• GPRA Committee Meeting 7pm Wednesday 30th April 2014 Minutes

    1. Attendees

    Emma Ainsworth, Barbara Howden Richards, Grace Taylor, Richard Shord, Brad Ainsworth. PCSO Karen Turrell and CCDT Director Clare de Bathe were also welcomed to the meeting.

    1. Apologies

    Paula Miller, Irela Strachan, Jane Haskins, Sue Cressey, Dusty Miller.

    1. Minutes of previous meeting

    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting


    1. Matters arising

    Held over to next full business meeting to allow full consideration to main presentations.

    1. The role of the PCSO

    Karen, who has 6 years’ service (3 specifically in Chichester North) explained her role was assisting the constabulary in crime detection, scene of crime management and general police duties, being a familiar face in the neighbourhood and interacting with residents and their children. Whilst her role is subject to change by the Police Commissioner, Karen’s current focus covers anti-social behaviour and working with residents’ associations to promote communities, as well as giving home and property security advice, and being alert to scams involving abuse of elderly residents. Karen is also the contact point for neighbourhood watch schemes.

    Karen’s presentation was followed by a discussion on current concerns (damage to fencing and lighting in Lloyd Road caused by people taking short cuts over to Winterbourne Road, damage to the public realm by the Clock House and risks to safety and property through inappropriate street games).

    Specific actions arising will be a general newsletter from the GPRA to all households advising about the safety risks from some street play and the costs to all households from damage to the public realm, a possible road safety workshop with the CCDT, and working with Linden and WSCC to bring forward the opening up of a path from Lloyd Road to Winterbourne Road (conceived as part of a cycle route but not in WSCC budget until 2015).

    The committee were briefed by the Chairman and the Treasurer on tripartite meetings with Grange, Linden and Affinity Sutton, where these issues were also tabled. Affinity Sutton has already written to all their residents advising of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour and damage. Grange will be considering moving street lighting and using anti-climb paint.

    Residents should also be aware that vandalism and destruction of, or damage to, private and public property can be classed as criminal damage and should be reported to the police on their special number 101. Also, where there is an issue of safety when playing on a road, Section 161 (3) of the Highways Act may apply and again should be reported to the police. Information regarding such matters can also be passed to Karen Turrell the PCSO at Karen.J.Turrell@sussex.pnn.police.uk

    The neighbourhood watch scheme has advanced, with Emma Ainsworth, Barbara Howden Richards and Richard Shord agreeing to be co-ordinators for their respective streets. They will receive welcome packs and further advice on implementation in due course.

    1. CCDT Update

    Clare de Bathe updated the committee with regard to the CCDT business plan revisions arising from Linden’s changes to the master plan (mentioned in the last newsletter). A major change is that Havenstoke Park will come under the auspices of the CCDT and enable them to arrange more ambitious community activities with the current sales suite as a hub. The ‘artist’s studios’ mentioned in the plan (on the Marchwell part of the site) will be a mix of enterprise facilities and studios. The temporary community space (also mentioned in the last newsletter) had been delayed due to negotiation and transport issues, but a planning application would go in shortly. Clare emphasised the sheer number of drawings and feasibility studies that had been undertaken to advance the plan but was confident of success.

    Updates were given on plans for the new notice board, bus shelter and garden shelter that, like the multi-use temporary space, would be worked on by students from Chichester College. Clare also outlined her recruitment plans which involved both drawing in the local long-term unemployed and more staffing for the responsibilities of both Roussillon and Graylingwell Parks.

    The committee thanked Clare and her staff for their hard work and devotion to the task of building the community, including innovative uses of the garden space.

    1. Graylingwell Energy

    The correspondence with Graylingwell energy had yielded some positive results. Our complaints had been taken seriously and a review of service delivery will be undertaken with particular regard to billing and meter-reading systems. The company apologised for inconvenience and distress and will meet with the GPRA to improve customer communication and dispute resolution.

    1. AOB

    As Emma Ainsworth has been recruited to the CCDT, a new community representative on their task force will be required. To be discussed at future meetings.

    1. Dates of future meetings

    May 28th (Young Ambassadors in attendance)

    July 3rd

    Both meetings at the Cabin at 7pm