• Minutes of the GPRA Committee Meeting – 11th November 2015 in The Lodge


    Susan Shord, Emma Ainsworth, Barbara Howden-Richards, Irela Strachan, Paula Miller, Chris Waller, Sandie Jenner, Sarah Langmead, Rob Norris, John Eagles, Jane Haskins



    Sue Cressey, Grace Taylor, Trisha Norris, Lesley Aitchinson


    Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

    The committee agreed that the minutes are a correct record of the last meeting


    Matters arising:


    Quarterly meeting – This had been cancelled as no replacement for the usual Linden representative, who was ill, was offered in time.   It has been re-arranged for 16th December.  Sue, John and Susan to attend.


    Litter – still an issue.  The suggestion was made that we contact the University and ask them to sponsor some bins given it appears to be their students that contribute significantly to the litter around the park.  Sue asked Sandie if she would be prepared to take this on and she agreed.   Sponsorship for 2 bins would seem appropriate.


    Kerb stones in Lloyd Rd. – Information sheets about these have been delivered and it has been mentioned in the newsletter.


    Treasurer’s report (CW)

    Chris reported that there is £839.90 in the bank.  There is a cheque still to be cleared for £50.00.

    The revised bank mandate (authorised signatories) is now active.


    Planning application (including South Graylingwell access) (SS JE)

    The additional application for extra houses has been mentioned on the hot topics page of the website. The sites for these are: Penny Acre (3 terraced houses and a detached house); Summersdale Road (3 houses and a mews house); Eastern Airing Courts (terraced houses).

    The use of Graylingwell Drive for access to the university as part of the Lower Graylingwell development may also have an impact on homes on the south of Penny Acre.

    Objections to any of the proposed changes should be made on behalf of all affected residents, not just committee members. The establishment of a sub-group, to seek the views of other residents and investigate the grounds upon which an objection might be made, was proposed.  Rob Norris agreed to lead such a sub-group. An appeal for views will be included in the next newsletter.



    There is an outline of parking arrangements and helpful tips for residents on the Hot Topics page of the website (mostly culled from previous newsletters).  Committee members should refer residents to this as well as to the Useful Contacts page when answering initial queries re parking.



    Grace, who has raised the issue of speeding in the past, has been approached by a concerned Longley Road resident with experience in traffic management. It was agreed that it would be helpful to have a sub-group who can liaise with him to discuss ways to curb the speeding around the development. It was suggested that Grace and Emma have a meeting with him.  Susan will contact him again to set this up.  Emma will speak to other residents in Lloyd Road.

    Paula remarked that the University students walk in the middle of the road, dressed in black in the middle of the night.  It might be worth pointing this out to the University.


    Saturday Café rota (SL)

    The next Saturday Café with the GPRA is on 21st November and the final one of the year is on 19th December.

    A pro forma for the new rota re cake making and attendance was passed around and completed by hand.  Sarah will send the final version to all committee members.

    There will be a mention of the next one in the newsletter and Sarah will contact Paul to send a reminder to all subscribers early next week.


    CCDT matters (JH)


    50 bus

    Jane outlined the latest thinking on how this service can be maintained.  CCDT is not happy with the suggestion of stopping the evening or Sunday bus because it defeats the objective of green travel.

    There are still suggestions being put forward e.g. linking with another bus route, but it will be 2-3 years before there will be any chance of it going to Sainsbury’s or the like.

    The issue of counting the number of passengers using the service is still contentious.  Tickets purchased on line, over-60s passes etc. are not counted in the total.  The bus might be carrying 20 passengers but, if only 5 of them have purchased tickets from the driver, they are the only ones who are counted.

    Online purchase of season tickets is desirable, (easier for the bus drivers, quicker for passengers etc.) but does not reduce the cost for Linden and hence the money set aside to support the bus is rapidly running out.  This is iniquitous. We should be encouraging people to buy on line so the rules need amending.  The question is who can do this?  Susan will raise this at the next quarterly meeting in December.

    Changes cannot be made without the approval of Stagecoach.


    Bus Shelter

    It should be completed in January at a small cost.

    Susan asked if there is a plan for some sort of path to the bus stop.  Jane said that this is in hand.


    Community Car Survey

    There were no returns from the car survey which was delivered in the What’s On flyer in which there was information about the scheme.  Some members of the committee pointed out that they did not receive them.

    It was suggested that if there were one on site, interest might grow.

    Susan asked Jane to write a brief article about what a community car is and how the scheme will work and then we can put it on the website and in the newsletter.  We can also promote it at the Saturday Café.


    Volunteers for CCDT required

    A Resident Representative is needed on the Asset Management Committee.

    Jane asked if something could go in the newsletter with regard to volunteers for the CCDT and will write an appeal to be included in the next issue with an invitation to contact Jane or Clare de Bathe for more information.


    Play Park

    Gavin has confirmed they have chosen the contractors.  The council has to approve and insurances have to be in place with Grange.  As soon as the council give the go ahead (because Section 106 is still not signed) then work will commence.  Jane thinks it will start in January and is hopeful it will be ready by the summer of 2016. Emma expressed a concern that the play park will be open to the public and, should damage occur, residents will have to foot the bill.  Jane assured her that the insurance should cover any damages.



    Events organised by the CCDT went very well for the most part.  There have been a few grumbles about door-knockers but Jane will ensure there are notes available in the Lodge saying ‘please do not knock’ for next year. There were also some positive comments about the ghouls and ghosts on the doorstep.


    Community Garden

    Jane has now seen the site.  It is not very easy to access but it is much bigger than she thought it was going to be.  It is light and open and will be fenced off.  It is just the question of access (pedestrian access only at the moment).  In the New Year a meeting should be held in order to get interested parties involved.  A working party/group of volunteers is needed to begin work.  If it is taken over in 2016, cleared etc. it should be ready for planting in 2017.  Tim Lawrance-Owen is very keen to continue his involvement.  An update about the Community Garden including pictures will be on the newsletter and is already on the website.


    New Events

    Lots of new classes and other events will be happening in January.  If Jane sends information to Susan she will pass it on to Paul who will update the newsletter.  Susan remarked that it will be much easier once the CCDT website is up and running because we can then put a direct link to it.


    Tree Group update (BH-R)

    Barbara has, once again, contacted both Gavin and Trudie to request an update with regard to completion of the felling schedule and the fact that the TTG are still not in receipt of the re-planting schedule.  There has been no response.   Susan suggested that if Barbara puts something on paper it will be taken to the quarterly meeting.

    A volunteer is being sought to take over from Mike Pickering as tree warden.  It is in the newsletter, on the website and advertised by the CCDT so hopefully we will find someone.




    Cycle path:

    Barbara updated us.  It is ongoing but no news.


    Sussex Gardens Trust

    Kelvin, who has been in contact with Sussex Gardens Trust, has suggested we consider becoming a corporate member, which costs £50.00 per annum.  They seek to influence planning applications and comment on any that impact on parks and gardens.


    Susan put it to the committee who voted unanimously to join.  Barbara passed the relevant forms to Chris.



    Apparently some residents with motorcycles are using the pathways.  Susan is going to suggest that the resident who has spotted this talks to Karen.


    Graylingwell Energy

    Alan Wyper has finally given Switch 2 their marching orders so there should be a noticeable improvement in customer service.


    Date of next meeting:

    Wednesday 20th January 2016