• GPRA Committee Meeting 7pm Wednesday 26th November 2014 Minutes

    1. Attendees

    Barbara Howden Richards, Richard Shord, Sue Cressey, Susan Shord, Irela Strachan, Chris Waller, Sarah Langmead, Dusty Miller, Jane Haskins




    Emma Ainsworth, Lesley Atchison



    1. Presentation of new committee members


    Sarah Langmead and Chris Waller were welcomed to the meeting and co-opted onto the committee


    Election of Treasurer


    A motion to propose Chris Waller as Treasurer was proposed, seconded and unanimously approved. A motion to have Richard Shord, Sue Cressey and Chris Waller as signatories for the GPRA bank account was proposed, seconded and unanimously approved


    1. Minutes of previous meeting


    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting



    1. Matters arising


    Covered by Chairman’s report


    1. Chairman’s update on recent activities


    Master plan – Liaison meeting (23rd Oct) confirmed Linden were still planning to build on western edge of Chapel Green. However the flats will have staggered ground floors to reduce sense of a ‘block’ and will be 2-story only. This will reduce parking area required and reduce number of trees to be cut down. Still planning on extra houses on the south-eastern corner of wooden hamlet and Summersdale Road. Green space on eastern fringes should be large enough for orchard, allotments and a community garden/space. So some wins after all our efforts, but no major changes. Meeting confirmed sales suite will not be available for community use for up to 7/8 years putting pressure on the Lodge (permission only granted for 3 years) and the need to convert the Chapel quickly.


    Sue Cressey, Grace Taylor and I took the GPRA’s continued concerns to one last meeting with Peter Youll (MD Linden Homes) on 11th November but he was not prepared to change their plans.


    Since this meeting the district council have deferred their planning decision having had considerable doubts about the housing on Summersdale Road. I have no further information at this time as to how things will proceed.


     Other Linden Issues – at the 11th November meeting we also raised the issues of poor customer service, build quality in some areas, the need for a proper maintenance regime for Havenstoke Park and the issue of overselling in Linden PR. The Linden team agreed to take those issues away and report back at a future meeting as to progress.


    Cycle Path – WSCC confirm they are actively talking to the key player in Hyde Martlet. A path plan was presented to the liaison meeting on 23rd October Legal papers will be prepared and exchanged with Hyde Martlet and a consultation period with Westbourne road residents begun. No concrete time frame was given. Advice to the GPRA was to leave an open gap and put ‘No entry – Private Land’ sign on north side of the fence (to mitigate any liability for accidents). This sign was erected and the fence mended for free by Grange but the sign has been subsequently ripped down and the fence damaged again.


    Process Map – Susan Shord and I have devised a user guide to cover most eventualities (together with a who’s who at Graylingwell) and placed it on the website. A telephone number has been established for contacting the GPRA for those not on the web and added to a revised welcome sheet that goes to all new residents.


    Community Garden – I have negotiated with Grange for the use of a vacant brick bin store for community garden storage and have handed the keys to Tim Lawrence Owens.


    Graylingwell Energy – Sue Cressey has had updates on compensation for summer outages and compensation is in the pipeline for those affected. Despite the recent violent thunderstorms which had caused electrical blackouts in the area Graylingwell Energy had been on site to ensure continuity of hot water/heating supplies.


    Affinity Sutton – did not attend the last quarterly meeting and have given no updates about the much-needed maintenance programme. Emails are going unanswered and I will pursue.


    Car parking – Sue Cressey and I met with CPM on 3rd Examples of parking infringements were reported to CPM for action (eg commercial vehicles, permit misuses, rugby club and student parking etc.) Alternative systems for visitor parking were discussed including a capped allowance of scratch cards for visitors to replace permits, 24 hours no-return schemes and 4 hour limits to midnight that, if visitors parked at 8pm would allow an overnight stay until 8.30pm. All of these are more bureaucratic and costly (and indeed less flexible) than the current scheme (which in many cases is enshrined in conveyancing agreements) and it was agreed that we would continue to simply report abuses to CPM and deal with problems as a community. Since the AGM there has been an increase in neighbourly voucher sharing to assist with family gatherings etc. New signage would be considered by CPM for the entrance to Connolly Way and the car parks to emphasis the rules and restrictions.


    Grange Management – all issues reported to the GPRA are in hand and a meeting with SCS is scheduled for 20th November to review landscape/gardening performance and issues.


    1. Focus for 2015 – Proposals
    2. a) A service award for anyone who has given the community good service/gone beyond the call of duty e.g. Alan Wiper from Graylingwell Energy. This could be recognised in the newsletter and perhaps the local paper.
    3. b) The Community Garden needs to be preserved as it is very valuable to the community. Linden are aware that it needs to be preserved. Peter Youll is working with Gavin Bourne to try and ensure both an interim and final solution that will meet the needs of the community. It will be April/May before any new garden is available as there is an issue with the placement of a road which will impact on the previously proposed position of the temporary garden. A storage area will be provided in the meantime but no growing land at this time.

    At every level GPRA have made this an issue to ensure the garden is replaced. CCDT are also in negotiation with Linden to ensure the issue is resolved as amicably as possible and to all parties’ satisfaction. Sue Cressey pointed out that the garden is more important to the residents than the allotments.

    1. c) Dusty and the CCDT have organised fitness classes which will be free to all residents of Graylingwell and Rousillon. This will commence Wednesday, 7th January, 17.40-18.25 at the Community Centre in Rousillon Park.
    2. d) ‘Grand Opening’ of the Lodge to attract residents. Lots of groups are already interested including a pre-school which will make it commercially viable. All the groups therefore that go in should be open and of benefit to the community.
    3. e) Co-ordinating the CCDT and GPRA communications strategies. CCDT could give GPRA some funding to assist with distribution. This could be of benefit to everybody. Jane and Richard will get together to build on existing foundations of co-operation.
    4. f) A campaign for researching available grant monies for visible projects around the park (eg benches). We need to check with Linden because it may be their responsibility. It may also be the responsibility of CCDT if the master plan gets the go-ahead. The Ambassadors would like to attend the January meeting as they have also come up with ideas including benches, picnic areas, dog training, etc. They also want to do a survey to find out just what residents would like.

    We will welcome the Ambassadors to the meeting in January. The meeting will take place at Rousillon Park.

    1. g) Expanding the social calendar (wine tasting, quiz nights, etc.). This will hopefully happen when the Lodge is up and running.
    2. h) Investigating how to get superfast broadband to the development


    Activities (Social/Active)


    An active and co-ordinated community voice


    1. AOB


    1. a) Post box – Royal Mail have been helpful but the outcome is that we cannot have one because it is less than 900 metres to the nearest post box. Idea to be revisited as the Graylingwell population grows.


    1. b) Road Safety Workshop – CCDT and WSCC are very happy to do it but feel the spring would be a better time. Jane will organise


    1. c) CCDT Report – The Lodge has arrived and should be open the end of February/beginning of March.


    Green travel consultant did a survey in May. At the time of survey there were 214 residents. 136 vehicles were recorded at 7.30-9.30 am and again in the evening. Peak hour departure between 8.00 to 9.00 am was 59 cars, evening arrivals were 51. 8 taxis were used over the day. There were 24 cycle journeys. Bus passengers 24 (1 per bus average). We should be encouraging the use of the city car share service (Co –wheels) and public transport. Cycle paths are changing around Northgate.


    Jane asked if anyone was free to help at the children’s’ party on 6th December.


    3 free Zumba classes will be running at Rousillon to see what the take up is with a view to putting them in to the Lodge.


    Adult get together at Rousillon (5th December). If you want tickets email Angie at angie@chichestercdt.org.uk.




    Richard thanked the new members for joining and thanked all members of the committee for the effort they have put in over the last, very busy, year. Much progress had been made on core issues such as planning and energy supply. Stronger relationships had been built with those involved in the park. 2015 would be a year to maintain that position and move forward on the provision of amenities and activities.


    At a committee level we still need succession planning in technical areas around the website. The committee was asked to review their contacts in this area.


    1. Dates of next meetings


    Wednesday 21st January (Roussillon Park)

    Wednesday 18th February (Roussillon Park)