• GPRA Committee Meeting 7pm Wednesday 21st January 2015 Minutes



    Emma Ainsworth, Lesley Atchison, Jane Haskins, Barbara Howden-Richards, Sarah Langmead, Dusty Miller, Richard Shord, Susan Shord, Irela Strachan, Grace Taylor, Chris Waller.




    Sue Cressey, Paula Miller, David Lodge


    3.Presentation of new committee members


    A welcome was extended in absentia to new committee members who could not attend this time and it was indicated that more offers of help were coming in from new residents.


    4.Young Ambassadors


    The Young Ambassadors were welcomed. Phil and Caspar (their leaders) outlined two key issues for the group:


    1. They wished to open a dialogue/communication channel between GPRA and themselves and to provide a report on a monthly basis about the activities they would like to pursue.


    The GPRA is happy to endorse the idea that we have a regular open communication channel and our e-newsletter can publicise the Ambassadors’ activities.


    1. They had created a questionnaire for all residents to obtain feedback regarding the three issues listed below. However, this had not been delivered as they felt they should have a discussion with GPRA first, since they did not want to source information that the GPRA already had.


    Speed of cars


    Some drivers are going on to the path to avoid the new speed bumps and there are still a number of drivers who are not slowing down sufficiently. Can we make them bigger or put them closer together? Putting in islands to constrict traffic may be a solution.


    Lloyd Rd was designed as a play street and the hope was that people would respect this. The cost of any solution must be considered, since it must be borne by all residents through their payments to Grange Management. A demonstration had been suggested, using placards with ‘Slow Down! I Live Here Too’, aiming for press coverage. We could also write to corporate bodies whose drivers are speeding. Residents need to educate their children about road safety and a Road Safety Workshop will take place in the spring when the weather starts warming up. Jane Haskins suggested that the Ambassadors could be involved in this.


    Speeding cars have been reported to the police.


    It was agreed that what GPRA has done so far is a start but there is more to do.


    Action: GPRA will consider all suggestions and take this matter forward to Grange Management. The Ambassadors were asked to consider any further ideas they may have to address the issue.


    Lighting – GPRA are trying to get something done about the lamps that are out at the top of Lloyd Road. This is difficult because the company has gone out of business and the parts come from Germany, but it is in hand.


    Parking spaces (lack of them) – It was explained that, as an eco-development, Graylingwell Park was designed to have a limited number of spaces, although there are more spaces allocated per household in later phases. There will be some additional visitor spaces around the park when the new master-plan is complete.


    The Ambassadors can use the website to find out about what GPRA does and perhaps explore it in one of their sessions to discover where our aims coincide.   Together we could come up with a questionnaire that the Ambassadors could deliver to residents and GPRA could co-ordinate the responses.


    Projects the Ambassadors are getting involved in:


    Grant from Affinity Sutton for £15000. They will be appointing a Youth Leader to work 15 hours a week plus an assistant. They will be running a youth club and starting a Junior Ambassadors group.


    Two major projects the Ambassadors are aiming to take on:


    Skate park competition to be run at Westgate Skate Park. The Ambassadors want to deliver an event for the slightly older age group (16+). They are going to contact local organisations to get them involved.


    Dog Show day.  The Ambassadors feel the central part of Havenstoke Park is not maintained and dog walkers do not clean up after their dogs. They would like to organise a dog competition, with free health checks from Pampered Pets, and tie this into an awareness campaign about “picking up”.


    The Ambassadors were thanked for coming along and it was confirmed that GPRA would endorse the Dog Show and investigate bag holders for the dog mess collecting points. The Ambassadors will be added to the distribution list for the GPRA minutes.


    5.Minutes of previous meeting


    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting




    6.Matters arising


    Bank mandate is now in place so the bank account is operational.


    CDC planning meeting was a result for GPRA, on balance: height of flats reduced, housing in Summersdale Rd taken out, reduced felling of trees.


    Service Award: A draft certificate for outstanding service was circulated. This to be awarded for excellent support to resolve problems that have arisen on the development. Richard suggested that the first recipient be Alan Wyper from Graylingwell Energy who has worked assiduously to sort out a number of problems associated with the supply of heating and hot water, billing and maintaining the service. Linden, Affinity Sutton, etc. should be copied in. Richard asked the committee to propose future recipients.


    Grant monies: Anita Burnard at Affinity Sutton has provided some leads for potential sources of money.


    Superfast broadband. Chris has made contact with Openreach Wayleaves Team who are waiting for permission to site a cabinet on private land. This is already in their building programme. Once permission has been granted, it could be in place by the autumn. Progress made will be publicised in the next newsletter, including a link to allow residents to register an interest.


    Website support – we are still looking for a new committee member to assist with the website.


    7.Chairman’s report


    Reports of rats around wildlife area on Havenstoke Park. Enquiry placed on wildlife officer as to appropriate treatment. No reply as yet. Will then need to establish HCA/Linden responsibility for pest control.


    Additional mystery management charges placed on small number of shared ownership homes by Affinity Sutton (between c. £250 and £980). No explanation provided. GPRA assistance requested. Lengthy and as yet unresolved correspondence likely to lead to formal complaints procedure and approach to housing ombudsman.


    Significant parking issue has arisen around Homestead Road. Some spaces being held back by Linden for temporary phase three parking and eventual sale (c. £5k per space). Lack of appropriate bay marking has led to high ticketing rate. Lack of ticketing of student cars parked in roadway exacerbates sense of arbitrary ticketing. NB. These cars have now received tickets. Requests for discussions with CPM (since 23rd December) not responded to by CPM. Will escalate via Grange at next quarterly meeting (26th Jan).


    Incorrect use of visitor permits in Lloyd Road led to correspondence with letting agents who deny giving inaccurate information to short term tenants.


    Discussions over choir parking held with Richard and Jill Riley who are now co-ordinating/managing choir activities. Agreement on need for car-sharing, bus usage, pooling cars at Northgate for practices etc. Problem of lack of spaces will be worsened by Lodge activities when opened. Calendar of public events (including ‘Choir in a day’ Chichester Festival event) to be furnished in advance to GPRA committee for consideration of relaxation of parking rules.


    TV signal outage in Longley Road resolved next morning thanks to help from Trudie Hudson (Grange) despite illness, and speedy response from Ian Whitfield at England aerials.


    Initial public consultation meeting on development of Lower Graylingwell site attended. Key issues here will be traffic management along Graylingwell Drive, bus gate positioning, future university entrance etc. Watching brief adopted.


    Some customer service issues addressed on behalf of residents but no evidence of overall improvement.


    8.CCDT Update


    The Lodge is in place. The college should have it 80% finished in 3 weeks. There may be a call out to the community to help finish the painting. The hope is that it will be finished after half term in readiness for the Pre-School which is due to have an OFSTED inspection. Between half-term and Easter it will be completely finished and some trial events will be run prior to commercial bookings going in. Funding is in place for a homework club, the ambassadors, a youth club, and the junior ambassadors. Yoga, Pilates and Zumba teachers interested.


    GPRA will be running a trial open house coffee morning – Saturday, 21st March


    Jane would like the Saturday morning to run as follows: GPRA will run one once a month, the church once a month, the CCDT once a month and then perhaps a charity once a month so that there will be one every Saturday. Hire will be free.


    Jane would like to see it as a regular event so that it can be advertised.


    Richard proposed that we do take up Jane’s suggestion of committing to a GPRA coffee morning once a month. All committee members were in agreement.


    This led to a discussion regarding responsibilities and that there is a need for sub committees. Going forward this is the sort of structure that is required in order to distribute the workload across all members of the committee.


    Richard proposed sub committees. All committee members were in agreement


    Richard asked all committee members to consider where they would see themselves involved and to email him with this.


    Summer Garden Party: now 11th July. Jane asked if GPRA are still happy to be responsible for the car parking on the day. The income from it would be handed over to the GPRA.


    Richard proposed that this is all we will do at the Summer Garden Party. All committee members were in agreement. We will discuss who will be responsible and actively involved at the next meeting. The new date will go on the website.


    Newsletter Proposal: the wish is that everything the CCDT is doing will go on the GPRA newsletter. They would pay the Residents Associate £10 a month for this. In return they would like everyone who is not on the mailing list to get a hard copy through the door. Does the GPRA have the resources to do a monthly newsletter and distribute it by hand? Hard copies on a quarterly basis might be a way to go. The committee agreed that we remain independent from CCDT for the time being but that CCDT activities can be included in the e-newsletter. The issue of additional communication will be taken to another meeting.




    Barbara has agreed to send a letter to Jeremy Hunt asking him to advise us as to how the plan for the Winterbourne cycle path has advanced.


    Grace asked if there is anything the committee can do about the cigarette ends that are being dropped in certain areas. This will be brought up with Grange Management.


    Another tree has come down in Havenstoke Park. We are still awaiting an arboreal report. This will be a topic at the next tri-party meeting on the 26th January. GPRA are trying to establish what the policy will be regarding tree replacement.


    10.Date of next meeting


    Wednesday 18th February (Roussillon Park)