• Minutes of GPRA Committee Meeting on 29 May 2019


    1          Attendees:                 

    Rob Norris(RN) (Chair) Sue Cressey(SC) (Vice Chair); Sue James(SJa) (Secretary): Chris Waller(CW) (Treasurer); Brian Baker(BB); Alan Bradbury(ABr); Barbara Howden Richards(BHR); Sandie Jenner (SJ);

    2          Apologies:                 

    Anna Bloomfield(AB); John Eagles(JE); Sophie Eagleton;Paul Rolfe; Grace Taylor; Jack Wingfield

    Clare de Bathe

    3          Minutes of the last meeting 

    The minutes of the meeting held on 27 March 2019 were approved.  

    4          Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda

    1.  Issues relating to Hill development

    JE was not present, and so was unable to update on this issue.

    • Provision of Primary Care Services

    SJa reported that she had received a reply from the local CCG’s Accountable Officer who had offered a meeting with senior members of the CCG and the practice. She would progress this and report back.

    • Ownership of parking spaces on Blomfield Drive

    RN reported that the parking spaces will become part of the Havenstoke Park asset owned by CCDT on handover from Linden Homes.  It was felt that the costs of installing parking ticket machines would be too high to get an effective return from the very small number of spaces.

    •  Register of Interests

    It was agreed that this should be deferred until after the AGM.

    •  Fence between Graylingwell Park and Winterbourne Road

    RN reported that the situation had worsened since the last meeting, with further damage to the fence, and bad publicity in the local paper. He, SC and SJa had met with the area’s County Councillor, Jeremy Hunt who had confirmed that the pathway had always been intended to be a cycle path, but the action had not been completed in 2014/15 as the ownership of the land on the Winterbourne Road side of the fence had to be confirmed.  This had now happened, but the original funding provision had expired. New arrangements were being made to fund the installation of the cycle path.  He had been surprised to learn that the actual boundary had not been designated as a Public Right of Way, but confirmed that this would be done as part of the installation process.

    RN reported that Linden Homes had confirmed their intention to maintain the fence until a Public Right of Way was granted.  ABr suggested that Linden should install signage confirming that no right of way currently exists.

    Concern was expressed about the vandalism and drug dealing that was occurring in North Mead and more widely around Graylingwell Park.  BHR agreed to contact the local police to seek their support in preventing this.

    • Veolia Contract

    SJa reported that Lucy Pearson, the Veolia contracts manager, had agreed to consider the idea of providing a Home Support service again.  It was agreed that she should be invited to the next AGM to present the idea and give residents the opportunity to express an interest at the meeting.  SJa to invite her.

    • Graylingwell Energy Issues

    Nothing further to report

    • Outstanding Car parking issues

    RN has produced a leaflet to remind residents of their parking rights and responsibilities.  This will be circulated for members of the Committee to offer  their comments.

    The following parking issues would be raised at the Quarterly Meeting schedule for 30 May:

    • Visibility of parking wardens
    • Permit re-issuing plan (including linking visitor permits to allocated parking spaces and including different coloured permits for the two halves of the site)
    • Misuse of visitor parking
    • Relining parking bays and replacing damaged signage
    1. No 50 bus timetable

    BHR reported that she had been in touch with a large number of organisations involved in the funding and provision of bus services.  WSCC had told her that it cost £123,000 per annum to operate the no 50 bus service.  This had been funded via a £1million subsidy paid by Linden Homes 8 years ago which was now fully spent.  This prompted the Council, who had to save £300,000 from their bus subsidies, to include the no 50 in their reduction plans.  Given the poor take-up of the services, it was unlikely that WCSS would be persuaded to review their decision. Stagecoach could not afford to run a non-subsidised service that was not paying its way.  BHR commented that it was possible that Hill might be planning to make a contribution to the bus services and it was agreed that JE should ask them.  JE to raise subsidising the bus service with Hill.

    BHR was thanked for her work on this issue.

    5.         Treasurer’s report (CW)

    CW reported that there was £1046.55 in the bank.  

    6.         Revisions to Residents’ Association Constitution

    RN reported that the drafting committee had met and prepared a draft constitution which was circulated to members of the committee for discussion.  Concern was raised that the new requirement for Committee members to step down after 6 years might make it difficult to maintain a full membership of the Committee. It was agreed that this should be deleted, and replaced with an attendance requirement.  SJa agreed to draft an annual attendance requirement for circulation to Committee members.

    With the exception of this issue, the Constitution was accepted for formal endorsement at the AGM.

    7.  Arrangements for AGM

    Concern was expressed that the AGM was scheduled for the height of the holiday season, which might have an adverse effect on attendance.  It was agreed to rearrange for 13 September 2019, and to use the original date of the AGM – 31 July 2019 – as a routine Committee meeting. Plans for the AGM would be discussed at that meeting.

    8.   Schedule of items for future details discussion

    It was agreed that the following items would be scheduled for discussion at future meetings:

    • Communication with residents – for discussion at July meeting, prior to further discussion at AGM
    • Anti-social behaviour management – invite Catherine Johnstone from Clarion Homes to attend July meeting 

    Post meeting note – Catherine Johnstone is leaving her current role as Housing Manager, so this issue will need further consideration.

    • Who owns what at Graylingwell park – Trudie Hudson to present at AGM 
    • Relationship with Keepers Green residents – for discussion later in the year, once first properties are occupied.

    9.  New Items

    1.  Chapel launch event

    SJa referred to the great news that CCDT had received a grant of £1.3 million towards the restoration of the Chapel. They were planning to celebrate with an event on 4thJuly at which they were offering a tour of the plans for the chapel and a community event from 5 pm with a BBQ, a bar and a bouncy castle.  This would combine with a welcome event for new residents which had been planned for 2018, but was cancelled as it clashed with a major football match.  CCDT was looking for help running the event, particularly in relation to cooking and running the BBQ.  ABr, BB, BHR, SJ, CW and SJa volunteered to help.  SJa to inform Clare de Bathe.

    • Sewage pipeline

    RN reported that the approved plan for the new sewage pipeline has the pipeline crossing Lower Graylingwell along the projected new road east-west through Keeper’s Green and to the south of Graylingwell Drive.  At a recent consultation event, Southern Water had reported that Hill had refused permission for this pipeline to cross their site.  Instead, Southern Water was planning to seek approval to site the pipeline along Graylingwell Drive.  Penny Acre residents were concerned about the disruption that this would cause, and the possible impact on the lime trees to the south of Graylingwell Drive.  RN had written to Phil Chapman, MD of Linden Homes, asking him to oppose this plan, and to the Director of Planning at the District Council expressing residents’ opposition to the proposed route changes. He had not received replies from either letter to date.  Rob’s action was supported by the Committee.  It was agreed that the matter would be raised at the Quarterly meeting with Linden Homes which would take place on 30th  May.

    •  Distribution of management costs

    RN reported that, given the levels of vandalism currently occurring along the footpath dividing Lloyd Road and North Mead, he felt it would be appropriate to look at a different apportionment of repair costs as they currently all fell on Phase 1 residents.  After discussion in which it was noted that the costs were very minor and had little impact on individual residents’ management fees, it was agreed to invite Trudie Hudson to explain to the AGM how the costs of the site were divided up across the phases, and how the sinking fund for the whole site was developing.

    10.       Street representatives

    1. Lloyd Road – SCreported that the new play area in Havenstoke Park had had a very beneficial impact on the problem of children playing in the street.
    2. Longley Road – on behalf of the residents of Randall House, SJ expressed her appreciation of the rapid resolution of the outstanding snagging issues.  BB identified a number of cracked paving stones along footpaths around Longley Road and was advised to refer the issue to Grange management for them to resolve.  SJa expressed concern that there was still no progress on all the promised improvements to the gardens around Longley Road and in the Airing Courts.   This would be raised at the next Quarterly meeting.
    3. Penny Acre – RN reported that residents had raised concerns about the difference in design between the street lights in Penny Acre (which were a Victorian design) and the more modern design in the Airing Courts.
    4. North Mead – ABr expressed concern that the barriers to stop residents driving down the footpath between Lloyd road and North Mead had still not been erected.  This would be raised at the next Quarterly meeting.
    5. Homestead Road – Nothing to report.

    11.       Any other business

                SJa reported that a number of complaints had been received about the anti-social behaviour of children in the play area.  It was agreed that the advice of the Police Community Support Officers be sought on how best to tackle this.

    12.       Date of next meeting

                The next meeting will be held on 31 July 2019 in The Lodge.