• GPRA Committee Meeting Wednesday 6th August 7pm The Cabin



    Emma Ainsworth, Sue Cressey, Jane Haskins, Barbara Howden-Richards, Paula Miller, Richard Shord, Susan Shord,




    Grace Taylor, Brad Ainsworth, Irela Strachan, Dusty Miller


    Minutes of previous meeting


    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting.



    Matters Arising


    1          Neighbourhood Watch           (EA, BH-R, RS)


    EA had received Welcome Pack.

    BH-R has enrolled 3 people in Homestead Road but not everyone will be able to receive weekly e-mails so will contact direct

    RS has 13 people signed up for Longley Road (all on e-mail)

    The process for inducting people into the scheme was reviewed to enable co-ordinators to target their efforts

    Welcome packs will be distributed shortly to those who have signed up.


    2          Cycle path provision between Winterbourne Road and Lloyd Road             (BHR, SC)


    • SC has spoken to Trudie at Grange. BHR has been dealing with Hyde Martlet and WSCC.
    • BH-R met with Ed Dickinson (WSCC) on 22 July. In the interim, Hyde Martlet has indicated that Barratts are responsible for the path under Section 106.
    • CDC have advised that WSCC has received monies for the path from Barratts and work is scheduled for next financial year.
    • If the fence is damaged again, we need to find out if we can leave a gap with a bollard to prevent access by motorbikes. We may pursue Hyde Martlet and the Council for any future monies for repairs.




    • BH-R will seek confirmation that WSCC have received money for the cycle path and ascertain whether their financial year is a calendar or tax year.



    3          Graylingwell Energy (GE)                  (RS)


    • A meeting with Graylingwell Energy to discuss our concerns is proposed for week commencing 29th September. Gavin Bourne of Linden has expedited this.
    • A similar eco-development, Derwenthorpe in Yorkshire, pays 0.07p per unit with no standing charge. We are charged 0.09p per unit plus approximately 96p per day standing charge.
    • SC and RS will try to get to the bottom of charging issues at the meeting. As BA has pointed out, Graylingwell Energy is not a member of Ofgen, so we have limited powers of redress.       However, the treasurer is investigating charging structures on similar developments for comparison and will present his findings in due course.




    • RS and SC to fix date for meeting (20, 30 Sept or 2 Oct). They will raise issues regarding charges, billing problems and non-payment for unscheduled outages and report back.


    4          Master Plan Update               (RS)


    Now 118 documents on council website. No date set for review on any of the planning issues. Petition set up by Anna and Derek Hiscock is lodged on the site, along with representations from Richmond Park Residents’ Asssociation, CRAG, CDC Historic Buildings adviser, CDC economic development team and Chichester City Council. The treasurer has also seen correspondence that on phase 5 no more trees can be removed. This may prevent additional housing on the site.


    5          Litter at North Lodge  (BA)


    The treasurer took the master plan to meeting with Grange and Affinity Sutton, showing the perimeter of the park to demonstrate a grey area in litter picking at North Lodge. Clarification is being sought. Paula Miller felt bins were still needed – general agreement. If plans go ahead and CCDT have Park as revenue generator, we have asked for conditions stipulating that they should be provided. Possibly time to do another litter pick before the end of August. Date to be agreed.



    • SS to circulate possible dates


    Treasurer’s Report      (RS)


    • Funds of GPRA currently at £454.44, having been swelled by £164 at Summer Garden Party. Info on this will be included for AGM.
    • 730 hits on GPRA website. Reading average 3.68 pages per visit. We have over 60 people enrolled on newsletter and there are likely to be more once those signed up for Neighbourhood watch have been added.
    • Costs to be considered.
      • Printing for AGM. The committee authorised appropriate spending.
      • Welcome BBQ. It was felt that it would be good to demonstrate links with CCDT through joint sponsorship and provide something to the community, rather than just act as fire-fighters, although the cost would need to be investigated.       The principle was agreed.
      • There is a need to buy a heavy-duty gazebo for future events. Costs and options to be reviewed after AGM.




    • EA will investigate cost of bouncy castle for Summer BBQ a.s.a.p., and report back to group by e-mail.
    • SC will investigate cost of second hand gazebo
    • RS and SS will produce leaflets re AGM to be delivered to all properties during week beginning 14 August. Distributers identified and agreed.


    AGM – Preparation and Process


    • Draft document discussed. Concerns were raised over content. All agreed on a streamlined version. A copy will also be put on noticeboards. Distribution of leaflets will be during the week beginning 14 August, with a reminder later.
    • We can recruit additional people to Neighbourhood Watch on the night.
    • Of the current committee, all present at the meeting were willing to stand again.       Grace Taylor (in absentia) had also indicated her willingness to stand.



    • SS to redraft publicity and circulate to committee for approval prior to printing



    CCDT Update  (JH)


    Children on site. There have been reports of children on building site, burning the plastic ties holding up fences – 2 groups of teenager are breaking in. Affinity Sutton (AS) are writing to all their residents. Residents are asked to take photos if they can and pass them on to the PCSO.


    The Lodge. The historical adviser to CDC has made representations to CDC and plans for The Lodge (temporary community facility) have been turned down. The road to phase 4 will be going through current site of cabin, and, with the availability of the Marketing Suite as a community facility uncertain, there is currently no clear path ahead.

    Claire De Bathe (CCDT director) will be working to clarify the situation with Chichester district Council, and GPRA will wait for her feedback.

    As a consequence, CCDT is offering a special reduction for use of Rousillon Community Hall of £7.50 per hour. However, there is no availability after 9.30pm and premises must be vacated by 10.00pm.


    Play Day. Roughly 300 parents and children. Free event. Very successful made possible with donation from council and CCDT.


    Summer garden Party raised £5000. Needs to be brought closer to the marketing suite next year. More volunteers are needed, although there are plans to involve youth offenders.

    Parking organisation is an issue. GPRA might consider doing it and would then have the parking fees (£2.00 per car). 15 volunteers would be needed, but the rewards could be considerable. (£400 taken this year).


    Concert in The Chapel. “Police” concert moved to university but it is likely that people will still come and be redirected. JH and other CCDT members discussed issues with church reps. The treasurer has also had a discussion with Rev Steve Flashman. Rev Sara Flashman will be on the Task Group and links should be better in future.


    Community Garden has been given notice to quit by January. Linden has given 7 month’s notice instead of the required 4 months, which is helpful. They may also put a walkway through to a replacement site near where allotments will be.


    Community Development worker has been lost due to reduction in funding. This means that currently there is no-one to run Young Ambassadors or youth club. Hyde Martlet, Affinity Sutton and CCDT are working on joint bid for youth co-ordinator to work with children in the wider Chichester area.


    Bus Shelter is in the process of being made in at Chichester College but will not be in place until October. The Blomfield Flower (the symbol used by Sir Arthur Blomfield, the architect for the hospital) may be copied and sunk into the concrete base.


    Welcome BBQ. The intention is to keep it simple. Hire BBQ, Pimms etc .. Invitation will have CCDT and GPRA logos on and will make clear that it’s open to all. The committee expressed a preference to hold it on the park rather than by the cabin. Volunteers are needed to support this.




    SS to canvas committee on volunteers for the BBQ



    Grange Management Update            (SC and RS)


    • SC and RS met with with Trudie and Richard (Grange) and Kelly from AS.
    • Doors in Lloyd Road need painting. Kelly explained that there used to be a regular maintenance programme, but this is not currently operating.
    • Unauthorised structure in one of the gardens has to be removed as it is breaking tenancy agreement.
    • Trees round park. Arboriculturist’s report was very thorough. The cost of work between road and path likely to be over £20000 and there is a need to spread cost starting with removal of ivy to prevent further damage. Grange tasked to come up with tree replacement strategy. The recommendation is for felling very few and mostly removing dead branches. Possibly make a feature of some of the stumps as replacement trees will be planted nearby. Grange have agreed to put out to tender cost of work to be done.
    • EA is concerned about large box and concrete posts near houses in Lloyd Road causing danger to children. Light broken and reported. Complaints procedure for Grange issues was reviewed.
    • Concerns over poor locking and wide gaps at base of bike store will be addressed.
    • SC committed to getting speed bumps down LLoyd Road. Affinity Sutton and Grange will contact all residents in Lloyd Road re speed bumps. It will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the financial year to review any surplus funds. We could focus on road safety as an issue for GPRA next year




    • RS will forward previous lists to Linden.
    • RS will contact Gavin re horse chestnuts on inner ring.
    • EA will follow normal complaints procedure and contact Grange direct




    Customer services issues


    • Three major problems on homes in Phase 2 were raised by RS and others with Linden.       They accepted responsibility but it was taking too long to get things done. Information was collated and staff on site tackled. Letter sent to Tony Bicknell. Work started.
    • NHBC claims seem to cause Linden to respond especially group actions.
    • It might be helpful to produce process map to explain how to go about resolving problems. This could go on noticeboards.




    RS and SS to draft process map and circulate


    Date of next meeting:


    AGM Friday 19th September at The Chapel

    Committee meet at Chapel at 6.00pm to set up.

    Straight meeting as per Agenda.