• E-Newsletter – Volume 6 – Issue 3 – October 2019

    Welcome to our Autumn newsletter, the first since the AGM earlier this month.

    Annual General Meeting

    The full minutes of this meeting are available on the GPRA website. In them you can read the Annual Report given by Rob Norris, our chair, which provides a detailed review of the considerable amount work done by the committee on your behalf over the past year. This has ranged from working on issues which affect us all, to following up concerns raised by individuals who need a little extra support in dealing with our partners, Linden, Grange Management, Graylingwell Energy, Clarion Housing and the Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT).

    Some members of last year’s committee have retired and new members have been elected.  The full list can be found in the minutes. There were also some changes to the constitution, and the treasurer presented the draft accounts for 2018-2019. There are links to both of these on the website Homepage.

    CCDT Director, Clare de Bathe, gave a presentation outlining the work of the CCDT and the benefits that Graylingwell residents receive as a result.

    Finally, Jeremey Hunt, our local county councillor, was present at the meeting and made himself available to answer questions from the floor at the end of the meeting.

    Quarterly Meeting

    Every three months, some members of the committee meet with representatives of Linden Homes, Grange Management, Clarion Housing Group and CPM.  This provides an opportunity to raise issues affecting the whole development. The full minutes of October’s meeting are on this page  of the website.  To move through the document, click on the little arrows on the bottom left of each page. However, three of the key items addressed are outlined below:

    1  Misuse of bin stores

    Sadly, some bin stores continue to be misused, with large items being abandoned, rubbish bags being left on the floor and thus attracting vermin and  non-recyclable rubbish being put into recycling bins. This means that the entire contents of contaminated recycling bins have to be sent to landfill.

    The upshot of this is that Grange is charged directly by Chichester District Council to remove the mess and then the cost of the additional collections is passed to every household by Grange and Clarion. (Item 3.3).  So far, in the first 4 weeks of the financial year for Graylingwell Park, the charge from CDC has been over £1000 for Phase 3 alone. In the words of Trudie Hudson:

    “Expenditure at this rate will basically cripple the service charge; the charges we levy to you will need to double to keep up with this careless and uneconomical expenditure.”

    Please do not contaminate the recycling bins. Plastic bags, polystyrene, foodstuffs, toys, shredded paper etc. cannot be placed in them. The posters on the bins themselves clearly display the correct items that may be disposed-of within them. Also, please do not place recycling items in plastic bags and then put the whole bag in the bin, this simply contaminates the container.

    2  Parking permits

    CPM will be reissuing parking permits to all residents before long, for reasons outlined in item 9.2 in the minutes.  You can also read more about parking in the Hot Topics page of the website.

    3  Street lighting

    Ongoing concerns regarding streetlights have largely been resolved, with the exception of numbers 42 and 44 on Connolly Way.  Incidentally, it is always helpful if residents who spot that a light isn’t working, let Grange Management know by contacting Deborah Nelson, whose details are on the Help Guide page of the website.  Every lamppost has a number on it, so quote that if you do make a report.  The sooner problems are reported, the earlier they will be fixed. (Item 5.3)

    Fencing around the play park and trim trail equipment

    Many of you may be wondering why there is fencing around the equipment in the park. Unfortunately, following the failure of a piece of equipment, Linden have fenced off the area as a precautionary measure. We’ll keep you updated on the situation as we receive more information.

    Residents’ individual concerns

    As you will have seen, the Help Guide page  of the website provides guidelines on whom to approach if you have a concern about your home, heating and hot water, the public realm or parking.  Generally speaking, if you follow these, the problem can be resolved reasonably quickly.

    If you have tried and failed to get satisfaction, then come along to the Saturday Café with the GPRA in The Lodge on the third Saturday of each month, where there will be committee members available to provide support.  Of course, you can just come for coffee, cake and a chat.  Everyone’s welcome.

    Please encourage your neighbours to check out our website and sign up for newsletters.  You can forward this e-newsletter to them or just knock on their door, ask them if you can borrow a cup of sugar and pass on our web address (https://gpresidents.co.uk).  It’s a great way to stay in the know about what’s happening at Graylingwell.

    And finally…

    Residents are not just affected by what happens at Graylingwell Park.  As part of the public consultation for the Chichester Neighbourhood Plan, Chichester City Council has launched a survey to gather views from the local population about what should or should not be included in the finished Plan.  To have your say about what goes on beyond our boundaries, follow this link  to complete the survey on-line.