• Graylingwell Park Residents’ Association Committee Meeting 7pm 23rd January 2014 Minutes

    Brad Ainsworth, Richard Shord, Sue Cressey, John Illenden, Barbara Howden Richards
    Paula Miller, Emma Ainsworth, Grace Taylor. Jane Haskins, Irela Strachan
    3.New Members
    The committee were delighted that Barbara Howden Richards and Irela Strachan had agreed to join the committee
    The treasurer mentioned the possibility of another recruit in the wings and also an offer to help with activities such as distribution of leaflets
    4. Minutes of previous meeting (21/11/13)
    Accepted by the committee as a fair and accurate record of the meeting
    5. Matters Arising
    Hot water outage – the chairman had received confirmation from Graylingwell Energy that £10 compensation per household would be paid for last year’s one day interruption.
    Changes to master plan – the committee decided not to co-ordinate a response to Linden’s proposed intention to vary the master plan at this time, and would wait to see the final submission when changes were definite. The matter of inappropriate potential positions of bus gates had been raised with Linden and further correspondence would follow from the treasurer.
    Neighbourhood watch – a proposal had been submitted to the police and, once the scheme has been accepted, publicity and calls for volunteers would go to every house.
    Questionnaire – in order to get demographic data for planning purposes, CCDT had agreed to do a pilot scheme. Distribution to other households later in the year.
    6. Treasurer’s report
    The current balance of funds was £587.09p
    Increase from the previous meeting was due to the treasurer securing two grants for website development from Affinity Sutton and Chichester District Council. These funds are thus hypothecated.
    Expenditure on website development totalled £136.75p to date and the programme was on budget.
    7.Website demonstration
    The committee were enthusiastic about the website demonstration and pleased at the rapid progress of the project.
    Suggestions for further inclusion (an ‘interests’ page to recruit like-minded people for activities and a key numbers page for help lines (and, in the future, reliable trade companies) would be built in.
    Wording of publicity was agreed and printing authorised.
    Possible sponsorship of the website by businesses was discussed and will be pursued post-launch.
    8. AGM
    The chairman wished the committee to commence planning for the AGM as, with the website launch coming up, we should then be in more interactive contact with residents. This should lead to a debate about the purpose of the organisation and its focus for future activities which would be the core agenda item of the AGM.
    Date set (subject to Chapel availability) 11th September 2014.
    This is more than 12 months after the previous AGM but in line with the constitution and avoids the holiday period, thus maximising attendees.
    Notice of the AGM must be given to all residents at least 14 days in advance.
    9.Grange Management
    The treasurer and chairman had met with Grange and Linden to clarify responsibilities for remedial work in both phases 1 and 2
    The treasurer will write to Customer services to get action on outstanding issues in phase 2 as Grange will only repair and maintain, not rectify, when they take over soon (eg un-turfed and unplanted areas, bin store door problems etc)
    Grange has agreed to give monthly progress reports to GPRA officers.

    1. CCDT Update

    Bus shelter still under discussion
    Cycle safety event will happen in the spring
    Co-wheels (car sharing scheme) adding cars in Chichester but at least 20 people have to sign up at Graylingwell before any are located here.
    IT workshop/coffee morning 3rd March at Bertie’s cafe.
    Summer Garden Party 5th July
    Community use modular building hoped for Easter 2014.
    Sports relief mile on 23rd March – volunteers needed for water station here (starts and ends at Uni).
    Heating workshop still awaiting dates.
    11.Dates of future meetings
    Friday 28th Feb, Friday 23rd March, Friday 2nd May
    Fridays being trialled to accommodate more committee members.
    Former committee member Mike Pickering will no longer be our representative on Chichester Residents’ Action Group.
    Decision on representation at next meeting.
    Approved as an accurate record of the meeting by the committee and attested by:
    Chairman: Date
    Secretary: Date