• GPRA Committee Meeting 7pm Thursday 3rd July 2014



    Susan Shord was welcomed to the committee. In attendance were Emma Ainsworth, Barbara Howden Richards, Richard Shord, Brad Ainsworth, Sue Cressey, Susan Shord left early to deal with a particular resident’s issue that had arisen.


    1. Apologies


    Paula Miller (who arrived later after work to sweep up the raffle issues), Dusty Miller, Grace Taylor, Irela Strachan.


    3.Presentation by Young Ambassadors


    Held over until after Summer Garden Party


    1. Minutes of previous meeting


    Accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting



    1. Matters arising


    1. a) Neighbourhood watch – no progress yet as CRB checks (or current equivalent) were ongoing. Emma Ainsworth now receiving email updates and will speak to the PCSO to check on progress shortly. The Treasurer would also email Lisa Shadbolt to expedite matters.


    1. b) Cycle Path – The fence had been repaired and Barbara Howden Richards had contacted the relevant authorities about the proposed path but reached an impasse as at least part of the resolution of the problem lay with Hyde Martlet (as owners of the land north of Graylingwell) who had not responded fully to contacts, although one person had suggested compensation might be available. Sue Cressey will forward the costs of repair to Barbara for information. The treasurer had also spoken to a WSCC representative who confirmed Hyde Martlet as the problem. Barbara would continue to chase Hyde Martlet but the committee agreed to ask Grange (at their next quarterly meeting) what the barrier was to simply fitting a gate by 117 Lloyd Road and what any consequences/liabilities there would be.


    The broken garden fence at 117 was an Affinity Sutton issue only.


    1. c) Graylingwell Energy – No change in that no reply had been received to the last letter from the Chairman. He would write again to confirm the meeting date and attendees and make it clear that should no contact be forthcoming we would go to the press with complaints over standing charges and unacceptable outages. Householders affected by the overrun of the notified outage for July 1st should seek individual compensation as a result.


    1. d) Master plan – The treasurer had attended the latest Linden Homes liaison meeting. Linden Homes had arranged a site visit for council representatives which had ‘allayed their fears’ regarding the master plan variations. This means that subject to council approval (probably in August) all the variations will be nodded through with the exception of the possible reduction in height of the blocks of flats book-ending the Chapel Green. Residents’ objections to, for example, the further removal of trees, extension of phase 5, usage of the old farm house etc are unlikely to be given much weight. The Highways Agency has raised no objections to the houses fronting Summersdale Road despite the concerns of those who actually use the road. Linden Homes are abandoning their plan to move their sales operation to the south-eastern quadrant to sell future phases and will continue to use the current sales suite effectively until the site is finished. This will impact the CCDT business plan.


    The chairman and treasurer will contact a former councillor who has moved to Graylingwell for advice on progressing concerns.


    1. e) Litter at North Lodge – The committee would raise the whole issue of stewardship of that area with Grange and Linden at the next quarterly meeting


    1. f) Knotweed – Resident Mike Pickering had kindly responded to the chairman’s request for help on this issue. Mike had stated thatthe legislation would appear to indicate that it is responsibility of the landowner which is believed to be the Homes and Communities Agency. Mike had written to the HCA (copy to Linden) asking if this is the case and if so what they are doing about it. He had also copied Eric Pickles, Minister of State and would let the GPRA know what unfolds.


    1. Treasurer’s report


    The balance of funds remained at £286.44p.


    1. Summer Garden Party


    A set up team would meet around 9am to lay out the stall. The chairman would source a gazebo. The vice-chairman would supply a clip board for signing up residents for the newsletter and bring the banner. Only prizes would be on display and not the literature from previous years. Raffle prizes would be numbered and telephone numbers taken to notify winners after a draw at the end of the afternoon. A photo of the main prize-winner would be taken for the newsletter. Emma would provide the raffle tickets and the treasurer would supply a cash box and float for change.




    Detailed implementation of a notification plan for all households would be discussed at the next meeting but in principle the following items were agreed:


    1. By 14th August every household to have a card stating date and purpose of AGM and calling for any amendments to constitution (which must be submitted by 21st August) as well as nominations for officers and committee members
    2. Notices to be placed on notice boards and website
    3. Nomination forms to be available from committee members
    4. Reminder card w/c 1st September to every household (NB Treasurer on vacation)
    5. The AGM will not be quorate unless 15 members are present (there are nine current committee members). No quorum and the AGM will have to be rerun. If no quorum again, the association shall be wound up if 90% of those present agree and any monies distributed to charities of choice
    6. If insufficient residents stand for officer roles, these can be allocated at the next committee meeting. The aim should be to have at least eight committee members after the AGM
    7. A new bank mandate will have to be put in place immediately after the AGM
    8. An audit pack prepared by the treasurer will be ready to forward to Affinity Sutton once the minutes of the AGM are prepared.


    9.CCDT update


    The plans for the bus shelter were reviewed and agreed. At Emma’s suggestion it was agree a plaque should be placed on the shelter to commemorate the late, former committee member John Hancox who had campaigned tirelessly for the facility.


    The Roussillon Park community centre had been formally opened and was now available to rent by Graylingwell residents at reduced rates.


    The Summer Garden Party preparations had been extensive.


    10.Grange Management Update


    The fencing issues had been dealt with in the discussion on the cycle path.


    Responsibility for determining the suitability of the edifice at #93 had not been resolved. This, the continued presence of a satellite aerial in Lloyd Road, and the state of at least 10 letter boxes would be discussed with Affinity Sutton at the next meeting. Emma would speak to Kelly Ruff from AS the next day.




    1. The group leasing the chapel had asked for parking restrictions to be lifted for special events. The committee was unanimous in rejecting this request as the group had made no attempt to communicate with residents nearby, or draw in the wider community by liaising with the residents’ association in advance, over the suitability of events for a residential area.
    2. A proposal from Derwenthorpe ( a Yorkshire development with similar characteristics to Graylingwell) to consider ‘twinning’ for mutual exchange of information and concerns (eg. standing charges) was welcomed but will be followed up by the new committee after the AGM.
    3. Grace had drafted an article for the Chichester Society newsletter and was thanked for her efforts. Any comments should be forwarded to her asap.
    4. A statement would be placed on the CDC website in support of CCDT’s planning application for the lodge (temporary community hall) and support for the internet cafe/homework club would be given if required
    5. Barbara had found details of speed indication devices that could be available from the PCSO as a means of reducing speeding patterns in the Park and would undertake further investigation.
    6. Britain in Bloom had made a surprise visit to the community garden and pronounced that they were very happy with progress made. All sections of the community will miss the garden when phase 4 begins development next year.
    7. There has been an accident involving the number 50 bus at the bottom of College Lane which involved the chairman and his family. Residents are reminded to remain seated at all times on this bus service which has to negotiate some difficult turns.


    12.Dates of next meetings

    Wednesday August 6th 7pm at the cabin.


    Thursday September 11th (AGM) at the chapel