• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting – 13th July 2016 in The Lodge



    Susan Shord, Sue Cressey, Barbara Howden-Richards, Irela Strachan, Chris Waller, Sandie Jenner, Sarah Langmead, Rob Norris, John Eagles, Grace Taylor




    Emma Ainsworth, Claire de Bathe, Paula Miller


    Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


    The committee agreed that the minutes are a correct record of the last meeting


    Treasurer’s report (CW)


    The current account holds £719.87. This is net after the cheque sent to Trudie to cover the two litter bins funded by the University. (See below)


    £304.74 was raised from the car parking at the Summer Garden Party.


    Feedback on litter bins


    Grange is providing the third bin and all three bins have been ordered. Sue will meet with the council representative to discuss placement. We are still hoping that Linden will provide a fourth bin.


    Quarterly Meeting


    The minutes for this positive meeting are now available via the GPRA website. Linden representatives recognised many of the issues raised by the residents and acknowledged their responsibilities. Grange will also be acting on some current issues as will Affinity Sutton.


    The committee was asked to consider if there was anything on the minutes that they felt the GPRA should be keeping an eye on.


    Trim Trail: A concern was raised that the trim trail, which, together with the play area, is due to be installed during the summer, might detract from the visual appeal of the avenue of trees around the park. Sue is waiting to receive the plans for this from Linden Homes to avoid clashes with the litter bins, but Rob agreed to contact Robin, Linden’s Senior Planning Manager, as soon as possible to obtain clarification.


    The Playground: It was suggested that we should keep an eye on the delivery/completion date for this – currently set for this summer. Sue suggested we should give the new team a fair chance to make good on their promises and the dates they are indicating. Susan will contact Daryl and Robin and ask if they can provide some dates for delivery.


    Satellite Dish: The satellite dish on the water tower provides satellite feed for all dwellings and hence the covenants state that no other aerials or satellite dishes may be installed on individual dwellings. Affinity Sutton have agreed that the one in Lloyd Road should be removed and the GPRA will ask them to ensure that this is done.


    Bin Stores: Grange have asked their maintenance team to move full bins to the back and empty ones to the front, on a weekly basis between collection days, to solve the problem of overfilling. Both Grange and the GPRA will monitor this.


    Lights around the park tripping: Linden are going to investigate what is causing them to trip so that it doesn’t happen in the future.


    Mowing in Havenstoke Park: Linden should be arranging for the park to be mown every two weeks to keep the grass under control. The GPRA will monitor this.


    Covenants: Rob has sent a draft document to Robin Pearmain (Senior Planning Manager), which can be delivered to all residents as a simple reminder of the various restrictions operating at Graylingwell. Solicitors have indicated that, as the covenants are legally enforceable, it is possible to take action against breaches. However, the procedure would be long and complex so it is better that all residents have a clear understanding of the scope and meaning of the restrictions – hence the leaflet. Linden accept that a further conversation needs to take place about what the procedure should be when a resident applies to make additions or changes to their home.


    If we can produce it in time, we could include a leaflet about both parking and the covenants to every household when we deliver the notice of the AGM.


    Bike Stores: Grange plan to trial the lockable bolts for the hoops in one bike store. The process is quite expensive hence the trial. Affected residents will have to remove their bikes for one day. The GPRA have asked for all future bike stores to have the hoops concreted into the base.


    Feedback from the parking meeting – 8th July


    All issues were raised including lack of visitor spaces in the later part of phase 2 and all of phase 3. Daryl was in complete agreement that there is an overall lack of visitor spaces and is going to look at marking up more such spaces throughout the development. Some currently numbered spaces may be relocated, to provide a more even distribution of visitor spaces, and a few currently unmarked spaces will also be designated as visitor spaces. This whole process will take time. The use of temporary spaces is now reduced and those residents whose spaces still have not been built should be given numbered temporary spaces rather than taking pot-luck. All numbered space plates are being re-fixed using screws.


    The New Development


    Several members of the GPRA attended the meeting regarding the new development. The most contentious issue is the access route, which has been decided by the council and cuts across Graylingwell between the pub and the workshops (phase 4). There is concern about who will pay for the upkeep of the road – this would have to be shared between the new development and Graylingwell, if not adopted by the council.


    Infrastructure is also an issue, doctor’s surgery, schools, etc. There is an indication that CDC is on top of the situation and that money has been put aside for a school. The current proposal for a two-form entry school may not be big enough.


    Anthony Calvert, whose company has been engaged by the developer for communication, is keen to get together with interested parties to receive their views. Susan asked if anybody on the committee would be prepared to be our representative and attend the meetings organised by Anthony. Rob suggested that if he was working with Robin on the planning side perhaps he would be the best person to take it on.


    Barbara noted the fact that football pitches have been included in plans for the new development and queried the need for football pitches in both Graylingwell Park and the new development. Susan pointed out that CCDT will manage facilities at Graylingwell, Roussillon Park and Lower Graylingwell, including the playing fields, which are likely to be multi-purpose, and they will be available for people in the Graylingwell and surrounding community.


    Preparation for the AGM


    Last year we delivered letters to every home and actually called on and spoke with new residents in Penny Acre. It was suggested that we do the same again but throughout the whole development. Members of the committee agreed that they would be willing to do this. It was suggested that we each try and find one other person who would also help. We should aim to encourage Affinity Sutton residents to become involved in order that we are completely representative of all sections of the community.


    We will publicise the AGM via a newsletter and also on the website as well as with the flyers. Susan will produce an updated version of last year’s flyer, which will then be commercially printed.


    John suggested it would be useful to have a presentation from somebody to explain the different relationships between the various partners involved in Graylingwell. Perhaps Daryl and Trudie could also come to explain their roles.


    Sue and Susan will draft a framework and come back to the committee for further suggestions.


    The GPRA will need notice boards from the CCDT (Emma) as last year so that we can display information about what we do.


    Extra Mile Awards: It was suggested that Steve Middleton, who is leaving on Friday, should be presented with the Exceptional Customer Service award. This was approved by the committee. Grace will inscribe his name and Susan will present it to him on Friday. It was agreed that there were no other nominations for Extra Mile Awards this year.


    Proposal for surplus GPRA funds: Susan asked if members of the committee had any thoughts on using some of our accumulated funds to provide something for the community, possibly a bench. Chris agreed to cost this, including a base to place it on and risk assessment. Sarah suggested that there might be something on a social level that it could be used for such as carols and mulled wine at Christmas. It was decided that residents should be asked to share their ideas at the AGM.


    Chairmanship of the GPRA


    • – Susan asked the committee if anyone would consider taking over the Chairmanship.
    • – Chris confirmed that he was happy to continue as treasurer.
    • – Irela confirmed that she was happy to continue as secretary.
    • – Barbara agreed to take on the parking issues.
    • – Sandie commented that she felt she needed a better understanding of all the issues before taking on a more overarching role.
    • – Susan suggested that all GPRA committee members who wanted to become more involved could attend a Quarterly Meeting – possibly on a rota basis.
    • – Rob suggested that a walk around is very useful in gaining an understanding of all the issues and Susan volunteered to do this with any members who would like to.
    • – Susan will email Daryl explaining that the GPRA would like more of its members to attend the next quarterly meeting.
    • – Interested GPRA committee members will meet on 2nd August at 7.00pm outside The Lodge for a walk about.


    CCDT Report


    Apologies from Claire de Bathe – carry over to next meeting.




    Welcome Packs: Grace asked if the GPRA hold welcome packs to give to new residents. A flyer containing information about the website and newsletter, as well as a telephone contact number, is included in the welcome pack given by Linden to all new residents when they move in. An A4 version is also posted on all three noticeboards on the development. Those renting privately, or not buying from new, will not receive this. All residents will receive the AGM notice through their letterbox so, from mid August, every resident will have the basic information. If each committee member holds a small stock then they can give these to people who move in after this time and encourage them to sign up for the newsletter.


    Date of next meetings:


    – AGM Friday 26th August, 2016


    – Quarterly Meeting Friday 23rd September, 2016


    – Committee Meeting Wednesday 28th September, 2016