• E-newsletter Volume2: Issue 5 June 2015

    Advance notice of Annual General Meeting


    The Graylingwell Park Residents’ Association will hold its AGM on Friday August 14th at 7pm in the Chapel. Please put the date in your diary and come along on the night. The main reason for holding an AGM is the election of a committee and officers to represent all the residents in the year ahead. Richard Shord is retiring as Chairman this year and, since the last AGM, we have many new residents in phases 3 and 5 who need representation. If you would like to step forward and help, nomination forms can be sourced from the chairman at rshord@yahoo.co.uk . Remember it’s your association and the complexity of the development means there’s always a need for people to become involved and help community happen. In previous newsletters we’ve shown what we do and what we’ve achieved so please think about giving some of your time to make Graylingwell Park a great place to live.


    Press coverage


    You may have seen the article in the Chichester Observer ‘Developers warned to listen to residents’ in which the GPRA drew attention to the abandoned/late/substituted community facilities the developer had promised. We had also hoped to draw attention to quality issues and poor customer service but restricted space (in part due to the right to reply by Linden and the District Council) saw those conversations edited out. We shall, however, continue to channel concerns to the press as they arise.


    It’s your air – keep it clean


    According to the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association (BEAMA), indoor air can be 50 times more polluted than outdoor air and may contain more than 900 chemicals, particles and biological materials with potential health effects. A recent study showed 91% of homes tested for volatile organic compounds in the air (that come from paint, carpets and furnishings and even computer printers) were above the recommended level. These VOCs, together with mould and condensation problems can cause respiratory and dermatological conditions. Part F of the Building Regulations lays down guidance on ensuring adequate levels of ventilation and in new-build homes (like those at Graylingwell) builders will often install mechanical ventilation equipment with heat recovery capability to deliver energy efficiency and air quality.




    The good news is that these Titon HRV units in our homes can deliver good air quality but only if they are run constantly (when doors and windows are closed) and only if they are regularly serviced. We’ve recommended before that the filters in these units be regularly cleaned or changed (every 6 months) and the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers said in May 2015 ‘Perhaps …getting the ventilation system serviced will be as common as the annual boiler check-up’. An annual service would not only change the filters, but clean out the whole unit and around the vents, as well as balance the system (which can reduce mechanical noise and cold-air dumping in some corners).


    We are currently in contact with a company that could provide such services and will publicise details in due course.


    We have contacted Affinity Sutton to ascertain their proposed maintenance regimes for tenants and shared-ownership homes (where the units are sealed in and filters cannot be easily changed) but have been told: “…our Mechanical and Electrical department…has confirmed that there is no legal requirement to service these units and at present Affinity Sutton’s policy advises that we will react to repair as and when these happen”.


    We shall be pressing Affinity Sutton to accept that this is sub-optimal in terms of their duty of care to tenants’ health and well-being.


    (Thanks to Derek Hiscock for help with this item.)


    Trees in the park




    A team of committee members and concerned residents is coming together as a sub-group to form an action plan for tree replacement in the park. Recent storms have caused more damage and several trees are ear-marked for felling due to disease, safety or as a result of the amended master plan. The group will also be in contact with District Council personnel, the CCDT and Grange Management and we will report on their progress in due course.




    Other diary dates of note


    The next GPRA coffee morning and ‘clinic’ will be held on 20th June. Come along, relax and chat with committee members about your concerns and eat cake at the same time.


    The Summer Garden Party is getting closer – don’t forget it is Saturday July 11th. The GPRA will be running the car parking and also be around to help with queries and concerns.