• E-Newsletter – Volume 7 – Issue 1 – February 2020

    Welcome to our first issue of the new decade.

    As Spring approaches, we look forward to more colour and less grey with the opportunity to get out and about.  The snowdrops are in full swing in the park and colourful pots are appearing in various corners of the development thanks to green-fingered residents.


    Play park

    One of the main concerns raised over the past few months has been the fencing-off of the play areas across the development, as well as the trim trail around the park.  Initially the Heras fencing was erected following a failure of equipment but, even though that has been repaired and the equipment inspected, the fencing remains.  We understand that concerns about the condition of a number of trees means that, until remedial work on these has been undertaken, the fencing will not be removed.

    Airing courts shelter

    You may have noticed that, although Graduate Landscapes have done an excellent job on the gardens of the southern airing courts, the old shelter has been vandalised on more than one occasion.

    Clear up and repair have usually been done promptly. The last incident occurred between Christmas and New Year and even then, Grange and Linden ensured that all was secured. They are currently considering the best way forward to prevent further damage.

    Of course, we can all play our part in trying to reduce vandalism and there is advice from the police on what to do if you witness it, on the crime section of Help Guide page of the website.  Jason Lemm, our PCSO (jason.lemm@sussex.pnn.police.uk) has already visited a CCDT Saturday Café to give advice on safety and security.  He will be back in April and we’ll send you information on this nearer the time.

    Bike store security

    Also, on a security matter, bike owners will know that Grange Management is steadily upgrading locks from the rather insecure combinations to key operated hasps and locks, as funds become available.

    What you may not know is that each lock costs £100 and, on the occasions when a locksmith has had to be called out to remove the remains of a key snapped off in the lock, the cost is £170.

    This may be mindless vandalism or the result of someone trying to unlock one store with a key from a different one.  The keys are not interchangeable.  Please be careful.

    Parking signs and visitor spaces

    Visitor parking is still an issue, with some residents using their visitor permits on a regular basis for their own cars rather than leaving visitor spaces free for genuine visitors. This tends to be more of a problem in the evenings.  CPM are monitoring this and, with the new permits having been issued, can now link the visitor permit to the residents who are using them.

    Incidentally, it is important that you use the newly issued permits, as the old ones are no longer valid and cars will be ticketed.

    Parking signs have been looking shabby of late and many of them will be renewed over the next few weeks.  There is considerable help and advice on parking issues on the Hot Topics page of the website.

    Community buildings

    At the end of this month, the New Lodge, overlooking the cricket field will be fully open, although the Little Learners pre-school have to wait for Ofsted approval before they make their move. However, the next Charity Fish and Chip Quiz Night will be held there on Wednesday 12th February, so our quizzers will have a sneak preview. There are still some spaces available so, to book your place, contact Sally at Bookings@chichestercdt.org.uk.

    There are 18 parking spaces to which users will have free access during their classes/events using time-specific passes.  Pay and Display will also operate there, with the option to use the “JustPark” App

    The Old Lodge by the chapel will become the site office for the chapel works, scheduled to begin around Easter.

    It has stood us in good stead since it arrived in sections on the back of four lorries in November 2014.

    The Pavilion in the Park will be handed over to CCDT before too long, once Linden have completed the fit-out of temporary changing rooms and a community space.

    The Graylingwell community garden and allotments will not become available until building works on Phase 4 are complete, since access will be through that area.  However, green-fingered Graylingwell residents will be able to share the Keepers Green community garden.  This small area is almost complete with its raised beds and pergola.

    Flooding around the path

    This has been a real problem for those who use the path around the park this wet winter, forcing pedestrians to choose either to walk through the mud on each side or in the road, where there is no safe walkway.

    A surveyor appointed by Linden is providing information on action and pricing.


    The old farmhouse to the east, shrouded in plastic to protect the building, is still scheduled to become a gastro pub, with Brunning and Price currently reviewing plans with the conservation officer.

    Committee Sub-Groups

    Sub-groups have been set up to ensure more effective use of committee time and to focus on areas of particular interest to residents.  Full information can be found in the minutes on this page of the website.  If you would like to make a contribution to any of the areas outlined, please contact the committee.  Your support is always welcomed.

    If you know of anyone who doesn’t receive these newsletters and who might benefit from finding out more about what’s going on at Graylingwell Park, please forward this to them and encourage them to sign up.

    Our next newsletter will be sent out in April after the next committee meeting but you can always drop by the Saturday Café with the GPRA, held on the third Saturday of every month, if you would like to talk to members of the committee.