• GPRA/CPM Parking meeting April 2018

    Graylingwell Park Residents’ Association

    Notes of a meeting held with Grange Management and CPM Parking

    17 April 2018



    For GPRA                          Rob Norris – RN (Chair)

    Sue Cressey – SC (Vice Chair)

    Sue James – SJ (Secretary)

    Susan Shord  – SS(Committee member)


    For Grange Management  Trudie Hudson – TH (Senior Property Manager)


    For CPM                            Ross Thorpe -RT (Operations Director)

    Jo Carey -JC (Account Manager)


    TH introduced JC who has recently taken over as Account Manager for the Graylingwell Park contract, and RT, CPM Operations Director.  JC confirmed that she knew that there had been problems with the management of the parking contract, but she was committed to ensuring that the customer service improved substantially.  TH emphasised that the management of parking on the development should aim to make living on Graylingwell Park pleasurable for all residents.  This was strongly endorsed by the GPRA representatives.


    The following issues were discussed:


    1. Specific issues around the development


    Phase II – SS raised a case of a resident on Longley Road who owned a freehold drive, but had been ticketed because she wasn’t displaying a permit, even though she didn’t need one.  This had already been drawn to the attention of the previous account manager and he had promised to cancel the ticket and ensure it did not happen again.  It had recurred, and both tickets had been followed up with a formal letter to the resident demanding payment of the fine.  The resident had found the approach distressing and worrying.  CPM expressed their regret that this had happened and agreed to ensure that the matter was rectified and an apology was made to the resident.


    It was agreed that there should be a simple rule for CPM wardens to follow – if there was no number on the parking spot, there was no need for a permit, and no need to manage the parking on the spot.


    SS identified one or two un-numbered parking spaces around Longley Road and asked that they be marked up as disabled parking spots for blue badge holders.  This was particularly important for disabled residents whose parking spots were located some distance from their homes.  TH agreed to check with Lindens that they did not have other plans for these spots, and if this was the case, to authorise CPM to mark them as disabled spots.


    Phase I and II – It was noted that many of the numbers and parking signs were showing their age and need to be renewed.  TH to get a plan drawn up for CPM to carry out a full remarking exercise.


    Phase V – RN showed Trudie and CPM a photograph of a space that was not meant for parking, but was being used, and thereby causing danger to children playing, and access difficulties to other residents’ parking bays.


    It was agreed that CPM would focus particularly on parking around Phase V and ticket offenders to encourage compliance with the rules that were in place for the benefit of all residents.


    Phase IV – SS reported that the Lindens marketing team had been giving new residents with private driveways the choice of whether to have a permit or not. This was inappropriate as they owned their own freehold driveways and should not therefore be offered permits as their driveways were their dedicated parking spots.  TH agree to raise this with Lindens.


    1. General issues:


    Parking around the perimeter of Havenstoke Park


    CPM were reminded that it had been agreed that cars displaying a visitors’ permit were allowed to stay in the short-stay parking bays around the park as long as they wished, including overnight.  However this did not apply to commercial vehicles (ie anything bigger than a car) which were not allowed to park after 7.00 pm or before 7.00 am.


    Professional carers visiting residents


    CPM was asked to ensure that professional carers visiting residents and using the visitors’ bays would not need to display a visitor’s permit as long as they leave an official NHS or other appropriate permit in their vehicle showing that they are on duty.  Any inadvertent ticketing will be cancelled by JC.


    Frequency of Wardens’ visits


    RT confirmed that Wardens visited the site every day, on a random basis. SS reminded the meeting that there was a ‘report a vehicle’ slot on the CPM website which is hyperlinked from the GPRA website. Residents can use it anonymously to report parking infringements for Wardens to follow up.


    Litter Picking


    TH reminded the meeting that litter picking is part of CPM’s responsibilities.  She had been concerned that the area in Phase I that was recently cleaned up had become very untidy again and asked CPM to address this.


    Lower Graylingwell development


    CPM was alerted to the imminent development of Lower Graylingwell, and the possibility of contractors’ vehicles from Hills being parked illegally on the existing site, particularly around Graylingwell Drive.


     Liaison with Jo Carey


    Residents agreed that it had been very useful to meet with Jo Carey and suggested that she be invited to attend the regular quarterly meetings with GPRA and Lindens etc.  This was agreed. Sue James to send details to Jo.