• E-Newsletter – Volume 6 – Issue 2 – June 2019

    Graylingwell Park Residents Association

    June Newsletter to residents

    Here is an update of items we have been discussing recently:  if you would like further information, the minutes of the Committee meeting held on 27 March and 29 May 2019 and the meeting with Linden Homes and Grange Management held on 30 May 2019 are on the minutes page of the GPRA website .

    Graylingwell Chapel – We were delighted to learn thatthat Chichester Community Development Trust has received a grant of £1.3 million towards the restoration of the Chapel. You should all have received an invitation to celebrate this great news with an event on 4thJuly. The event will offer a tour of the plans for the chapel and a community event from 5 pm with a BBQ, a bar and a bouncy castle.  GPRA are manning the BBQ and the evening will also enable us to welcome new residents who have moved to Graylingwell Park in the past two years.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine and a great turnout.

    Havenstoke Park –The new play area is being well used by children who live on Graylingwell Park.  Complaints about children playing in the streets have reduced significantly since the play area was opened.

    Sadly there have been some incidents of vandalism and graffiti and we are seeking a meeting with the local Anti-Social Behaviour Officer to think through ways of deterring this behaviour which spoils the play area for the vast majority of children who simply wish to play and enjoy the park.  We are grateful to Linden and Grange Management who are committed to removing graffiti and dealing with vandalism as quickly as possible to keep our play area looking like new.  If you see any incidents of vandalism, or any other form of anti-social behaviour on the park, please could you report this to the police via the 101 phone number, or the West Sussex Police website.

    The meadow lands have been planted with wild flowers and grasses and left to grow naturally across the park and have proved very popular.  Sadly many of the beautiful Horse Chestnut trees have a disease called Chestnut Canker which makes them vulnerable to high winds. Tree damage is, unfortunately inevitable, but we hope to keep as many of the mature trees as we can, whilst replacing those that succumb to the disease and need removing.

    Linden is still promising to install a large soakaway beside the area of the footpath that floods regularly in an attempt to solve the problem.  This work to happen soon, although we do not yet have a date.

    Once all the work required on Havenstoke Park as part of the planning permission for the whole development is completed, Linden will hand it over to Chichester Community Development Trust who will own the asset and be responsible for its future maintenance and development.  We expect this to happen sometime this year.

    Future use of the old farmhouse – We all became very excited when scaffolding was erected around the old farmhouse, as we hoped it was the beginning of the renovation work necessary to turn it into the promised gastropub. Our excitement was possibly a little premature – the scaffolding has been erected to protect the building from further deterioration whilst planning negotiations (the building is Grade II listed) continue with the District Council.

    Linden Homes’ future plans – Linden Directors have relocated their marketing presence to a house on North Mead, which leaves the old marketing suite vacant, and ready for handover to CCDT, which already owns the Chapel.

    Planning work on the spalled bricks in the Water Tower has begun and Linden tell us that the scaffolding, which will be in place for around 18 months, will be erected in August.

    Keepers Green –The developers, Hill, have reseeded the cricket field  and the pavilion is nearing completion. The Pavilion will be handed over to CCDT in due course and will replace The Lodge.  The new houses on Keepers Green are also being built very rapidly.  CCDT is hoping to have access to the cricket pitch and new Pavilion once the first 20 properties are occupied.

    Car Parking – We have produced a reminder about the parking rules for the development.  These rules are part of the freehold and tenancy agreements that all residents have signed and must be followed to make life workable for everyone.As you know, infringements will attract a car parking notice and fine administered by the car parking company employed for this purpose – CPM.  The reminder is posted on the Hot Topics page of the website

    Residents’ permits are to be re-issued by CPM.  Each resident will be issued with three permits per allocated space, plus one visitor permit.  The permits will be colour coded to reflect the split nature of the site.  This will help CPM to monitor visitor parking by residents, including any instances of use of visitor spaces as if they were a permanent allocation.

    Saturday Café with local Councillors – We were very pleased that two of our local District Councillors, Tony Dignum and Richard Plowman joined us at the June Saturday Café.  This gave residents an opportunity to have discussions in an informal setting and, as usual, to enjoy the social side of things and the excellent cakes.  Items raised included the use of Havenstoke Park, parking, access across the development, the bus service, plans for the Northern Chichester Sewage pipeline, the development of local and neighbourhood plans and planning issues more generally. Jeremy Hunt, our County Councillor, was unable to attend the café, but has met with some of the GPRA Committee members, and has promised to attend a café later in the year.  Our July Saturday Café will be held on 20 July in The Lodge.  We hope to see you there!

    Customer Services – We have been heartened by the improved response we have seen recently to queries and issues raised by residents.

    No 50 Bus timetable changes – Many residents contacted us to complain about the changes to the bus timetables which were introduced in April.  We raised our concerns with Stagecoach, the bus company, and with West Sussex County Council.  The service has always been heavily subsidised by Linden Homes in an attempt to encourage residents to use the service sufficiently for it to become self-financing.  Unfortunately it has been estimated that this would require an average of 10 passengers per bus.  The current usage is well below this level, so when the subsidy was exhausted at the end of 2018/19, it was necessary to reduce the service.  Nonetheless we raised the issue with our local councillors who have promised to see what they can do.  Residents are reminded that they can still travel all the way to the bus station (and thence to the railway station) on the No 60 service which runs down Boyle Road.

    Chichester Community Bus –Is there a need for a community bus in Chichester? Do you think a bus linking different neighbourhoods in Chichester, or providing more connections in the City Centre would help you?

    To test local opinion, an online survey has been put in place at surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PVLXLJS. If you have any questions about the project, please contact sarah.ccc13@gmail.com.

    Date for your diary – Please note that we have taken on board comments that holding the AGM in the middle of the summer holiday season was not the best way to ensure as many people as possible could attend and have arranged this year’s meeting for Friday 11 October at 7.00 pm.  Please keep the date free: more information will be sent to every household during September.