• E-newsletter Volume 5 Issue 1 January 2018


    Happy New Year and welcome to our January issue, full of news, useful information and dates for your diary.




    The GPRA has lodged two planning objections with Chichester District Council on behalf of Graylingwell residents.  Both are available on the CDC planning website.  Use the Keyword “Graylingwell” for your search.


    The first raises objections to Hill’s reserved matters application for Lower Graylingwell.



    The main objections concern the siting and scale of three apartment blocks along Graylingwell Drive as well as the concentration there of affordable and shared ownership accommodation.


    The second reinforces these objections following revised plans from Hill which fail to address the many objections posted on the website.  We have also raised issues about the possible future use of Graylingwell Drive and have offered positive alternative proposals.


    Both letters make clear that Graylingwell residents have not been consulted by the developer whereas residents to the south of Lower Graylingwell were able to influence the original plans.  We are expecting the planning application to come before the Council’s Planning Committee on 17 January although this has not been confirmed.



    Sussex Garden Trust events


    Sussex Gardens Trust, of which we are corporate members on behalf of residents, has arranged a Winter Lecture Series for garden lovers to be held at the Function Suite, Clair Hall, Haywards Heath. The cost is £50 for all four lectures or £15 for individual lectures.


    The first, on Saturday February 3rd 2018 from 2-4pm, is entitled Rudyard Kipling at Batemans. The speaker will be Gary Enstone, the House & Collections Manager at Batemans.



    The second lecture, on Saturday February 17th from 2-4pm, is entitled John Ruskin at Brantwood. The speaker will be Caroline Ikin, garden historian and author.


    The third lecture, on Saturday March 3rd from 2-4pm, is entitled Virginia Woolf at Monk’s House. The speaker will be Dr Nuala Hancock, garden historian and author.


    The final lecture, on Saturday March 24th from 2-4pm, is entitled William Shenstone at the Leasowes. The speaker will be Michael Symes, garden historian, author and lecturer.


    For further information on how to book, please contact Barbara Howden Richards on barbarahowdenrichards@hotmail.com.



    Linden Customer Service


    Recently there have been some changes in the customer service team at Linden Homes with the departure of the head of the department and also with Nicole, who is normally on the front line, being on maternity leave.  Although their replacements have been able to sort things out effectively for many residents, others have been left feeling very much on their own.


    By way of a fairly unscientific survey, we wondered if any of you would be prepared to share your experiences – good and bad – which we could take to our next quarterly meeting with Linden Homes.  This might include prompt and satisfactory responses you have received from the team as well as instances when there has been an unsatisfactory or no response.  Do you find that a telephone call yields a better response than an e-mail (or vice versa)?


    To let us know about your experiences of Linden Customer Services (not Grange Management) please send an e-mail to susan@gpresidents.co.uk or come to the next Saturday Café with the GPRA on 20th January and tell us in person.



    Doggie bags again!


    As we said in our last newsletter, most residents who regularly walk their dogs on Havenstoke Park are aware that there is (normally) a supply of waste bags.  They are provided by Grange Management and thus ultimately funded by us, the residents. The cost is not significant and the actual filling of the dispenser is carried out by Chris, the GPRA treasurer.



    We think the minor cost of providing these bags is worthwhile to keep the grass clean for adults and children, visitors and residents alike.  However, a number of residents and guest walkers have observed some, we think, visitors taking large handfuls of bags.  One resident remonstrated with such a visitor who became a little objectionable.


    In order to minimise the likelihood of any incidents, residents are advised to point out, in a non-confrontational way, that the bags are not provided by the Developers or the Council but just ordinary residents. They could suggest that, as responsible dog owners, walkers should bring their own supply of bags and also let them know that the residents still fund the cost of having the dog waste bins emptied three times per week.



    Eastern access opening


    As you will be aware, by the time the development here at Graylingwell is complete, sixty percent of residents will enter and leave via the eastern Graylingwell Drive entrance from Kingsmead Avenue.



    It was hoped that this separation between east and west would have come into play by the end of 2017, but there have been delays and we still await a firm date for the opening. It is particularly frustrating for pedestrians and cyclists who could easily pass through the single gate at the access point.



    Clearly, until measures have been taken to prevent through traffic using Graylingwell as a “rat run”, all of us must continue to use the western exits at Blomfield Drive and Connolly Way.


    The structures we are waiting for are two bus gates and one additional bollard. You can see the location of these on this site plan.  The bus gates are shown in red as BG – one in front of the Clock House and the other at the western end of Graylingwell Drive.  The bollards are marked with a red o. The one behind the clock house is already in place and the other will be in Longley Road.  These barriers will ensure that there will never be through traffic here.



    New residents



    Just before Christmas you may have noticed that there was a flurry of activity on the last ten houses in Penny Acre and the first few houses in North Mead Road in Phase 4. As a result, eleven new sets of residents moved in in time to cook the turkey and another group will be setting up home here next week.



    Members of the GPRA committee will be dropping by the newly occupied homes to introduce themselves, encourage the new residents to use the website and sign up for the newsletter and, most important of all, let them know how they can meet their new neighbours and enjoy some of the many social events which take place here.



    Speaking of which …


    The November and December Fish and Chip Charity Quiz nights were resounding successes with the Roussillon Park Community Hall and the Lodge at full capacity.  As usual, Brian stretched our brains with fiendish questions on both occasions and, in December, mostly with a Christmas theme.



    In November £150 was raised for Children in Need and the winning team received the elegant trophy unadorned. When it was presented to the Blomfield Bombers in December it was appropriately decorated.



    £100 was raised for Myeloma UK and Whippet Rescue UK in memory of Dave Evans, a regular member of the winning team who, sadly, had died two weeks earlier.



    The last Saturday Café of 2017 with the GPRA had a festive theme with mince pies and mulled wine. £100 was raised for our local charity for homeless and vulnerable people, Stonepillow.  Thank you to all who came and donated so generously.



    Coming up in January


    Now that Christmas has passed and the New Year is under way, there are a number of regular events and activities for residents which are returning.  Check the CCDT website for the full list, but below are some highlights.


    The Board Games Club is back on Wednesday 10th January in The Lodge from 4.30-8.30pm with games to suit all ages. It’s open to all residents and refreshments are available.


    The Saturday Café returns on 13th January, hosted by the CCDT in The Lodge from 10.00am to midday.  The book exchange will be in operation so, if you have finished a book over the holiday period, bring it along and choose another from the great selection on offer.


    The first Charity Fish and Chip Quiz of 2018 will be held in the Community Hall at Roussillon Park on 17th January starting at 7.00pm.  As always, booking is essential.  Either contact the CCDT via email (info@chichestercdt.org.uk) or phone 01243 697072 and let them know how many of you will be attending, preferably with names.


    The Saturday Café with the GPRA is on the 20th January (10.00 am-12.00) and will be running at the same time as the Open House at the Energy Centre.  The biomass boilers are now providing additional capacity alongside the original gas boilers and experts will be on hand to explain how it all works.



    And finally …


    Although we’ve had some pretty dreadful weather recently, there are signs of spring with many of the bulbs beginning to poke through the grass around the park and in other grassy areas around Graylingwell.


    We’ve also had some amazing sunsets.



    As always, if you know someone at Graylingwell who doesn’t receive these e-newsletters, please forward it to them and encourage them to check out the GPRA website so that they can sign up for future editions.