• Minutes of the GPRA Committee, 21 June 2017


    1          Attendees:


    Sue Cressey, Rob Norris Susan Shord, Barbara Howden Richards, Grace Taylor, John Eagles, Brian Baker, Irela Strachan


    2          Apologies:


    Sandie Jenner, Chris Waller, Clare de Bathe, Stuart Gaze, Paul Rolfe


    3          Minutes of the last meeting and Matters arising


    These are available on the website and were agreed.


    4          Treasurer’s report


    Balance at bank: £999.11

    Invoices outstanding: nil


    5          Graylingwell Energy Update


    a)         Veolia move: no news at present

    b)         Unplanned outage – This was due to entry into the basement of an apartment block and tampering with valves. Barbara asked, given that she understood it to have been reported to the police, whether the person(s) responsible have been identified. The question was raised regarding who is responsible for security around these blocks – the freeholder (Linden) or Graylingwell Energy. Graylingwell Energy has a high level of security in place around the energy centre. To be followed up at the next Quarterly Meetin

    c)          Planned outage in Lloyd Road went smoothly

    d)          Meters – some meters in Phase 1 have now been replaced

    e)         Open day – Sue is still pushing for an open day but Alan Wyper (of GE) is very busy and has not yet responded.  CW to chase up.


    6          Grange Management


    Ground rent bills


    Trudie (Grange Management) understood that there was no room for movement in the payment of ground rent bills.  However, Barbara indicated that John de Souza did agree to payment by instalment.  She also pointed out the apparently illogical discrepancies in the charge.  She will follow this up.  Rob will get in touch with Trudie to clarify the situation regarding payment by instalment.


    Taking over phase 5


    All have had welcoming letter from Grange Management. One resident has written to Trudie concerned that money paid to GM will be used to pay for work, which should have been done by Linden.  Trudie has assured her that this is not the case.


    7          Matters arising from the Quarterly Meeting


    Although Daryl is keen to get things done, commercial are still sitting on things.  Linden are still awaiting for the 106 agreement for moving on the big ticket items.  Some other items are still outstanding e.g. lighting in Graylingwell Drive.


    Discoloured render. Linden maintains that render repairs are complete but clearly there are still some concerns.  RN will pick this up.

    Some general advice around render and its care might be helpful.  Sue confirmed that she pointed out at the last quarterly meeting that the job is not complete as some houses have not been finished up to standard.


    In some properties, French doors are difficult to open and lock due to expansion in hot weather.  This has been reported to Customer Services but they have not responded at an appropriate time (when it is hot).  It will be reported again with an insistence they attend when the weather is hot.  BB will follow this up.


    8         Security on the estate


    There have been some persistent issues on the estate such as bike theft. There is a £5000 grant available via the Police and Crime Commissioner. John confirmed that this is a fund of last resort. RN will speak to his contact to find out more and we may wish to look again in the future. We would have to identify something a little different that might have significant ramifications in order to be awarded the £5000.


    No one at present has the time to take this matter on.


    JE will investigate further. It is possible to apply annually so we could apply next year if we miss it this year.


    It was suggested the money might pay for CCTV but this was thought to be a tricky area, which some residents might find intrusive.  It would also be very expensive.


    9          Cycle track


    BHR contacted Jeremy Hunt and reported that he may be persuaded to come to the AGM.  A licence has finally been secured (from Hyde Martlet) to construct the final section of the cycle route.  However there is no funding in the S106 to cover it and thus it has to be funded by CDC.  The highways agency have assessed the project and confirmed it will be included in this year’s programme.


    10          Flyers for new residents


    In the past the welcome pack from Linden to new residents included sign up details to the GPRA.  Susan does not think this is happening any more as very few people have signed up recently.  She has now produced a flyer and CCDT are going to deliver it to every property on the development.  Committee members agreed it would be a good idea to keep a few flyers at home so that if they note anyone new moving in they can pop a flyer through their door.  Susan will distribute flyers to all committee members.


    11          Saturday Café extra – Artists in residence


    Coral may organise a Graylingwell Gardens and Art Trail next year as a CCDT initiative to showcase the work of the very talented artists living here.


    12         Summer garden party


    The GPRA will be running the parking again this year. Rotas have been sent out and there is a full complement of volunteers including two new residents.



    13          AGM preparation


    Posters are ready to go on the noticeboards to publicise this event.  It was agreed that flyers should be printed and distributed to all residents nearer the time. The agenda is on the poster.  Wine and nibbles will be provided but this will not be publicised.  Last year worked well with the presentations from Grange (Trudie) and CCDT (Clare).  SS will invite Trudie and Clare again and also Daryl (of Linden).


    Nomination forms were distributed to those committee members present. There are some new residents who seem keen to become involved and we will encourage them to join the committee.



    14          CCDT Issues:


    In Clare’s absence, John provided the following:


    The bid has been submitted for Heritage Lottery funding and the decision should be received at the end of September. If successful, CCDT will receive £150,000 to spend on the design phase and the balance of the funding will be received in December so that work can commence.  All the meetings so far have been positive and CCDT has been steered towards one type of funding which is more likely to be approved.  The chapel will be closed from the end of August and will open in March 2020.  It will probably be an 18-month to 2-year project.


    Progress is being made regarding the office and the CCDT hope to be in by the end of September.



    15         The Chichester Society


    They are taking part in a couple of public consultations regarding the A27 and a general one about the Chichester vision.



    16          AOB


    Meeting re Graylingwell –Kingsmead Avenue Phase 9 Information session


    We have been invited to an exhibition about phase 9.  It will involve information about:


    –  Master plan

    –  Transport strategy

    –  Landscape scheme


    John, Rob, Susan and Barbara will attend on behalf of the GPRA.  Grace will also attend as a representative of the Chichester Society.


    Sussex Garden Trust


    There are events that residents might like to attend that could go in the newsletter.  Barbara will pass the information on to Susan who will put it in the newsletter with Barbara’s contact details


    Hedge Cutting on the edge of the Harold Kidd Unit


    SCS has cut the hedge at the entrance to Lloyd Road. It was questioned whether the hedge cutting should be paid for by residents or the NHS. As the section of the hedge, which was trimmed, borders Lloyd Road and enhances the entrance it seems reasonable that Grange undertake the work.


    Neglected areas


    A query was raised re neglected grassy areas between properties.  Rob agreed to take a look at this.


    NHS personnel parking


    A request has been made regarding allowing NHS personnel to park in visitors’ spaces if they display an official NHS badge for short visits?  The committee agreed they could and SS will email Trudie to let her know.



    Date of next meeting:  AGM 1.9.17