• E-newsletter Volume 4 Issue 3 March 2017

    Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter.  We begin with a question.


    Do you know what this is?



    It’s clearly dirty, also a bit fluffy and can be found in most new build properties.  Answer at the end of this newsletter.


    Parking Update


    In our last newsletter, we revisited concerns and issues around parking.  We have now had our meeting with Grange Management, Linden Homes and CPM to clarify the way forward and things are looking hopeful.


    The access road to the new parking area for a group of homes in Phase 3 has been completed and residents can now move their cars from the south-eastern fringe to their new spaces.




    This then releases their temporary spaces, some of which will become visitor spaces, currently in short supply in this part of the development.  Hopefully all reallocation of spaces and marking up will be completed by the middle of April.


    Grange Management and CPM are working together to produce a definition of “commercial vehicle” as it should apply at Graylingwell. As soon as there is a decision, we will ensure that all residents are made aware of this.


    There are still problems with the abuse of parking in visitor spaces and also illegal parking in spaces belonging to residents.  It is not unusual for someone to return home and find another vehicle in their allocated space.  There is a way of reporting this illegal parking on the Report a Vehicle page of the CPM website.  If you upload photographs of the offending vehicle, following the instructions on the page, CPM will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to the owner.  This could also be done with vehicles parked on roadways or obstructing pavements.


    As far as the abuse of visitor spaces is concerned, we will give time for the measures being taken to have an effect. If, after a reasonable period, residents are still using visitor spaces for their own second or third cars, we will revisit the introduction of a voucher system.  Those residents who have seen the vouchers at our Saturday Cafés (3rd Saturday of each month) have commented very favourably on them.


    Chapel Consultation


    This was a well attended event but, for those of you who weren’t able to attend the consultation on 13th March, the plans are available to view at all CCDT Saturday Cafés (2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 10.00am – midday in The Lodge).



    Hopefully the outcome of the consultation will be available in time for our next newsletter.


    Water Tower Plans


    The CCDT has now submitted the Planning Application for the Water Tower alterations, to Chichester District Council.  The proposal is to use it as a multipurpose community space to allow hot-desking with access to information and resources for local activities.




    It includes works to extend the building to make way for an accessible toilet and kitchen area and also to extend the downstairs space. It would be really helpful to them if you could view the application and leave supportive comments, as they are very keen to ensure that this Voluntary Sector Hub is up and running as soon as possible.


    NHW sign-up


    There are three Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators at Graylingwell Park and you can sign up for the e-mails by entering your postcode on this page of the Neighbourhood Watch website and then following the instructions.  The Weekly Bulletins provide information on a range of topics, from avoidance of scams and advice on home security to police crime reports.


    Great British Litter Pick


    Ten residents, together with Clare de Bathe of the CCDT and her family, turned out on 5th March to tidy up the development as part of the Great British Litter Pick.



    Ten large black bin bags were filled and bacon butties were supplied to participants at the end. Thanks to all who braved the elements to take part in this community activity.


    Virgin open meetings


    David Hyland, the Community and Partnerships Support Manager of CDC, has sent the following information about two meetings which some of you may wish to attend.


    “You may be aware that Virgin Media are expanding their ultrafast fibre broadband network into Chichester City.


    We have been advised that Virgin Media are hosting two open Community Information Events in the City, which I bring to you and your residents’ attention:


    Thursday 20th April from 5.30-7.30pm at the Assembly Rooms in North Street


    Wednesday 26th April from 5.00-7.00pm at St Paul’s Church (PO19 6FT)


    I imagine that Virgin Media may use these events to encourage residents to subscribe to their Broadband or Entertainments services, so I should stress that while Chichester District Council is supportive of the benefits that superfast broadband can bring to the City, new and existing businesses and residents, we do not endorse Virgin Media as a supplier of such services.  In bringing the events to your attention, we hope that they will allow residents to understand the timescales and impacts of the roll out, and ask questions of those involved in the expansion programme.” 


    Fish and chip quiz night


    Fish and chip quiz nights are becoming a regular feature here at Graylingwell and at Roussillon Park.  Our own quizmaster, Brian, provides us with a good mix of easy and challenging questions, and Andy’s Fish Bar delivers the fish and chips.  You can bring a team of six people or just turn up on your own or with a couple of friends and make up a team on the spot.




    The next two quizzes are on 26th April and 17th May starting at 7.00pm in The Lodge.


    The Answer


    The photo is of a filter from a heat recovery unit, which is part of the ventilation system of the property. This one has been removing polluting particles from the air entering the house.


    The units provide good ventilation in our highly insulated homes and are there to ensure that you:


    • – avoid costly re-decoration by providing an environment in which condensation dampness cannot exist.
    • – keep a healthy home with improved indoor air quality, removing external pollutants such as traffic fumes and dust particles.
    • – create a low allergen home by reducing dust mites and pollens, helping to ease the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems.


    We have included the photo of the filter as a reminder that, for best performance, you should clean or replace them regularly and also have the system regularly serviced. You can buy replacement filters online and they are very easy to fit.



    There are a number of companies, which can carry out annual servicing of the system. One, Domestic Ventilation Services (DVS), has been used by several residents who have been very satisfied with the work that they have done.


    As always, please forward this newsletter to friends and neighbours who have not yet signed up for regular e-mails.  They can do this from our GPRA website