• E-newsletter Volume2:Issue2 March 2015

    It’s a start!


    After all the delays and difficulties at last there’s a community facility here at Graylingwell Park. Thanks to the efforts of the CCDT (especially director Clare de Bathe and her family), volunteer residents, community gardeners, tradesmen giving time and skill, and students from Chichester College, the Lodge is now pretty much operational.


    In advance of the formal opening (Saturday 11th April), Saturday 21st March saw the first dry run of a (hopefully) monthly GPRA coffee morning. Over 30 residents of all generations and several nationalities met with committee members for tea, coffee and home-made cake, as well as a natter about all sorts of things we have in common. Bit like a community really…




    Watch out for the details of the next one!




    Almost everyone who moves to a new development hits a few snags and we try and keep the website up-to-date with helpful telephone contacts for just those occasions. If you’ve overcome a problem or found a reliable tradesman, email the GPRA and we’ll put details on the web or in subsequent newsletters.


    Better, faster broadband




    The cabinet for fibre-optic broadband connection is being installed in Lloyd Road. We’ll keep you posted on when services start to come on line.


    What have the Romans ever done for us?


    You can still see the classic sketch from Monty Python’s life of Brian on You Tube So, following on from some questions from new residents here’s a list of things we get involved in. Doesn’t involve aqueducts but it’s a start.


    External environment





    Management of Grange relationship and charges (residents will eventually take on formal responsibility for the management of the estate)


    Oversight of gardening team


    Voluntary litter-picking


    Park Issues including dog waste bins


    Consultation on parking issues


    Built environment




    Relationships with Linden (This isn’t an easy one)


    Customer services – trying to resolve on-going problems (neither is this)


    Working to ensure services (including Graylingwell Energy and TV signal) are well maintained (definitely improving)


    External relationships


    WSCC (eg. cycle paths)


    CDC (planning issues including South Graylingwell and Chichester University)


    Informal Network of Chichester Residents’ Associations (including our neighbours Richmond Park and Summersdale) to play our part in city issues


    Community Development


    Promoting Social events (including Garden Party, barbecues and coffee mornings)


    Relationship with CCDT


    Relationship with PCSO


    Neighbourhood Watch






    Newsletters, digests and circulars


    In short we work on issues that affect all of us at Graylingwell regardless of type of tenancy or ownership. We have had some successes but there is always more to do. If you’d like to help us why not get in touch with a committee member and volunteer?