• E-newsletter Volume 4 Issue 2 February 2017


    Welcome to our February newsletter, the last before the onset of Spring – we hope.


    Parking update


    Parking continues to be at the forefront of issues raised by residents.  Although not a great deal has been happening over the winter period, things seem to be moving a little now.

    You may have noticed that the access from Longley Road to the parking areas on the eastern and southern perimeter has now been closed, and work has begun on the permanent spaces for a group of residents who have been making do with temporary spaces to the south.



    This should release a few additional spaces for visitor parking in this part of the development.  The next step will be the re-marking of some spaces by CPM and renewal of all their parking notices to ensure that the rules are clear.  At present, there is an inconsistency with these.  For example, some signs make it clear that commercial vehicles may not park anywhere on the site overnight, whereas others make no mention of this.


    Once all the resident and visitor spaces are allocated and marked appropriately, and all the notices have been replaced, there is likely to be a flyer drop to remind everyone about the regulations.  Much of this information is already available on the Hot Topics page of the website. Hopefully, the parking situation will then improve and there will be enough spaces available for genuine visitors, particularly during the evening and overnight, which is the most problematic time. However, if some residents persist in using visitor spaces overnight on a daily basis (or even sometimes, the numbered spaces of other residents), the next step will be to introduce the voucher system described on the website.


    So far, those residents who have come to the Saturday Café and seen sample vouchers have commented on them very positively, particularly noting how simple and effective their use would be. We will continue to bring them to the Cafés (third Saturday of each month, 10-00 – 12.00 in The Lodge) for you to look at.


    If you are unlucky enough to find another vehicle in your allocated space, you should report the illegal parking to CPM and Grange Management (see Useful Contacts page) quoting your bay number and, if possible, the registration number of the offending vehicle.


    A meeting between the GPRA, Grange Management, CPM and Linden is due to take place in mid March to tie up all the loose ends and then things should move forward quickly.


    Group purchasing



    In the last newsletter, we mentioned the possibility of getting quotes for services such as gutter clearance to see if a discount might be offered.  Since then, a group of neighbours in a terrace of houses in Penny Acre approached a local company and did receive a discount. All the work was completed over a couple of days.  This small-scale way of doing things may be the best way forward for such projects rather than trying to get a development-wide group purchasing system going.  The message is this, if you want to get a discount, work with your neighbours and, if you are satisfied with the work done, let us know and we can pass on the details to others.



    Protecting our environment – unwanted pathways



    Over the winter, some of the grassed areas have become quite boggy.  Unfortunately, some people (not necessarily residents) have continued to use certain areas as short cuts, thus damaging the grass further.  The photograph below shows one such spot where people have walked and cycled through a gap between buildings rather than using the paths.



    This would appear to be part of a cut through from the north towards the hospital, and not only is damage being done to the grass, but also to the hedge at the southern perimeter of GP.


    It’s not just pedestrians and cyclists.  As you can see below, someone has driven a car across two pavements and a large grassed area.



    Eventually, Linden will ensure that both these areas are blocked with additional hedging, as part of the landscaping plan. In the meantime, if you spot a car driving across the grass, get the number and send it to Grange Management.



    The Great British Spring Clean


    On Sunday 5th March, there will be an opportunity for the community to come together for a big tidy up around the development.


    Neil Cotton, the WSCC Community Officer will provide gloves, litter picking tools, and hoops for rubbish bags as well as a van to pick up full bags. There will be bacon butties for all volunteers.

    Meet at The Lodge at 10.00am.



    Another date for your diary


    Don’t forget to drop by the Chapel exhibition on 13th March.



    There’s a little more information in the flyer.  Come along, look at the plans and give your own ideas.


    And finally:


    Last month it was the narcissi poking through and now the snowdrops have arrived.



    Not only that, Linden have also emerged from winter hibernation and building works are going on apace.