• GPRA Committee Meeting Wednesday 20.05.2015



    Barbara Howden-Richards, Richard Shord, Susan Shord, Irela Strachan, Grace Taylor, Sue Cressey, Chris Waller, Lesley Atchison, Paula Miller, Emma Ainsworth, Jane Haskins, Sarah Langmead




    Dusty Miller


    Minutes of previous meeting


    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting




    Matters arising


    Clare Thomas and David Lodge who had attended previous meetings were unable to take on the task of committee work due to family and work commitments and had sent their apologies.


    A meeting had taken place with the Chichester Observer. A balanced presentation was given by committee members with some criticisms (late/abandoned/substituted community facilities, problems with build quality and poor customer service) tempered with positive comments about how community was nonetheless being built at Graylingwell Park.   The article should appear in the 21st May publication.


    Treasurer’s report


    £401.00 in the bank account plus £14.60 was raised from the most recent coffee morning.


    Richard commented on the running costs of the association such as printing for the AGM (paper and toner cartridges) and room hire for committee meetings and the AGM. A grant application will be made to Anita Burnard at Affinity Sutton for help with costs (possibly on a matched fund basis).


    Trees in the Park



    Some residents had responded to the last newsletter regarding a possible GPRA project to replace the diseased trees. Sarah Hughes, wildlife officer for Chichester District Council, is also very keen to support us and believes funding may be available. If a group of residents want to set up a small working group she will work with them and put them in contact with specialists in the field. Richard proposed a committee member volunteer to head up a working group and scope a project plan. Irela, Barbara, Sarah, Chris and Paula all expressed an interest. Richard suggested they contact residents Roberta Leigh, kelvin Barber and Denis Mossman, who are also keen to help out. Barbara agreed to play a co-ordinating role and liaise with all those keen to be involved.


    Trudie Hudson from Grange Management will consider hiring a chipper so that the trees that do come down can be used for bark chippings. They could also be used for making furniture, park seats, etc. as it would be appropriate for a green community like Graylingwell to recycle as much as possible. It should be noted, however, that some species of wildlife have their homes in dead trees and this should also be taken into consideration in any plan.


    Car Parking at the Summer Garden Party



    Richard asked for volunteers to oversee car parking at the Summer Garden Party. He will attend the CCDT briefing and then brief volunteers on the day. Parking will be £1.00 per vehicle and CCDT will provide any safety equipment that is needed. GPRA will keep all funds raised from parking.


    Emma asked if there is a plan to have flyers aimed at attracting people to use the GPRA website and sign up for e-newsletters. The general opinion was that there was already sufficient publicity for new residents to do so through flyers included in their welcome pack and on the notice boards, as well as opportunities to meet the team at the Saturday Café.


    AGM Planning


    Date: August 14th, 2015. The Chapel will be required. Richard asked Emma to make sure it will be available from 6pm.


    Any proposed amendments to the constitution have to be submitted by 24th July, 2015 so every household has to have notice issued by the 20th July. Delivery people will be required. Sarah, Emma, Leslie, Barbara and Paula all volunteered. A reminder card will then be sent by 3rd August.


    Extra mile awards will be presented by the GPRA at the AGM. Invitations need to be sent out to recipients. Nominations were discussed and agreed. Emma suggested they be presented with their awards at the beginning of the meeting. Framed certificates will be produced.


    The next newsletter to residents will also contain details of the AGM.


    Road Safety Event



    There had been a disappointing response with only 18 attendees (including committee members). There were some good ideas generated with regard to traffic calming, however some people who had frequently voiced opinions about speeding did not come along.


    Nevertheless the GPRA has done what was promised to the Young Ambassadors and responded in a number of ways to the concerns raised by residents. There are some items that could be considered in the future if there are funds available.


    Coffee Morning Update



    Although the GPRA coffee mornings have had an average of 16 to 20 attendees, numbers on other Saturdays have been poor. It was felt that, for the first time, a number of people had specifically attended because it was run by the GPRA and used it as ‘clinic’ to get information and have concerns allayed or dealt with.


    Committee members unanimously agreed that the GPRA should continue with the Saturday Café for the immediate future.


    Grace suggested we introduce something else to the event to entice more people (such as a bring and buy sale). It was agreed that we might want to consider this if numbers fall but, at present, we will try to boost numbers by persuading those who are attending to bring a friend and also continue to spread the word.


    This Saturday the CCDT is hosting the coffee morning and the raised beds will be planted.


    CCDT Update


    Bus Shelter – Linden have still not provided all the materials so the date by which the college can complete the work has been missed. The tutor at the college has agreed to store the materials that have been delivered and, once the students are back in September, he will try to get it completed.


    Event Organisers – Anyone from the Residents Association who wants to join the Events Organisers group is very welcome. This is a group that CCDT have set up but the CCDT will be an enabler not a provider. One proposal is a ‘Lodge Fest’ (probably Saturday 22nd August) with barbecue and band. It is for everybody and will run from 2.00-9.00pm.


    Quiz Night – Friday 5th June


    Lots of other events organised – see the CCDT brochure and the GPRA website.


    Affinity Sutton Involvement


    Richard has held a meeting with Anita Bernard and Jane to discuss the issue of getting Affinity Sutton residents to take a greater part in community activities. There is a need to undertake market research to find out what they are looking for so that we can try to organise events that would attract everyone. Further discussion will take place when findings are available.




    Car parking: Commercial vehicles on site. It has been made clear to the parking company that commercial vehicles are not allowed. Car park notices are being amended to state that no commercial vehicles can be parked here between 7.00pm and 8.00am.


    Cycle paths: Barbara has finally had some response from Jeremy Hunt but they are still chasing the Deed of Dedication with the Hyde Group. The County Council are trying to do everything to progress the situation so Ed Dickinson has now drafted a letter to go to Hyde’s head office in London asking them to expedite this matter.


    Neighbourhood Watch in Lloyd Road: Roseanne Evans had asked what has happened to it. Emma confirmed to the committee that it is operating and she will go and speak to Roseanne.


    Paying for the Lodge: The Residents Association will need to start paying for the hall from July. We are not charged for the Saturday Café. The cost will be £60.00 (July until the end of the year – 4 meetings @ £15.00).


    Graylingwell Energy Bills: The means of calculation were explained and discussed and the committee declined to support the recent circular from a resident which they felt had been inaccurate and indeed may have dissuaded some people from signing up to the vulnerable residents’ scheme which had been a request from the GPRA to Graylingwell Energy.


    Technical Issue – HRV units in new-build homes: These units (a requirement in heavily insulated new homes) exhaust stale air and filter out harmful volatile organic compounds present in new carpets, paintwork and even printer fumes. They also prevent the build-up of mould. They transfer the heat from the internal air to the cold air coming in, to conserve energy and filter out pollen and dust from the outside environment. The filters on these units should be changed every 6 months and the unit serviced once a year. It is an issue because Affinity Sutton residents have their units housed in their attics, which are sealed, and if the filters are not changed regularly they can be reduced in effectiveness and contribute to incidences of asthma. Affinity Sutton has been asked what their maintenance plan is but as yet there is no reply.


    Date of next meeting


    Wednesday 24th June – 7.00pm at The Lodge