules for whole development.


    Also discussed were the land east of Graylingwell and the Lower Graylingwell Development .


    Clare indicated that the CEG application was purely for outline planning. No development likely for a number of years.


    Clare had met with Hill Construction, a small family company who will be developing Lower Graylingwell. CCDT will take over pavilion and work closely with the architect.  There will be some overflow parking and also a ring-fenced contribution of £108K towards chapel. The community building comes on 20th occupation.


    9          Crowdsourcing for services – update (SS):


    This is best done by small groups of neighbours rather than a development-wide initiative.


    10       CCDT Issues (CdeB):


    – The bus shelter is underway and should be in place by June/July.

    – Community garden: CCDT is putting pressure on Linden to set up the orchard and there will be a garden at Lower Graylingwell, too.

    – The area around chapel green is now Phase 8 – very late development. The Lodge will need extended planning permission.

    – Water tower: Needs full planning but there is £2k for building works.

    – The chapel: Plans are evolving towards an “open all hours” venue, which is very much for the residents and also the wider community. There will be 18 parking spaces plus 4 further spaces for the water tower. Adam Richards (architect) designed the award winning Ditchling Museum. Bid writing is due in end of May – need £1million. There are urgent works to be done – no lightning conductor on church, some dry rot and asbestos testing.

    – CDC have an interest in the use of Havenstoke Park. RN to work with CCDT on this.

    – CCDT have offered to pay for light in area by the chapel



    11       AOB:


    Linden pay for road sweeper construction traffic


    Lighting around park is very much an issue of concern for residents as well as poor provision for pedestrians.


    Cycle path still an issue as WSCC insist they have no money



    Date of next meeting: 19.4.17


    Sue Cressey and Sandie Jenner gave apologies in advance for the next meeting.