• GPRA Committee Meeting – 7pm Thursday 22nd October 2014 Minutes


    Richard Shord, Susan Shord, Irela Strachan, Jane Haskins, Paula Miller, Sue Cressey, Lesley Atchison, Emma Ainsworth, Dusty Miller


    1. Apologies


    Barbara Howden-Richards, Grace Taylor


    1. Minutes of previous meeting


    Approved as a fair and accurate record of the meeting.


    1. Matters arising


    Update on the Cycle Path Provision.


    Unfortunately, the fence has been damaged yet again. We will not, however, pay for further repairs. West Sussex County Council, who are responsible for laying the cycle path, seem to be dragging their heels in negotiations with Hyde Martlet (owners of the land). Post meeting update: Legal papers are being drawn up by WSCC who have now identified key contact in HM, drawn up cycle path plans and will schedule Westbourne Road consultations. No further action by GPRA committee at this stage.


    Graylingwell Energy.

    • SC and RS had a positive meeting with Graylingwell Energy who accepted that there had been problems with the billing system and Switch 2 (the billing company). They maintain there are now only 6 houses that have unresolved billing problems.
    • SC noted that residents in phase 1 still have not received compensation for the 3 outages.
    • In the long term, a reduction in standing charges may come about if Graylingwell Energy can supply other areas.




    • SC will contact Graylingwell Energy if compensation is not paid in the next bill


    Master Plan

      • At the Liaison meeting on 23 October, which RS will attend, Linden will be giving an update on their plans for Graylingwell. It is likely that they still intend to build on the western fringes of Chapel Green but it will be a 2-storey block rather than a 4-storey


      • Peter Youll (MD of Linden Homes for this site) has agreed to a meeting on 11th November at Graylingwell Park to see first hand the impact of the master plan.


      • The building of houses on Summersdale Road is still an issue.


      • Linden have confirmed they will not be cutting down more trees and extending the ‘wooded hamlet’ except for 4 houses on the south-eastern corner.



    • RS will raise all planning issues for the last time at the meeting with P Youll


    Process Map

      • This is still being is still being developed.


      • JH suggested that it include advice to call 101 in the event of incidents such as criminal damage. In this connection the PCSO’s number is on the notice boards and website and, in addition, we have 30 residents on the Neighbourhood Watch.



    • RS and SS will complete the process map and post it on the website and notice boards.


    1. AGM Review


      • SC reported that CPM ticketed all 19 cars parked on the road for the rugby on Sunday 19th


      • In the event of cars being parked inappropriately, an email can be sent to Grange Management who will notify CPM.


      • CPM have also been asked to pay attention to the fact that it is prohibited to park certain types of commercial vehicle on the site.


      • To overcome inconsistency in ticketing, it was agreed that we should ask Grange Management to devise a more efficient system with CPM.


    • Renting-out unused parking spaces to other residents is possible.


      • RS and SC will raise the issue of parking with Grange Management at the next meeting on 27th


    Havenstoke Park Maintenance


    This is on the agenda for the Peter Youll meeting on 11th November.
    Mail Box
    With 220 occupancies (500 people) a mailbox on site is important.


    • PM will contact Royal Mail and also, if possible, the resident who raised the matter at the AGM.

    Phase 1A Render
    SC has alerted Affinity Sutton to the fact that that their properties in Phase 1A need rendering.

      • RS proposed that in the calendar for meeting dates for 2015, we designate three a year as opportunities for residents to come forward with any queries or concerns they may have.


    • JH suggested that monthly coffee mornings run by the GPRA at The Lodge on Saturday mornings would be a good opportunity for residents to come along for a chat. This was agreed.



    • RS will draw up a calendar of meetings and events to be booked in the Lodge by EA

    Road Safety

      • Speed bumps are to be installed in Lloyd Road. Payment for these will come from Grange Management funds (the roads in Graylingwell Park are un-adopted by WSCC). The cheapest type has been selected and their success will be monitored.


      • JH will discuss the possibility of another Road Safety workshop in Lloyd Road with the PCSO with a view to pencilling this in as a spring event.




      • SC will produce plans for location of speed bumps.
      • JH will contact the PCSO


      1. Treasurer’s report


    No change from the AGM


    1. Grange Management Update


      • RS asked the committee to send him any concerns to be raised at the meeting with Grange Management on 27th


      • SC has arranged a walkabout with Trudie from Grange Management prior to the meeting


      • It has been raised with Affinity Sutton that they are not maintaining their properties, as they should be. This will be brought up again at the meeting with Grange Management.


      1. CCDT Update


    The Lodge


      • The play bus will be moved and parked in front of the Cabin, and the groundwork will start on Monday. This should take 2 weeks, as will the installation of the Lodge.


      • The college will then come in to do the remainder of the work. The hope is that it will all be completed by January.


      • In the budget, the occupancy assumption was 37%. This appears to be in place already.


      • A New Homes Bonus Grant has been secured for a homework club, which will also operate in the Lodge.


      • EA is responsible for bookings and she asked that anyone interested in making bookings do so as early as possible.


      • The time restriction for the Lodge is likely to be 10pm.




      • JH will look into whether there is a grant we can access to cover the £15 cost for each GPRA meeting.


    Bus Shelter


      • It will be located at the current bus stop by the Harold Kidd Unit and is likely to be up by the end of November.


      • The Art Department at the College is going to make a slab with the Blomfield flower in it, to form part of the base, and eventually one of the old pews from the chapel may be used as seating inside.


      • There will be disabled access from the path to the shelter.


    Task Group


    Terms of reference are changing for the CCDT task group and JH will clarify these as soon as possible.
    Garden Move

      • JH has spoken with Linden who have agreed to move the fence back to leave a small part of the garden for storing sheds etc. until the new garden has opened.


      • In the master plan there is no provision for a community garden but it has been promised.


      • JH believes a community garden, community orchard and allotments, run by the CCDT for the benefit of residents, would be an ideal solution.




    • RS will ask if parts of the pergola etc. could be stored in an unused bin store owned by Grange Management.


      1. Any Other Business


    The Play Park
    Once Linden are granted the master plan changes, which include the re-location of the play park, there should be no barrier to work being started on it in the spring. Much hinges on the decision the District Council makes on the whole of the master plan.
    Two actions for the year ahead
    Firstly, for the next meeting, each member of the committee will bring one idea to enhance the community at Graylingwell Park, that the GPRA could get behind.


    Secondly, each current member will find one new recruit for the committee. The need to recruit is essential in order to lighten the load on individual committee members and to allow for succession planning.


      1. Date of next meeting


    26th November 7 pm at 42 Longley Road (the Cabin being unavailable).

    There will be no December meeting unless an emergency arises.