• E-Newsletter – Volume 5 – Issue 4 – July 2018


    Here is an update of items we have been discussing recently:  if you would like further information, the minutes of the Committee meeting held on 20 June 2018 and the Liaison meeting held on 25 June 2018 are on the minutes page of the GPRA website.



    Post box– Linden Homes have received permission from Royal Mail to install a Post Box on Graylingwell Park.   Date of installation and location – which must be by a road to aid mail collections – still to be decided.  Both the Clock House and Blomfield Drive have been proposed.


    Relationship with the University – summer school students have recently arrived, and they are here for 6 weeks.  We have a contact at the University and a number (manned day and night) to call if there are problems – 01243 793477.


    Demolition Dust – there have been complaints about the dust that has been created due to the demolition work in preparation for building at Lower Graylingwell. Hills have promised to increase the amount of damping down but it is still an issue.  If you are concerned about excessive dust from either the new site or Linden’s existing site, please contact the site manager in the first instance.  Please let your GPRA representative know if you remain concerned.


    Car Parking – Considerable concern has been expressed about the misuse of visitor parking spaces, in relation to residents with one parking space using their visitor permits to park two cars on site, and depriving the rest of the residents of access to the visitor spaces.  The other abuse which is causing concern is the misuse of visitor spaces overnight for commercial vehicles.  The GPRA are considering ways in which visitor parking could be controlled to prevent these abuses.


    Maintenance of Heat Recovery and Ventilation Units – We approached Veolia to see if they were interested in providing a maintenance service for HRVUs, given the great difficulty many residents have found in getting anyone interested in providing this service.  This would be in addition to both the existing heating and hot water system support they already provide to residents, and the new Homeowner Cover package they have recently proposed, if there was sufficient interest.  Veolia replied to say they were training engineers to maintain the HRVUs, but were very disappointed with the level of interest from residents in the Homeowner cover – only 11 had replied. If you are interested in subscribing to the Homeowner Cover package that they wrote to all residents about in April, please let them know.


    Litter pick– The litter pick that took place on 20 May went very well. Many thanks to the 10 volunteers who turned up and picked 10 large bags of litter.


    Bus gates – We have received concerns about delays in opening the eastern access route onto Kingsmead Avenue, particularly since the other access points onto Palmers Field Avenue have now been closed as part of the Hills development.  We did ask for the pedestrian access gate to be opened in advance of the full opening of the route.  Sadly we were told that this was not possible due to health and safety issues.


    The bus gate installation has been delayed as Linden have found services under the Graylingwell Drive that were not on any plans and are having to decide what to do with them.  The northern bus gate will not be installed until the southern bus gate is in place. No time scale yet.


    Dog fouling – Residents have complained about the fouling on the grass areas around the houses and apartments.  These are Linden landscaped areas and will not therefore be covered by the Council’s bylaws that protect roads and verges. Discussion took place on how best to manage the situation.  There was support for the installation of dog waste bins around the Airing Courts and other large landscaped areas, but it was unclear how this could be funded.  Further discussions are needed.


    Gardens around the Airing Courts – the gardens around the Airing Courts have not yet been taken over by Grange Management.  Linden Homes have commissioned a new landscaping firm to complete the landscaping of the areas, although this will take time.  The flower beds that have already been created are not being well cared for.  This will be raised at our next meeting with Linden.


    The holly trees that are dead or dying near the Superintendent’s House car park are going to be replaced by Grange Management, with something more suitable that will not damage cars.


    Bike sheds – The bike sheds on the Airing Courts are still the responsibility of Linden.  They are planning to install the hasp and staple locks that Grange Management have already put on two of the stores that are their responsibility.  Similar locks will be installed on the large store opposite 40 and 42 Longley Road, although this will need to wait until the next financial year, when sufficient funds are available.


    The Lodge – the Lodge floor will be replaced in August to give it another year to ensure that it is fit for purpose until the Chapel is ready for use.


    Lower Graylingwell– CCDT will be taking over the Cricket Pitch, the Pavilion, the Lower Graylingwell Community Garden and a small play area. The specification for these areas has been agreed with Hills construction who are responsible for developing Lower Graylingwell and must fund the provision of the above amenities as part of the planning agreement.  The Pavilion should be available by the summer next year.  Because this is an accelerated build scheme, it has to be completed within 24 months.


    Havenstoke Park – Linden Homes have to make a number of additions to Havenstoke Park as part of their planning agreement.  These include sports facilities, playpark, benches and a trim trail.  The planning agreement requires this work to be delivered by Christmas.  Linden will then hand ownership of the park together with an endowment to run it to CCDT.


    Linden Homes’ future plans.  Linden have submitted the next stage of the detailed planning proposal.  The development of a Care Home is now being planned.  The restaurant/public house development on the old Graylingwell Farm is also moving forward.  The company who are interested are reported to be very good at running gastro pubs. No contracts are signed yet.



    The Studios next to Graylingwell Farm will also be handed over to CCDT once they have been refurbished.  A steering group has been set up to design the space, create a prospectus and raise the money needed to develop them.



    Some dates for your diary



    At the next Saturday Café to be held on 14thJuly at The Lodge from 10.00am-12.00 noon, our local PCSO will be running a Fraud and Scam Awareness Session. Cake and coffee as always – and it could save you money!



    Residents views sought on district heating in Graylingwell for national research


    Would you be willing to share your views about Graylingwell’s district heating network?

    Independent charity the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) (www.cse.org.uk) is conducting research on behalf of the Dept. of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The research aims to understand consumer experiences of district heating, to inform the development of new heating networks and improve consumers’ experience of them in the future.

    It is seeking 6-10 residents to participate in an informal group discussion at the Lodge on Wednesday 18th July 7.00-8.15pm. 


    Anyone who has district heating (from a central boiler that supplies a number of homes rather than a boiler in their home) is welcome to participate, and all comments are welcome. Tea and biscuits will fuel the discussion, and participants will receive a £20 store voucher as a thank you.


    If you would like to participate in the research or would like more information, please contact Karen Smith on 0117 934 1405 or email karen.smith@cse.org.uk




    The GPRA AGM is to be held on Friday 31 August 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Lodge. Representatives from the organisations who provide our services will be on hand to tell you more about their services and to answer any questions you may have.


    Our constitution allows us to have 16 residents on our Committee. If you would like to stand for election to the GPRA Committee or any of the Officers’ roles, please contact Sue James, Secretary, who can provide you with a nomination form.  Once your form is completed, it must be returned to Sue before the AGM.