• E-Newsletter – Volume 5 – Issue 5 – October 2018



    Here is an update of items we have been discussing recently:  if you would like further information, the minutes of the Committee meeting held on 3 October 2018 and the meetings with Linden Homes and Grange Management held on 27 September 2018 and 3 October 2018 are on the GPRA website. 


    Bus gates – The bus gates installations will be completed by mid-October, following which Kingsmead Avenue access will be opened and the site split required by the Council as part of the planning permission will be implemented.  Linden will send a letter to all residents explaining the reasons behind the installation of the bus gates and telling them which entrance to the development they will be able to access.


    Whilst we understand that some residents will be disappointed that they are unable to use both access points to the development when the Kingsmead Avenue entrance is open, we support the approach as it will protect Graylingwell Park from becoming a ‘rat run’ between the A27 and the A286.  The new arrangements will be monitored.  If you see anyone abusing them, please let us know – our contact details are on the GPRA website.


    Post box– A site for the new post box has been chosen, and we are awaiting a cable survey by the Post Office.  We are still hopeful that the box will be in place at the entrance to Longley Road by Christmas.


    Havenstoke Park – Work will start in mid-October on the facilities in Havenstoke Park and other public areas of the development which Linden will install as part of the planning requirements.  The trim trail – including outdoor gym apparatus – around Havenstoke Park will be installed during the week beginning 8 October, when the sports pitches and meadowland mowing will also be introduced.  Seats and waste bins will also be provided.


    A playground will be provided near the Marketing Suite, followed by play areas on the Airing Courts and near the Chapel.


    We have asked Linden to look at the flooding problems on the footpath and they have agreed to tackle this when the trim trail is installed.  Spur footpaths from Penny Acre, Longley Road and Homestead Road will be installed at the same time to link in with the main park path, so that residents can get onto the park without getting their feet muddy in the winter.


    Gardens around the Airing Courts – Windmill Landscapers have been appointed to complete the landscaping of the Airing Courts once new footpaths have been laid. The programme was delayed by this summer’s drought, which also affected planting in other parts of the development.  We are working with Linden and Grange to identify where plants have died and what to do about them.


    Windmill Landscapers will be asked to provide draining in the fountain behind the Airing Courts shelter, and fill it with soil and appropriate planting.  This should resolve the problem of it filling with stagnant water.


    Bike sheds – The new, more secure locks on the bike sheds proved their worth when they prevented thieves from stealing bikes, even though they had broken into the bike shed. The new locks have now been fitted to the sheds near 40 and 42 Longley Road, and all the locks will be upgraded as funds permit.


    Linden Homes’ future plans –Land clearance has been completed for Phase 9 (to the south of Kingsmead Avenue), and a detailed planning application for 101 3 and 4 bedroom homes has been submitted for consideration at October’s Planning Committee.  If plans are approved, it is expected that a start on site date of March/April 2019 will be achieved.


    Work on the spalled bricks in the Water Tower is to begin shortly.  The project is complicated, and it is expected that the scaffolding will be in place for around 18 months. This work will have the added benefit of scaring off the seagulls who made such noisy neighbours for Longley Road residents this summer.  Linden have agreed to install a decoy on the top of the Water Tower to try to discourage them from returning once the Water Tower project is complete.


    Sadly, access to the new community garden and allotment will not be possible until Phase 4 is completed in 2020.


    Linden estimates that 785 properties will be provided on Graylingwell Park.  566 have either been built or planned in detail, and 428 homes have been occupied.  Of these, 260 are in private ownership and 168 are affordable housing.  This means that the development is now more than half way to completion.


    Lower Graylingwell– Hill have started to build their new development, including the replacement pavilion on the old cricket pitch.  It is anticipated that the first houses will be ready for sale towards the end of 2019.


    Covenant management


    Those of you who own your own homes will know that you had to sign undertakings known as restrictive covenants as part of your contract of sale.  One or two householders have breached these covenants and action has been taken to require them to comply with the terms of their contract.  If you are planning any changes to the outside of your building or your garden, please check your contract before you do so.  GPRA members will be happy to give you general advice – our contact details are on our website.


    GPRA – street representatives



    We have now agreed that some GPRA Committee members will become street representatives.  Their role is to ensure two-way communications between all areas of the development and the GPRA Committee.  Most streets have a single representative, but Longley Road (which has over 300 households) has three.


    The representatives are:


    Lloyd Road – Sue Cressey

    Longley Road – Sue James, Sandie Jenner, Brian Baker

    Penny Acre – Rob Norris

    North Mead – Alan Bradbury


    Contact details are on our website.


    GP Services


    Concern was expressed at the AGM about the waiting times for access to routine appointments at Lavant Road Surgery.  We have written to the Practice Manager to see if we can find out whether the practice is planning to expand to respond to the growth in numbers of patients recently.  Watch this space for their answer!