• E-Newsletter – Volume 6 – Issue 1 – February 2019


    There is loads going on at Graylingwell Park!  Here is an update of items we have been discussing recently.  if you would like further information, please follow the links the minutes of the Committee meeting held on 30 January 2019 and the meeting with Linden Homes and Grange Management held on 7 February 2019 on the GPRA website.


    Welcome to new residents in North Mead and Randall House.  All the flats in Randall House are now occupied, and Grange Management has taken over the day to day maintenance and cleaning of communal areas.  There are still a lot of snagging issues which we are pressing Linden to resolve as quickly as possible.  Please make sure that Linden Customer Care are aware of any issues in your own property.


    Linden will remain responsible for the management of communal areas in North Mead until all the properties are sold.


    We would love to see new residents at our Saturday Café sessions which are held on the third Saturday of every month in the Lodge from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. The café gives you a chance to meet other residents and members of the Residents’ Association Committee.   Sign up for our regular newsletters (our website tells you how) for reminders of the dates.


    Bus gates – The Bus Gates become operational on 1 November and Linden Homes has been very helpful in erecting barricades to stop anyone trying to avoid the bus gates by driving over paths and grass.  Pedestrians are enjoying having access to the site by both routes for the first time. Linden Homes has agreed to reduce the volume of the warning announcements at the southern bus gate to avoid disturbing residents, especially at night.


    Linden is aware that new signs are required at all entrances, and is planning their installation shortly. They are likely to wait until the future of the Marketing Suite is finalised (see below).


    Post box – We now have our post box!  It is on the triangle of grass opposite the entrance to The Lodge on Blomfield Drive.  


    Havenstoke Park –New play facilities for children have been installed in Havenstoke Park, the Airing Courts and beside the Chapel.  The Chapel facilities are not yet open. We are keeping a close eye on the impact on the park in relation to parking and litter. 


    There is concern that the unfenced nature of the parks means it is difficult to stop dogs messing in the area.  Dog owners are asked to take extra care to ensure their pets don’t go into the play areas, and certainly to ensure that any mess is cleared up.  We will be keeping this issue under close scrutiny as we remain unconvinced that notices asking dog owners to act responsibly will solve the problem.


    Linden is planning to install a large soakaway beside the area of the footpath that floods regularly in an attempt to solve the problem.  This work to happen soon.

    Sadly, Linden has told us that there is no money to install spur footpaths from Penny Acre, Longley Road and Homestead Road.


    Once all the work required on Havenstoke Park as part of the planning permission for the whole development is completed, Linden will hand it over to Chichester Community Development Trust who will own the asset and be responsible for its future maintenance and development.  We expect this to happen sometime this year (see below).


    Gardens around the Airing Courts – Windmill Landscapers have completed the hard landscaping of the north side of the Airing Courts and will be planting new beds and updating the planting in existing ones once the soil is warm enough. 


    It appears that the cast metal of the fountain is very hard to drill into without shattering, so Linden is looking for another solution to the problem of the fountain being filled with stagnant water.


    Linden Homes’ future plans –Outline Planning Permission has been granted for 101 3 and 4 bedroom homes in Phase 9 (to the south of Kingsmead Avenue). Given the downturn in the housing market, no timescale for starting on site has been agreed yet.  


    Linden Directors are aware that all their marketing activity is now on properties on the east side of Graylingwell Park, although their marketing suite remains on the west side.  They are therefore considering whether to relocate their marketing presence to the east side.  This will leave the current marketing suite vacant, and ready for handover to CCDT, which already owns the Chapel.  CCDT are developing plans for the use of these areas, and would welcome residents’ suggestions. 


    Work on the spalled bricks in the Water Tower is still scheduled for this spring, so we are hoping that the scaffolding, which will be in place for around 18 months, will have the added benefit of scaring off the seagulls who made such noisy neighbours for Longley Road residents last summer. 


    We were told before Christmas that access to the new community garden and allotment will not be possible until Phase 4 is completed in 2020. However Linden has agreed to allow access this spring to the area to plant the grafted apple trees that provide a link to the original orchard.  This will enable the new community orchard to be created and the grafted trees to be cleared from the side of the Chapel before building work starts there.


    Plans for Phase 8 – the two blocks of flats near to the Chapel are now being finalised for submission to the planning authority.


    Lower Graylingwell– to be known as Keepers Green.  Hill is moving very quickly to build their development. CCDT is hoping to have access to the cricket pitch and new Pavilion once the first 20 properties are occupied.


    Car Parking  It is a requirement of your contract or tenancy agreement that you display a clear parking permit at all times.  A number of residents have recently been given endorsement notices for not doing so, or for displaying permits that are faded so they look as if they may have been photocopied. We have agreed with CPM that they will let residents know if CPM wardens are worried about the quality of the permit they are displaying so that people have the chance to replace their worn permit before receiving an enforcement notice.  They will do this by leaving a note on your car windscreen.  You can obtain a new permit from CPM at a cost of £5.  Details of how to do so are on the CPM website. 


    Rubbish bins.  We have a couple of bin related issues:  in Lloyd Road the temporary bin store which is designed to provide a space for residents to leave their bins on the day of collection only is being used as a permanent bin store.  It is very untidy and an environmental health hazard.  Please make sure that you remove your bin once is has been emptied and store it in your own garden.  This is a requirement of your transfer or tenancy agreement. 


    In Longley Road the bin store behind 117 – 139 Longley Road has been overfilled.  All the large bins are full to overflowing which means that the council will not collect them as they cannot load an overflowing bin onto the hoist on their collection wagon.  The bin store has not been emptied for over a month, and is an environmental health hazard. If the bins in your chosen bin store are full, please use another bin store until after the next collection day. The store between Randall House and Blomfield Drive usually has space in the bins.


    Grange Management has arranged for both areas (Lloyd Road and Longley Road) to be cleared and tidied, but the extra costs – which are around £400 – of doing this work will be paid out of budgets created from residents’ management fees. 


    College Lane entrance.  Residents who use the College Lane entrance will be aware that it has been decidedly wet recently!  The Council has discovered that an underground spring has burst up through the carriageway causing damage to the road.  Staff are monitoring the problem and plan to close the road for several weeks later in the year so that the spring can be diverted and a new gas main can be laid.  Watch this space for more details.


    Chichester Proposed Parking Management Plan.  West Sussex County Council have developed a new parking plan for Chichester which they hope to consult on very widely over the next month. Don’t worry, the plans do not affect Graylingwell Park!  However you might be interested to see what is being proposed. The consultation arrangements begin on 1stMarch when the online consultation opens. For further details please see the West Sussex County Council website – www.westsussex.gov.uk/chiparking.