• E-newsletter Volume 4 Issue 4 April/early May 2017


    Welcome to the April/early May edition of our newsletter.


    Fish and Chip Quiz Night


    We needed more of these!





    The latest quiz was attended by a record number of people, such that we had to rush round to find extra chairs before we could begin. Word has clearly got out that this relaxed and enjoyable evening, with plenty of friendly rivalry, is well worth attending.  £72 was raised and the charities that benefitted this time were NSPCC and World Wildlife Fund.  Make a note in your diary of the date of the next one – Wednesday 17th May 7-9.30pm in The Lodge.  We’ll send out a reminder but, given the popularity this time, it may be worth booking soon – phone 01243 697027 or email info@chichestercdt.org.uk.



    Quarterly Meeting feedback


    At our latest Quarterly Meeting with Linden, Grange Management and Affinity Sutton, we reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting to see what progress had been made over the past three months.  It was good to see that a number of outstanding items had been addressed and things certainly seem to be moving more quickly.


    The minutes of the meeting, outlining the topics discussed, have been posted on the website. Completed actions are shown in green text and on-going items in red. You can view past minutes of both GPRA Committee and Quarterly Meetings on this page.



    A Reminder about Covenants



    All residents of Graylingwell Park have the benefit of a considerable number of restrictive covenants.  The covenants, which have legal standing, are there to ensure that we can enjoy living here without ‘nuisance or annoyance’ and that the quality, appearance and services of the development are maintained as intended.


    Examples include:


    • – not allowing commercial vehicles, caravans, etc. to be parked on the development
    • – not using properties for trade, business or commercial use
    • – not erecting satellite dishes or aerials
    • – not erecting any fence, wall, hedge or other barrier around or within the boundaries of a property
    • – not attaching alarms or other forms of equipment to the front of houses where they can be seen from public areas
    • – not making any structural or external alterations or additions to properties or erecting any additional building or structure without the consent of the Estate Management Company and any required planning permissions



    These are just some of the covenants that are intended to help make Graylingwell a good place to live and enjoy, as well as to provide legally enforceable protections for residents.



    Currently, the person to contact in the first instance regarding any alterations you may wish to make, is Robert Caister of Linden Homes.  You will find his details on the Useful Contacts Page of the website.



    Note:  The covenants are set out mainly in Sections 15 and 16 of the Transfer Agreement for the purchase of properties at Graylingwell.  They apply to all residents, whether tenants of private landlords or Affinity Sutton, shared ownership residents or homeowners.




    Graylingwell Energy Update



    Graylingwell Energy is a subsidiary of Galliford Try and thus a sister company of Linden Homes.  Their role is to manage the heating plant adjacent to the water tower.  This provides all hot water to the individual properties via underground, insulated pipes.  As a result there is no gas distribution on site, except to the plant room boilers themselves.


    The impact of this is that we residents have no individual gas boilers to service and maintain and this cost is covered by the daily standing charge on our monthly billing. Veolia, who are onsite and thus can typically achieve a next day call out response time, or better in emergencies, carries out any maintenance.  They also maintain the central boilers where they are currently achieving a resolution time of 2 hours or less.





    Graylingwell Energy has a permanent specialist on site.


    There have also been changes to meter reading process.  Transmitters with SIM cards, powered by externally sited solar panels, send usage data automatically which is then integrated into the monthly billing system.  This will, in the future, be accessible for individual residents to monitor their energy usage.


    Currently there are a small number of meters, which are not reading correctly or not sending data on consumption.  In these cases Graylingwell Entergy, via their billing partner Ista, are billing on an estimated basis.  Such metering repairs are in progress.




    Bike store security



    You will have received the notice about the replacement of slabs by concrete in some bike stores, which should make the hoops more secure.  Grange Management is also planning to trial some better locks.  Hopefully, all cyclists who use the stores will eventually benefit from the added security measures.  However, it is still important to lock bikes securely in the stores, using a D lock as well as flexible one, to link the frame and wheels to the hoops.





    The police have informed us that bike theft is a Chichester-wide problem and not just confined to Graylingwell, so, wherever you are, lock your bike securely.




    Enjoying the park





    The horse chestnuts are beginning to look their best around the park and, when we have had warmer days, it has been great to see people out and about enjoying this lovely space.  We’ve had picnickers, footballers, joggers, walkers and, of course, plenty of people with their dogs. Most people who bring dogs to the park, pick up after them but, if you see the odd person who forgets or just misses the event, please remind them that there is a supply of plastic bags available on the dog waste bin near the Sales Office.



    As May is National Walking Month, you may be interested in some tips from the Living Streets organisation to get you out and about – and where better to start than the park.  For those of you interested in the history of the city, the Chichester Society has also produced some excellent guided walk leaflets.




    Summer Garden Party – volunteers needed!





    8th July may seem a long way off but it’s amazing how quickly these things come around.  The Summer Garden Party, held in the park, is set to be one of the best and you can find more details here.





    The GPRA will be running the parking again this year and although several committee members have already volunteered, we will certainly need more help to take us through the day.  If you can spare an hour (or preferably two), on 8th of July between 12.00 and 5.00 we’d be very grateful for your support.  You’ll even get a free lunch!  Just contact susan@gpresidents.co.uk and she will gratefully put you on the rota.



    Stop Press!



    At the recent Saturday Café Extra, in which resident Liz Andrews shared her family’s amazing history, £130 was raised for the Young Carers charity.  £65 was donated on the day and this was matched by the CCDT.  Thank you to all who supported this worthy cause.




    As always, if you know of someone at Graylingwell who does not receive this newsletter, please forward this to them and encourage them to sign up via the GPRA website.