• Minutes of the GPRA Committee, 19 April 2017


    1          Attendees:


    Susan Shord, Sophie Egleton, Rob Norris, Chris Waller, Paul Rolfe, Barbara Howden Richards, Grace Taylor, John Eagles, Stuart Gaze, Brian Baker


    2          Apologies:


    Sue Cressey, Sandie Jenner, Irela Strachan, Clare de Bathe


    3          Minutes of the last meeting and Matters arising:


    Query re Item 10 – CCDT issues. CDC has an interest in Havenstoke Park and Clare de Bathe is working with them on its use. A possible alternative to two football pitches – one on each side of the ditch – might be the Saturday Parkrun plus weekly Rugby Club Mini matches. This would affect only the west side of the park and support the spirit of the founders of the hospital providing a quiet area for park users. The support of CDC is necessary for this compromise.


    CW felt we should publicise use of park (as above) to dog walkers so that they’re aware.


    Matters arising not on the agenda:




    Conscious of no reply from Linden re covenant procedures and criteria, RN has emailed Daryl to ask if there has been further progress. Daryl confirmed individual departments in Linden had been contacted.


    Cycle track


    CW – Jeremy Hunt informally advised him that the cycle track was being progressed and that we could contact him. BHR offered to contact him for details.


    4          Treasurer’s report (CW):


    Current account £960.82. £13.17 from Saturday Café to be paid in.


    SS, SC, RN had discussed a number of issues that Linden/Grange might not pay for. Recommendation would be to save funds for times of need.


    A discussion took place on whether a cap on retained funds should be placed. Agreed to review after Summer Garden Party, depending on receiving car-parking funds from CCDT.


    5          Graylingwell Energy Update (CW):


    a) Recent changes to meter reading procedure


    More efficient metering is being set up. In phase 1, transmitters are now running from solar panels and data will be sent automatically. It will be easier for individuals to monitor their energy usage.


    GE is currently repairing old meters. Some residents are affected in that their meters are not reading correctly.


    A discussion was had over whether the standing charge would be reduced when all properties are built. CW confirmed it would be unlikely to change.


    Veolia are looking to move into the energy centre, as the Harold Kidd building is set to close in around two years time. It is not currently known what will happen to the Harold Kidd building.


    b) Open day possibility


    Damien or Alan (of GE) could host this. The open morning worked well previously when it coincided with a GPRA Saturday Café (3rd Saturday of the month). CW to organise.


    6          Ground rent bills (SS):


    Leasehold properties received ground rent notices for the first time and leaseholders have been given till June to pay the outstanding sum. Grange Management has been charged with collecting the payments.


    Some residents have contacted Linden individually to ask if they can extend the time frame over which payments can be made.


    SE confirmed that Affinity Sutton had issued similar notices for ground rent and they are accepting extended payment time using direct debits.


    Rob to pick this up with Trudie.


    7          Bike shed security (SS):


    The theft of bikes is still an issue. Trudie is going to get quotes for better locks and other measures. We suggested one of each pair of doors should be fixed as an additional measure.


    GPRA have offered advice on locking bikes, but some are still being stolen even when using the police suggested methods of securing them.


    Discussion – Perhaps Linden could provide an alternative to the standard bike sheds, which residents then pay for as a separate service. The current bike sheds have been included in the planning process and cannot, therefore, be relocated or substantially altered, but we could raise use of an alternative building such as one of those around the farmhouse.


    Grange is trying to get Linden to replace slabs with concrete, in some of the sheds, before handover.


    Bike sheds are intended as storage facilities and Linden does not take responsibility for security.


    Actions – Try to make doors more secure and fill in gaps around the base and under the roofline. (Grange investigating costs). Approach Linden about an outbuilding on the farm.


    8          Progress on issues raised at Quarterly Meeting


     a) Response from Philip Chapman (MD Linden) to letter from RN (RN):


    Guttering to bike stores – complete


    Handover – Claire Wilds is coordinating the handover period from Linden to Grange.


    Item 4 – Clock House bin stores – Gully provision to prevent flooding– Roof in need of attention as well. Trudie is working on this.


    Render on Lloyd Road – complete


    Item 5 – needs info


    Item 6 – repairs complete


    Item 7 – drainpipes and porches – complete but check with SC


    Screening of Penny Acre conservatory – RN to follow up


    CW – cabin type building in a Penny Acre garden. RN has discussed this with Daryl and has sent the policy on application of the covenants to Linden. It is difficult to say no to some small items, such as security alarms attached to properties, retrospectively, especially since it would seem that Linden fitted some on the front of a few houses in Phase 1. It is important that neighbours should be happy about any changes even if they are not visible from the public realm.


    Full handover to Grange re the granting of permissions involving covenants will not take place until the development is complete. Linden should consult Grange and GPRA on any applications for amendments.


    Parking signs now include reference to commercial vehicles – still an issue in some areas. Parking reminders to be sent to new phases.


    New parking signage around the park has also been amended to confirm no commercial vehicles (as before).


    Bollard lighting – too expensive


    Item 11 – street lights being tested. There is an issue with some lighting still not working.


    Mile marker found and has been reinstated.


    b) Outstanding items and possible further action (SS; JE):


    Play area and trim trail – Section 106 agreement items. The existing agreement no longer has legal standing as a second agreement is still being worked on.  It has been submitted by Linden and is now in the hands of CDC.


    9          Volunteers for Summer Garden Party and Saturday Café (SS):

    a) Volunteers for parking rota – 8.7.17


    Several committee members volunteered to help.  SS will put a note in the next newsletter to ask for more volunteers.


    b) Volunteers for Saturday Café in August – 19.8.17


    Neither Sarah nor SS will be here. Sue Cressey will run the café and BH-R has agreed to support her.


    10        CCDT Issues (C de B):


    Chapel consultation has been held – going through the responses with the architects. Looking at longer-term usage. Trustees to receive review at end of May prior to making application for Heritage Lottery Funding.


    July may be the start of the Lower Graylingwell development. Hill Construction has still to put in detailed planning application.


    Still intention for the CCDT staff to relocate into base of the water tower and planning permission is being sought. Linden will provide 4 parking spaces.


    It is necessary to ensure the tower is safe and repairs to damaged areas completed.  Particular attention needs to be paid to the rear and side areas from which bricks have fallen.


    11        AOB:                             


    Re-allocation of parking spaces.  A request by Barbara for a change of location of parking space under a tree, which caused damage to the car beneath, had been turned down despite acceptance of a change for Susan.   Barbara expressed considerable concern about this and about the lack of information concerning possibilities for change.  SS had taken up the case for Barbara but had been informed that no further changes were possible.  RN will speak with Daryl regarding both the trimming of the tree or a possible reallocation of space.   RN also raised the possibility that a resident not using a space in the parking area might offer Barbara use of that space when not required by the resident.


    GT is in touch with other residents groups (RAs). They have asked for advice on our experience with traffic and parking issues.  This may help residents affected by the Whitehouse farm development. Pass on ideas to GT.


    No. 15 Longley Road – GT has noticed that residents have put in a request for planning permission for alteration to home. Can GPRA access planning for information and comment? RN to follow up.


    Chichester Society has developed four heritage trails. Grace passed round leaflets.


    We will include a regular slot for Chichester Society and other RA items in future agendas.



    Date of next meeting:  21.6.17