• GPRA Committee Meeting 7pm Wednesday 26th March 2014 Minutes

    1               Attendees

    Sue Cressey, Paula Miller, Irela Strachan, Barbara Howden Richards, Richard Shord, Brad Ainsworth, Jane Haskins.

    2               Apologies

    Emma Ainsworth, Dusty Miller.

    3               Minutes of previous meeting

    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting


    4               Matters arising

    Neighbourhood watch

    CPSO Karen Turrell has been invited to attend the next committee meeting on 30th April. She will explain her role and the next steps in the neighbourhood watch scheme. This will be the only item on the agenda and normal business will be held over until the meeting after that on 28th May. Urgent issues requiring action before that date will be circulated for information and discussion by email.


    After much discussion and recognition of the desirability of face-to–face surveys to get a high level of response, it was agreed that manpower issues would preclude this approach. The chairman would reissue the questionnaire in A5 format and forward to the treasurer for printing on card. Delivery teams would then leaflet every dwelling. Returns could go to the new CCDT post-box to be sited in the sales suite.

    Graylingwell Energy

    Despite numerous attempts at contact, Gavin Brothers, Operations Manager, has still not responded to the chairman. The key issue of lack of recompense for hot water outages in 2013 and 2014 was therefore unaddressed. Despite promises made to Barbara Howden Richards, bills had still not been received. Residents being billed are receiving estimated usage as a result of the automatic data collection system being inoperative. This wholly unsatisfactory position shows scant regard for customers. The chairman has written to the energy ombudsman to seek assistance and suggested to Graylingwell Energy that court proceedings may follow. It was agreed that the treasurer would draft a letter for the chairman to send to all directors of Graylingwell Energy Ltd seeking their intervention and redress of grievances.


    Barbara Howden Richards had contacted the NHS about their grounds bordering the park and some improvement had already been seen. A further meeting was planned to complete the process. It was agreed that the treasurer would lead a litter-picking session on the park on Saturday April 12th  at 10.30 am aided by the Young Ambassadors. Jane Haskins would organise four of them to volunteer and be paired with 4 adults for supervision. Disposable gloves and high-visibility bibs would be provided along with litter-picking tools.

    Linden Customer Services.

    Responsiveness has improved now that emergencies caused by storms had been dealt with.

    5               Treasurer’s Report

    Affinity Sutton had signed off on the website project management and associated financial processes. After paying CRAG subscriptions in the month funds stood at £316.94p. The summer fete was discussed which was a good source of funds last year. Paula Miller and Emma Ainsworth (in absentia) were deputed to organise a raffle prize along the lines of last year. Committee members are expected to donate items of value for a hamper. Additionally the chairman may be able to provide helicopter rides over Chichester as a further prize.  The raffle would be under the auspices of CCDT.

    6               Grange Management Update

    Committee officers had met with Richard Smith, the manager with overall responsibility for Grange’s management of Graylingwell.  A satisfactory meeting had led to agreement on quarterly meetings, with Linden and Affinity Sutton representatives in attendance, to cover cross-party responsibilities. A mail-shot to all residents would come from Grange, highlighting contact routes and processes to get speedy action with problems in the public realm. The next meeting was 28th April at 3pm. SCS continued to show a good standard of workmanship in managing the grounds and gardens.  Requests would be passed to Grange to arrange for Car Park Management to enforce parking restrictions in Connolly Way and Blomfield Drive, particularly at weekends.  A thirty-minute grace period for non-obstructive blue badge parking on roadways had been agreed with CPM – bays to be used at all other times.

    7               CCDT update

    Photos and plans of the new (temporary) community space were shared. This is not a replacement for community facilities to be provided by Linden but an additive space to bridge the wait for section 106 commitments (especially welcome in the light of the re-submission of the master plan to the planning authorities and subsequent delays to the plan). It will have facilities for people with disabilities and suitable for yoga, zumba, pilates etc. Bookings should be available from June//July and local users will be given preference.  Jane Haskins was requested to reserve the space for the GPRA AGM on 11th September. Chichester College students will refurbish the building which has to be transported from Old Woking (and will also be working on designs for a bus shelter). Jane Haskins informed the committee that attendance at CCDT activities was generally good and the committee thanked her for the hard work and effort in planning and delivering a range of activities including those linked to the community garden.

    8               AOB

    Feedback from the digital newsletter had been good. Copies are to be posted on notice boards. The committee were urged to get all their contacts to sign up via the website.

    Local companies who have provided good service to residents may be invited to advertise on the website. The treasurer will investigate possible rates. To be reviewed at next full business meeting.

    The treasurer asked committee members for any suggestions for enhancing the website as an updating of certain pages will soon be underway.

    Sue Cressey will forward to Gavin Bourne at Linden, concerns about locks in phase 1A which may make checking on/helping vulnerable neighbours unnecessarily difficult.

    9               Dates of future meetings

    • 30th April (PCSO only)
    • 28th May

    Both meetings 7pm at the cabin