• GPRA Committee Meeting 7pm Wednesday 18th February 2015



    Sue Cressey, Sarah Langmead, Barbara Howden-Richards, Richard Shord, Susan Shord, Irela Strachan, Grace Taylor, Jane Haskins




    Chris Waller, Dusty Miller, Paula Miller, David Lodge, Emma Ainsworth


    Introduction of prospective committee member


    Richard extended a welcome to prospective committee member, Clare Thomas, and introduced her to the committee members present, explaining their involvement and roles.


    Minutes of previous meeting


    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting




    Matters arising


    Speeding – The Young Ambassadors had suggested we contact delivery companies who are frequent culprits. Barbara volunteered to take on the task of contacting them via a short letter reminding them of the advisory speed limit of 10 mph. Companies include: DPD, Yodel, Yell, UPS, Iceland, Tesco, Sainsbury, and Ocado.




    B H-R to contact delivery companies


    The Choir – The choir have asked the GPRA to relax on-road parking restrictions on the 26th April (4-6pm) and 4th July (11am-5pm). The first date is a concert and the second a ‘Choir in a Day’ event, as part of Chichester Festival 2015. Richard felt that, as the choir is a community activity involving members from Graylingwell, the issue should be given consideration. In discussions it was agreed that parking stewards in high visibility jackets would be required to ensure that cars are parked appropriately. The choir would also be required to send out details about public car parks and bus routes in the area and encourage their members to make alternative parking arrangements. Additionally they should print their own choir permits (to be dated and handed out at each event) so that casual visitors were reminded that parking restrictions existed at all other times.


    The choir are now communicating with Jane and the CCDT but the church is not. Both organisations need to understand that, with the Lodge opening for business shortly, CCDT need to be informed of all proposals at the planning stage. The second choir date above, for example, would have clashed with the Garden Party had that event not been fortuitously moved. In any event, current parking arrangements for the church and choir will not necessarily continue.


    Grace, who is a member of the choir, will inform them of this at their next meeting and Richard will send them a letter containing the conditions outlined above and notify CPM of the agreement.




    GT to inform choir verbally of agreement and conditions


    RS to send details of conditions to choir administrators and inform CPM


    GPRA Open House coffee morning at the Lodge– 21st March. An open house for people to meet the members of the committee, talk through issues and generally socialise. GPRA have committed to do this every month, if successful, as part of a regular CCDT Saturday morning programme.


    Jane assured the committee that the Lodge would be available. Susan, Sue and Sarah volunteered to provide cakes. Jane will provide tea and coffee. All committee members are asked to let Susan know if they will be available for the event. Susan will design a flyer publicising the morning and Jane will print it. Irela, Sarah, Barbara and Clare will deliver to Longley and Homestead Roads. Dusty and Sue Cressey could make Lloyd Road deliveries, with possible help from Coral Botteley. Deliveries are to be done 11th/12th March for best impact.




    SS to produce flyer (to go to JH by 4 March for printing and to distributors by 10 March)


    All – inform SS if able to attend a.s.a.p.


    Winterbourne Cycle Path – Barbara reported that there have been some developments. The most appropriate person to deal with the matter in Hyde Martlet has now been identified by WSCC. The Hyde Group will enter into a Deed of Dedication with WSCC which will transfer maintenance responsibilities for the cycle path to the County Council, the path becoming a public highway. A draft has been prepared. Once the document is signed construction work will begin on a “walk, talk and build” basis. The Construction Project Manager has been provided with the documentation he asked for and he is currently briefing the legal team at the Hyde Group. The cycle path will lead into the Graylingwell development from Winterbourne Road. Connecting cycle paths to the Festival Theatre and Homebase will be provided at a later date.


    Sub-Committees – Richard has had a small number of offers to take on aspects of all the work identified at the last meeting. Richard asked members to look again and see if they feel there is something in which they can become involved.




    SS to e-mail list to committee, annotated with current responses


    Treasurer’s Report


    No change from the previous report


    Chichester Residents’ Associations Group


    CRAG was dissolved last year as a result of chairmanship difficulties. Parklands Residents’ Association has since hosted a meeting of Chichester-wide groups and has proposed an informal network of Residents’ Associations. This is something that Richard has been dealing with but should be taken up by a sub-committee. It provides a worthwhile opportunity for exchange of information on planning matters and for developing responses to Chichester issues such as traffic management. The committee agreed that they would wish to continue the link and Grace volunteered to attend future meetings, given her role with Chichester Society.




    RS to forward contact information to GT


    Grange Update


    Sue gave an update regarding defective lighting in phase 1 (4 lamps). Trudie Hudson is trying to find the most economical solution but this is proving difficult. The situation has been ongoing for some considerable time. The cost is high – 4 replacement parts are £2992 plus fitting charges and VAT. It has been proposed to Grange that the cost should be borne by Linden, as the lights were not fit for purpose, but they are unlikely to agree and will blame sub-contractors (who have since gone into receivership). The GPRA continues to press for a solution.


    The new parking signs that have been placed at various points on the site were discussed. The committee agreed that they were striking and clear and should help solve parking issues with regard to the Rugby Club and any other groups or individuals that park in roadway areas. Jane informed the committee that there is parking for £1.00 on Sundays at the university.


    Lucky Gohler is the person to contact if anyone wishes to inform the CPM about persistent abuses of visitor permits (lucky@uk-cpm.com). The visitor permit number will be needed.


    Dog bins – It has been agreed with Grange to provide a third dog bin, closer to the sales suite, which will have a bag dispenser as part of it. Chris Waller has volunteered to be responsible for monitoring the usage and ensuring that bags are always available. Jane suggested we contact the Dog Warden at the District Council as they may provide the bags. Sarah Hughes should also be contacted, as she is involved in the issues regarding ‘responsible dog owners’.




    CW to contact dog warden re bag supply


    Ambassadors could contact Sarah Hughes


    There was still no sign of Linden addressing the many issues they should have tackled as part of the handover process (and there were still many ongoing issues over customer services, outstanding actions from quarterly meetings and lack of provision of facilities on which Linden had based their marketing. The meeting agreed that, in the light of Linden being the lead developer at Whitehouse Farm, the people of Chichester should be aware of what they might face and Richard was deputed to approach the press.




    RS to prepare and circulate press release


    CCDT Report


    A generator has been stolen from the Lodge. It had to be someone with a van or 2 people. Jane asked if anyone might have any information regarding this.


    Saturday 11th April will be the official opening day of the Lodge. Probably 4-7pm to encourage families to come along.


    The bus shelter has been held up because CCDT are still waiting for the materials from Linden. They are now considering purchasing the materials themselves and charging Linden for the cost of materials. It will now be delayed further however because the tutor at Chichester College who is overseeing the project is going into hospital for a hip replacement.


    The plan is to keep Thursdays free at the Lodge for community events. Groups going in include:


    • Yoga
    • Pre-school
    • Pilates (possibly)
    • Homework club
    • Youth club
    • Junior ambassadors and senior ambassadors


    A number of individuals have been asking about hire for birthday parties etc.


    Hire for residents will be £7.50 per hour at the Lodge. Once the Lodge is open, hire at Rousillon Park will be £15.00 per hour for Graylingwell Park residents.


    Jane remarked that the process of getting the Lodge up and running had been somewhat slower than anticipated. The students from Chichester College, to whom we are all grateful, have been very willing volunteers but many of them had no previous experience of undertaking the work required.


    All agreed that the community owed much to the determination and dynamism of Clare de Bathe at CCDT.




    Grace nominated Tim Lawrence-Owens for a certificate of ‘going above and beyond the call of duty’ for his work in the community garden. All agreed he would be involved in the process.



    Grace asked why the residents can’t put up ‘for sale’ signs when the builder can. Richard explained that this is part of the covenant we as residents agreed at time of purchase.


    Grace asked if it would be possible to reposition the numbers on her and her neighbours’ doors. Every person down that side of the road would have to agree to it. Grace would have to contact Trudie at Grange Management if she wanted to seek permission to have this done.


    Richard reported that there has been another stolen bicycle in Longley Road. This would appear to be prevalent in Chichester at the moment. Neighbourhood watch is up and running but please keep your eyes open.


    Richard updated us on the work he has done for some Affinity Sutton tenants with regard to excessive maintenance charges. The GPRA had been able to give full voice to their concerns and Affinity Sutton has now apologised to those involved and the bills have been reduced.


    Date of next meeting: Wednesday 22nd April in The Lodge


    The March meeting has been replaced by the open house coffee morning. Until the April meeting, please use email to raise issues and keep in touch.