• Minutes of the GPRA Committee 20th December 2017

    7.00-9.00pm in The Lodge



    1       Attendees:              

    Sue Cressey (Chair); Rob Norris (Vice Chair); Susan Shord (Secretary); John Eagles; Barbara Howden Richards; Sue James; Sandie Jenner; Grace Taylor; Jack Wingfield


    2       Apologies


    Sophie Egleton; Paul Rolfe; Irela Strachan; Chris Waller (Treasurer); Brian Baker; Anna Bloomfield


    SC nominated Sue James to take over as secretary from SS.  Seconded by RN and carried unanimously. The Committee thanked SS for all her invaluable work during her time as Secretary.


    3       Minutes of the last meeting and Matters arising


    • Neighbourhood Watch – SS had met with Sandie Moore (Petworth and Midhurst regional coordinator), who is going to set up a meeting for area co-ordinators after Christmas to plan a way forward. SS has agreed to join the group – which will involve organising across the Chichester area. Chris Waller is now responsible for Lloyd Road as Emma Ainsworth has stepped down.
    • Membership of the Planning Group was confirmed as JW, JE, RN and AB. RN advised that the group was a virtual one, and no formal meetings had been held.


    4       Treasurer’s report


    No report was provided as CW was not present.


    5       Planning issues (RN)


    RN reported that the CDC Planning Committee on 13 December had considered Phase 9 of the Graylingwell Development, and issues relating to the revised S 106.


    Revised Phase 9 proposals – some positive changes.  Plans but no takers for care home. Ditto school. The Committee agreed to defer final approval until satisfied with progress with S106.


    Section 106 CCDT had wanted some changes to plan for Havenstoke Park but it remains as 2 football pitches.  CCDT will go back to CDC to ask for Mini Rugby rather than football pitches. This was welcomed, as it was likely to mean less need for a changing pavilion, which in turn would leave more room in the current marketing suite for other community accommodation.  CCDT disappointed at lack of agreement on this issue.  JE reported that he and CCDT will meet with planning officers to discuss further.


    Lower Graylingwell.  Letter to council from GPRA (RN) circulated prior to the meeting. Good feedback from Penny Acre residents in support of letter.  Resident representatives will speak at the planning meeting which will take place on 17.1.18.  Level of objection on CDC website very high.


    Graylingwell Drive.  RN talked with Robin Pearmain today and raised concerns about the use of GD including any proposals for major use by the university and concomitant issues around financial and practical responsibility for maintenance once Linden Homes has vacated the site.  GD is still owned by HCA but controlled by Linden Homes. University access has been planned from very early days.  Peter Harris (Penny Acre resident) has proposed setting up a meeting with university’s Estates Manager to discuss their proposals. Concern that GD could become a rat run – bus gates and bollards will prevent this. However, increased university traffic could impact on College Lane and Spitalfield Lane.   It was agreed that RN would contact the university’s Vice Chancellor.


    SC suggested that it might be worth contacting St Richards to canvas their views, in light of potential increase in traffic on Spitalfield Lane.  SJ will do this.


    General disquiet was expressed at the possibility that the development planned for north east of GP might also be expecting to use both Graylingwell Drive and other amenities on GP – little factual information about this, but a watching brief will be kept on it by the Planning Group.


    Peter Harris (a Penny Acre resident) and Emily xxxx will attend the next CDC Planning Committee to represent residents’ views.


    6       Quarterly Meeting:


    Linden Homes Customer Services (SS)


    It was noted that Elaine Gaffney (interim HoCS) Sara Godfrey (covering NS maternity leave) were now responsible for Customer Services. Experience still remained patchy, with some examples of good service, but too many cases of poor or no response to issues raised by residents. Suggested that evidence should be gathered to present more formally at next Q meeting. (1.3.18). It was agreed that there should be an article in newsletter asking for residents’ experience of customer service – SS


    Lance Else (technical director) is leaving and moving to Bovis.


    Concern was expressed that, despite Daryl Roberts’ promises about finalising the eastern access to GP before Christmas, none of the necessary work had been undertaken, and the current gates remained locked even to pedestrians and cyclists.


    7       CCDT Issues


    JE reported on behalf of CdeB.


    Ownership of the Chapel will transfer within the first two weeks of 2018.  This will enable money to flow from Heritage Fund.


    Despite yet more delays with the building of the CCDT office in the Water Tower, it was hoped that the building work would resume in the New Year so that the project would be completed by end of February.


    CCDT had concerns over the design of the refurbishment of pavilion on recreation area of Lower Graylingwell, which they will manage. Hill developers not being helpful over this.


    CCDT monitoring Whitehouse farm development.


    Recruitment drive for two new posts – facilities manager and youth co-ordinator.


    It was noted that the long promised bus shelter had been erected on Blomfield Drive.



    8       Chichester Society (GT):


    GT reported that Chichester Society had objected to the planned North East Development


    9      Items for the next newsletter (SS)


    It was agreed that articles would be included on the following items, with respective committee members responsible for preparing them:


    Sussex Garden Trust – BHR


    General update on planning issues – RN


    Customer services – SS


    10     AOB


    Mail drop for new residents in Penny Acre and Phase 4 – re website, newsletter and Saturday Café – SS to organise


    Concern expressed re condition of roadside from entrance to Blomfield Drive.  There are other issues re maintenance around the park in the future which need clarification.  To be raised at next Quarterly Meeting.


    Concern re brightness of lights around student accommodation.  Possibly invite a representative from the university to a committee meeting.  RN will include in contact with the Vice Chancellor.


    “Path” alongside Connolly Way being worn down in this wet weather.  Raise with University, as majority of users were students.


    11     Date of next meeting


    The programme of meetings until the next AGM was noted as:


    21 February


    18 April


    31 August (AGM)