Help Guide for Residents

On this page you can find important contact details if you have a problem with your home, concerns about public or communal areas, parking issues or crime.  There are also some other useful contact numbers.

If you are a Clarion Housing Group resident (either tenant or shared ownership), and you have any problem with your home from internal plumbing to external maintenance you should call them on 0300 100 0303. This is also the number to call if you have any other enquiries such as issues with rent.

Please note that Clarion Housing Group was formerly known as Affinity Sutton.  Any changes to contact details will be added in due course.

If you are a homeowner and you have a problem with the fabric of your home or internal fixtures and fittings supplied by Drew Smith (Linden), and you are in the first two years of your ownership, you should contact Drew Smith’s Customer Service Team via email: or phone 01489 861400. If you have an out-of hours emergency, (such as a  total loss of electrical power, loss of heating, a major water leak, blocked drains – causing overflow or failure of external door locks) call 02380 636815 and you will be diverted to the on-call engineer.

If you are unhappy with the response of Customer Services, you should notify the Residents’ Association.

Outside the two year warranty period but inside the 10 year NHBC guarantee, homeowners with defects in the external fabric of the building can contact NHBC on 0800 03506422 for advice on how to proceed.

If your heating or hot water supply has failed, first check with neighbours to see if it is a local area fault or specific to your residence. Regardless of whether it is local or specific report the fault first to Veolia on 01243 791880 but please report if others are affected as well as you. If you have a problem inside your property such as a leak from the unit where your meter is and it requires the attendance of a maintenance engineer, please also contact Veolia on the same number above. In the case of an area fault, again the same number applies. Alternatively you can use the following email address to register the problem:

If you have a query regarding your bills, meter readings, payments and anything else to do with your billing account, please call ista on 01223 874938.

E-mail addresses are as follows:

Billing –

Registration enquiries –

General queries –

Grange Management is responsible for all those areas used by more than one household (such as stairwells) as well as roadways, paths, car parks, grounds and gardens to the front of properties not enclosed by fencing. Responsibilities also include general services such as the TV signal network (but not heating or hot water).  The main office number is 01483 411770.

Grange Management will assist with, for example, bike stores (see more below regarding keys), window cleaning issues and all work done by the current groundskeepers – SCS.  

For general enquiries or fault reports such as repair or maintenance issues contact Deborah Nelson– or call 01483 411710.

Please note that some services, such as the cold water supply from the meter to the property, are the responsibility of the leaseholder just as they are for any other homeowner. This should be checked on a regular basis to ensure no leaks are evident.  The incoming cold water supply is not covered by the service charge.

For serious issues needing a fast response, please copy your enquiry to .

Residents who wish to use a bike store will need to apply for a key.  They should contact Deborah or the main office initially (see above) and will need to provide proof of residence.   If they are a sub tenant, this can be found on the front page of their tenancy agreement. They will have to sign a form agreeing to return the key and accepting responsibility for lost keys. Once the signed form is received, they will be sent a key. Departing tenants must leave the keys behind and this is also captured in the agreement. Where the landlord is resident in the UK, they must also sign the form.

If you wish to appeal a parking notice or report issues of abuse of allocated parking bays, visitor bays or visitor permits call CPM (Car Park Management) on 0845 463 5050.  You can also report abuse, for example an unauthorised car parked in your allocated space, via the CPM website.

There is more information on parking at Graylingwell on the Hot Topics page of the website.

If you see a burglary, an assault or any other serious crime, including acts of vandalism in progress dial 999.

If you see the results of anti-social behaviour such as vandalism or criminal damage, report it to the police by calling 101. This number should also be used for reporting anti-social behaviour such as persistent high levels of noise from neighbours. In addition, such offences should be reported to the Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) team by phoning 101 ext. 580299 or emailing  You can also report crime by going to the Sussex Police “report online” page

Our dedicated PCSO, Paul Slater, can be contacted by email – 

Our local policing team can also be contacted regarding matters in the community either by phoning 01273 404930  or by e-mailing You should receive a response within 72 hours.

We also have 2 council community wardens

Carol McClung mobile 07776 435506 –
Jon Logan mobile 07768 207868 –

Please ensure that every misdemeanour has to be reported to the police or it seems like there is no problem

Please see the Graylingwell Park Heating and Hot Water Information Park located here.

Other useful contact details

Heat recovery and ventilation unit servicing.

Service Vent –   Highly recommended.  Based in Crawley so need 4 properties to make it worth their while – get together with your neighbours. 01293 404342 – or email Wendy:  .

CF Eco Ventilationservicing, repairs, fault finding. Contact Carl Fivash – 07780 521154 –

You can contact Chichester District Council and Clarion Housing Group through their websites by clicking on their logos at the foot of the Home Page. 

To book The Community Hall at Roussillon Park, contact

Drew Smith Customer Services

If you prefer to use the telephone here are some additional useful numbers:

Leep utilities (water) 0345 122 6780

Chichester District Council (Main number) 01243 785 166

(Council Tax) 01243 534 501

(Council Tax Payments) 01243 534 525

Lavant Road Surgery 01243 527 264

CPM Car Park Management 0845 463 5050

Grange Management 0845 330 3444

NHBC 0800 035 6422

If you have other numbers you would wish to share with residents, please contact the committee. These might include trades people you have used and recommend.