• GPRA Committee Meeting Minutes 7pm Wednesday 22nd April 2015



    Barbara Howden Richards, Richard Shord, Susan Shord, Irela Strachan, Grace Taylor, Sue Cressey, Chris Waller, Lesley Atchison, Paula Miller, David Lodge, Emma Ainsworth




    Jane Haskins, Sarah Langmead, Dusty Miller


    New committee member


    A welcome was extended to new committee member David Lodge.


    Minutes of previous meeting


    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting




    Treasurer’s report


    £381.65 in the bank (plus c. £10.00 raised from the most recent coffee morning)


    Feedback from Quarterly Linden/Grange/Affinity Sutton/GPRA Meeting


    Ownership and stewardship of the park: Linden confirmed they are only responsible for the area from, and including, the inner ring of trees to the centre of the park. They presented an arboreal report from September 2013 which shows the state of the trees, with many of the chestnuts too diseased to save and other trees marked for felling (in the outer ring) under increased parking provision in the master plan. They see no obligation to replant where trees have died and do not recognise any heritage obligation for the area. If residents wanted to replant trees, permission would probably be given. Grant money may be available, especially given the fact that it is a de facto public amenity.


    Running costs of the park: Neither Linden nor the CCDT (should it lease and run the park under the new master plan) bear any responsibility for dog bins or the provision and emptying of any litter bins. CCDT would be responsible for the inner ring of the park but anything between the inner ring of trees and the exterior boundaries of the park will remain the responsibility of the residents including street lighting and, in future, any further maintenance costs.


    Customer Services: Tony Bicknell, Director of Customer Services, has left Linden Homes. Peter Youll, MD, is overseeing the delivery of this area of the business and all complaints about the rectification of faults should be addressed to him at Peter.Youll@lindenhomes.co.uk


    Southside residents: The problems caused by the construction work on the Manor are being partially ameliorated but Linden’s basic position is that on a large construction project such as Graylingwell, change happens that cannot be foreseen at point of sale.


    Bus Shelter: Materials for the completion of the bus shelter have been ordered and are on the way to, or in the hands of, the College


    South Graylingwell road plans: Linden’s position remains that Graylingwell Drive is a private road and inappropriate for anything other than residential use. No approach has been received from prospective developers regarding change to this position.


    Section 106 status: Planning permission has been granted for the master plan changes subject to section 106 agreements. Solicitors for all parties will meet on 6th May to go through documentation with agreement now expected end July 2015. Linden will, in the meantime, put out tender documents for the play park with a view to appointing a contractor in advance of the agreement.


    GRA/Affinity Sutton


    The prime issue of a maintenance programme for Affinity Sutton properties was discussed. The replacement of broken letter boxes awaits Linden action as Affinity Sutton claim they should be repaired under warranty.




    Various issues are outstanding due to negotiations with sub-contractors over responsibility for repairs.


    Lloyd Road streetlamps – failed LED drivers resulting in non-functioning lamps will be replaced. Trudie Hudson (Grange Management) has managed to get the cost down from £4k to £1400. On a segregated costs basis these charges will have to be borne by Lloyd Road residents. The design of the lamp has not been used on the development beyond phase 1.


    Bin stores remain an issue as bikes have been stolen from sheds where doors cannot currently be locked due to warping, etc. This is a warranty issue and Grange need the assistance of Linden in getting the contractor to complete the work.


    Rectification to the driveway in front of the clock house will not be undertaken until the whole chapel green landscaping, including additional parking bays, is scheduled (for later in the development).


    GPRA/Grange Management


    A separate car parking meeting with CPM will be held to discuss the new bay marking programme and signage, together with allied issues.


    There was general agreement that although many issues remain to be resolved, much had been done by the GPRA and CCDT to foster a sense of community and belonging.


    2nd Coffee Morning Feedback/Rota for future events


    Around 20 people turned up – down on the previous month but good in view of the lack of publicity. It was noted that we have to do more to attract Affinity Sutton residents but there was recognition that many residents have family activities to attend on a Saturday morning. Agreement was reached that the trial of one coffee morning a month would continue. A process and supplies were now in place and three volunteers a session was deemed sufficient. A rota was established for the future. Residents continue to sign up to the newsletter – the total now is 101 – which also makes the process worthwhile.


    Approaching the Press


    The committee feel an approach to the press is desirable to highlight the issues and successes at Graylingwell and as a balance to previous Linden PR.


    A 5 year retrospective may be appropriate in view of Linden’s involvement in the development at Whitehouse Farm which is of interest to all Chichester residents


    Richard asked the committee to review the bullet points highlighted on a document he circulated. He asked the committee to consider whether the approach was appropriate, the right points were highlighted and whether there were other points to add. He will then contact local press with a view to moving forward with an article highlighting the experience of Graylingwell to date. Comments ASAP please.


    CCDT Update


    PCSO Road Safety Event – Saturday 9th May – 12.00-2.00pm. Free fish and chips if attendees talk about road safety. It is important for GPRA committee members to attend because of the ongoing concerns over speeding.


    Clare de Bathe, Richard and Jane have all chased the completion of the bus shelter (see also discussions with Linden above). The tutor involved at the College who will deliver the labour and structure will be back in May so Jane will chase him as soon as she gets back from leave.


    A quiz night is booked for the Lodge and also an evening for anyone interested in helping to plan events for the community (details will be in What’s On). Jane would welcome any ideas for special one off evenings (Thursday) at the Lodge. Fish and Chips available at the Quiz night (recommended).


    The Lodge opening was successful, with 200 people attending. Pre-School is also running very well. There seem to be no parking issues with this group. The Lodge has free Wi-Fi and there are further facilities available including photo copying, printing, laminating and scanning.


    All need to be aware that any complaints or issues regarding the building need to be emailed straight to Emma (bookings@chichestercdt.co.uk)


    Garden Party 11th July. Richard asked for volunteers for car parking – only 2 confirmed so far. Several members volunteered. Paula suggested that a male and female member of the committee worked together. Chris suggested a buskers’ corner at the party.


    Jane is in the process of setting up a meeting with Richard and Anita from Affinity Sutton about the idea of a residents’ group for Affinity Sutton to encourage them to have confidence to bring their issues forward or possibly to join the GPRA. She is awaiting a date from Anita, possibly 12/13 May.


    The Youth Project has commenced. Junior Ambassadors will be launched on 19th May and the Youth Club on the 5th June. The Homework Clubs are now established at GP and RP.




    The church had asked the committee to lift parking restrictions for a wedding on 2nd May. The committee had voted last year not to agree to lifting parking restrictions (except in exceptional circumstances). It was also borne in mind that the Chapel will become a multi-use space and if permission is given for a wedding then it cannot be reasonably withheld for a private party. A motion to decline the request for parking at the wedding was carried.]



    Neighbourhood watch details were circulated. The committee was asked to be particularly vigilant in the light of increased vandalism and theft.


    The committee agreed to invite nominees for the award scheme to the AGM


    Chris and Irela will continue to oversee all gardening issues and liaise with Trudie.


    Chris confirmed that all the kit has been commissioned in the broadband cabinet at the end of Lloyd Road and residents can now approach their internet broadband provider for connection details regarding high speed services.


    Inaugural meeting of the Network of Residents Association – Grace attended and reported back. It has been decided that they will continue to move forward and provide mutual support.



    Date of next meeting: Wednesday 20th May – 7.00pm at The Lodge